North Cyprus Holidays
With Northern Cyprus hotels, you can enjoy the fun and holiday in the four seasons in Cyprus. North Cyprus, which has fascinated itself with its historical past, is in the top ranks among the world famous holiday regions. Northern Cyprus, which promises more than a holiday with its perfect beaches, endless nightlife, peaceful hotels, is waiting for you in your 2021 holiday this year.
One of the world famous holiday and game club centers, it offers you different opportunities in all seasons from the azure waters of Northern Cyprus to its wide beaches, entertaining nightlife and local delicacies. You can make your dream holiday come true with Northern Cyprus and Northern Cyprus hotels where you can find more than you are looking for in a holiday. Northern Cyprus visa-free entry to the warm climate you can not only from Turkey welcomes the guests in many jurisdictions worldwide. Guests coming to Northern Cyprus for sea, sand, sun, game club, entertainment and history enjoy these beauties.

Hotels in Northern Cyprus
Northern Cyprus is one of the most preferred island countries both in summer and winter in terms of holidays. You can spend a lot of time in Cyprus with its historical texture and unique beaches. Nicosia hotels in Cyprus offer many alternatives to accommodation in the capital. In addition, thanks to the Kyrenia hotels and resorts of Cyprus, you can open the doors to a pleasant holiday in the country.

Enjoy a Beachfront Stay in Cyprus
Cyprus, an island country, attracts attention with its hotels located on the coast. Cyprus is a very rich region in terms of resorts. Cyprus hotels, which have gained fame thanks to the tourists they welcome from all over the world, provide different services. Especially thanks to the famous casinos of Cyprus hotels, you can spend pleasant hours. Thanks to the hotels located by the sea in Cyprus, you can get services in all-inclusive or ultra all-inclusive concepts. Within the scope of Cyprus all-inclusive hotels, both your children and you can spend a full time.

Limak Cyprus Deluxe
Limak Hotel Cyprus, which has been welcoming its guests with its quality service concept since the day it was opened in Bafra, Iskele, is one of the best-serving 5-star hotels in Cyprus. The hotel has a unique beauty and modern architecture with its beachfront location. In addition to being open all season, the hotel promises an accommodation experience in the comfort of your home. Limak Hotel, which is also one of the richest hotels in Cyprus as a New Year's program, welcomes its guests with the same quality both in summer and in winter. you can have a pleasant holiday in this hotel, which offers 598 rooms in an area of 120,000 square meters.

Noah's Ark
Opened in 2011 in Bafra, Cyprus, Noah's Ark Hotel Cyprus is one of the most famous and preferred hotels in the country. Serving as an ultra all-inclusive Cyprus Noah's Ark Hotel, the hotel offers comfortable and high-quality service with a different style and services it offers. Located on the seafront, the hotel offers a comprehensive service with a spa center and a casino, and you can enjoy a 5-star holiday. During your stay at the hotel, you can have a pleasant time both in your rooms and throughout the hotel. Noah's Ark December Cyprus differs in the price range of hotels. The types of rooms you choose and the services you receive at the hotel are effective in making prices different. Honeymoon hotels You can book your place in the Noah's Ark, which is the most preferred within the scope of Cyprus.

Acapulco Resort is the Most Beautiful Beach Hotel in Kyrenia
Kyrenia, one of the most beautiful cities in Cyprus, also attracts attention with its rather luxurious beach hotels located in it. Cyprus Acapulco Hotel, one of the best hotels in Kyrenia, is located on a fairly large area of 100,000 square meters. with 847 rooms and a capacity of 2597 beds, you can spend a comfortable holiday in this hotel where all your needs are considered. Acapulco Hotel Cyprus has a fairly wide range of services. In addition to its casino, which attracts attention from tourists, it also attracts all eyes with its golf courses. You can have a great holiday during your stay at this hotel, which has its name on the top among the DECNC hotels.

Concorde Tower & Convention & Spa
Located in the capital Nicosia, the property is equipped to meet all your needs. The quality of the flight and transfer services offered to its guests, the resort's holiday Packages, including Air travel, take the first place in the Cyprus title. Thanks to this package, you can take advantage of the most affordable prices of the airline and domestic transfer companies that the company has agreed for your transportation to the island. The property thinks carefully about every detail in order to keep the comfort of its guests at the highest level. Therefore, it deals with the most qualified companies. The rooms in the establishment, which does not compromise on quality, are also modern and luxuriously furnished. Room types with different widths embrace all visitors. The Royal Suite rooms in the establishment are ideal especially for families or crowded holiday groups. You can also choose this hotel for a dreamy holiday.

Riverside Garden Resort Hotel
The facility, which has been working decently for many years, shines like a star among Kyrenia Hotels. In addition to welcoming its guests in the best way, it also introduces them to the culture, nature and history of Northern Cyprus. The owners of the business are from the well-established families of Cyprus. This family, which adheres to its traditions, dec its visitors a bridge between the new and the past. In addition to quality accommodation, we are happy to guide you on your trip. Along with these, the hotel also attracts attention with its location. The facility is located in a large area. It is almost a private holiday village in its own right. There are room types that vary according to the number of beds. You can also choose villa-type rooms if you wish. So you can make your holiday even more special for yourself.

Elexus Hotel Resort
The resort is often preferred by those who are in search of Cyprus Hotels. Because there are games full of unlimited fun in the charming decorated casino of the enterprise. With this activity, you can also add color to your holiday. In addition, the property serves as a full board. In this package, breakfast, lunch, five tea buffets, dinners and a night soup buffet are offered free of charge. In addition, october addition to lunch and dinner, all local drinks served in the main restaurant and foreign drinks determined by the property are also included in the package. You can accumulate unforgettable memories at this resort, where luxury and comfort are an integral whole.

Les Ambassadeurs
The establishment, located in Kyrenia, is among the facilities decried as the best honeymoon hotel in Cyprus. It has customized facilities for newly married couples. At the beginning of them; room decoration, room service and food service in A'la Carte restaurant are available. In addition, another highlight of the hotel is that it hosts organizations of famous names. You can make your reservations by following the dates of these organizations.

Grand Pasha Hotel & Spa
Combining the privileges of a boutique hotel with the concept of 5 stars, Grand Pasha Hotel is one of the most ideal options for a North Cyprus holiday. The hotel is located in the center of Kyrenia. You can choose this hotel for your holidays as well as business trips with outdoor and indoor swimming pools, meeting rooms and spa services. The rooms of the hotel have an extremely elegant and stylish decoration. The restaurant, where you can meet exclusive tastes of international cuisine, is remarkable for its design features.

Kemerli Konak Boutique Hotel
Staying in a historical building in lush trees is an ideal choice, especially for those who are looking for calm. The hotel is located in the Olive Grove district of Cyprus. This resort, which stands out among the hotels of Cyprus with its different concept, has 38 rooms where you can enjoy mountain and sea views dec Each of these rooms, specially prepared for you, is taken with special names. Some of them; Şakşade Creek, Bridge Creek, Snake Creek, Kalafa Creek, Eye of the Water and Rotten Harniplik can be listed as some of them. You can meet the tastes of Cypriot cuisine that will remain on your palate at the Kemerli Konak Boutique Hotel restaurant.

Oscar Resort Hotel
If you are looking for a hotel in Kyrenia, where you can find many of the resorts of Cyprus together, you can choose Dec Oscar Resort Hotel. The hotel offers you a large number of room alternatives. Such options as a duplex and a family room greatly facilitate the work of those who go on vacation with a large group of friends and family. Land or sea view alternatives also allow you to enjoy the magnificent view of Cyprus when you wake up in the morning. It features a casino and a spa centre. In this way, you can try your luck at the casino and enjoy the comfort of the spa services. The hotel's restaurant also dec the most special tastes of Cypriot cuisine and exclusive tastes of different countries for you.

All Inclusive Cyprus Hotels
Cyprus, which has established a throne in hearts with its unique natural beauties and historical monuments, hosts many local and foreign tourists every year. There are a lot of alternatives in terms of accommodation on the island. Among the facilities that serve different concepts, dec inclusive hotels are most preferred. You can also have a great holiday with the best Cyprus hotels, where every detail is thought out for the guests.

Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel
Combining comfort and luxury, you can fully meet your expectations for a holiday at the resort. The hotel conquers the hearts of its guests with the different types of rooms it offers and its ultra all-inclusive concept. There are five different types of rooms available on site. In addition to the fact that the rooms have different specifications, basic necessities are ready in each room. The hotel's cuisine, which always produces delicious dishes, and the pool of different depths will spice up your holiday. For visitors who like water sports, competitions of beach games are held at certain times. In addition, the company conducts campaigns for its guests in some periods and offers holiday packages, including flights.

Merit Crystal Cove Hotel
The resort is located in Alsancak, one of the most beautiful bays of Cyprus. Located 10 km from the center of Kyrenia, it is ideal for travelers who want to escape the city and relax. One of the most remarkable features of the hotel is that it consists of colorfully painted buildings. This makes the facility chirpy. The establishment has a modern designed private pool. There are also piers and waterfalls around the property due to its location. Thanks to this, you will witness the legendary integration of yesil and blue during your stay here. The most prominent feature of the sea on the hotel's own beach is its gradual deepening. All these factors ensure that the enterprise is at the forefront within the scope of Cyprus hotels Kyrenia.

Concorde Luxury Resort & Convention & SPA
The property is located in Bafra, one of the favorite places of the island. It gives its guests unforgettable memories with its location close to the most beautiful bays and beaches of Cyprus. Friendly staff and stylishly designed rooms are the key to a fun holiday. At the same time, there are many activities on site. There are educational and enjoyable games for the little ones in the facility, which is especially at the forefront of its child-friendliness. Another highlight of the resort is the spa center. The center, where quality and original products are used, consists of competent employees. Another facility that the hotel offers its guests is its casino, which is one of the symbols of Cyprus. The establishment tops the list of Cyprus Hotels with its large indoor playground and specific designs.

Kaya Artemis Resort
The property, which takes its name from the fact that it has a similar architecture to the Temple of Artemis, gives its guests a unique holiday experience in Cyprus. The hotel is located in the Bafra district. In its location there is an untouched green area and a clear sea. Yesilmaz The exotic beach, which is specially offered to the guests of the resort, also attracts considerable attention. At the same time, the enterprise offers a huge number of opportunities to spice up your vacation. One of them is a special honeymoon package. This comprehensive package shows the difference between the resort and the Cyprus Honeymoon Hotels Dec The package includes room decoration, breakfast service, fruit and wine service. Other facilities at the hotel include an aquapark and rafting. In addition, the food and beverage section of the facility is also very high quality. The kitchen consists of professional staff, as befits the institutionality of the enterprise. You can start your day with a nice and healthy breakfast that makes your mornings festive and try the flavors that remain on your taste buds. On the other hand, the enterprise pays much attention to the decoration of rooms, as well as being scrupulous about everything. You can easily reach all your requirements in the fully equipped rooms where you stay. You can make your choice for your extraordinary Cyprus holiday plan since this hotel.

North Cyprus Hotel Prices
Cyprus, the pearl of the Mediterranean, opens the doors of nature and peace to its visitors every season. With the warmth of the clear sea, the historical beauties to visit and the fresh air warming the souls, it is a place that you would never want to leave or give up. This is the main reason that Cyprus holiday lovers look forward to go back to Cyprus for more sunny memories. When it comes to having a vacation, many travellers calculate their budget first. And that is why Cyprus is among the highly demanded and visited places due to its richness about accommodation alternatives for every budget and expectation.

A Dream Vacation Is Not A Dream!
Are you tired of daily life and dreaming of a holiday that will add innovation to you, but worry about your budget? Then we would like to say that you can reach your dream vacation without any difficulties in accordance with your own possibilities. There are many alternatives in Cyprus that will appeal to every budget to find peace and regeneration in the warm waters of the Mediterranean. It is all about your expectations from the holiday you have dreamed of. You may want to stay in a hotel that operates with All Inclusive concept to access all facilities without stepping outside. Or you may want to choose a boutique hotel and experience an authentic and natural atmosphere. While you may prefer a quiet place to rest and find your inner peace, you may also want to pick a central location to stay if you want an entertaining vacation with a colourful night life. So you would determine your holiday budget once you decide your expectations from a holiday. Cyprus Hotels care about the comfort of all guests by offering them the best possible holiday according to their budget plans.

North Cyprus Hotel Deals
On this peninsula, which contains many historical and natural beauties, there are activities that address your dreams. If you would like to have a pleasant holiday, all you have to do is to come to Cyprus. Moreover, you can also have an entertaining vacation without going out of your budget. So you are the decision - maker. If you wish, you can have a premium holiday in 5 star luxury hotels. If you have spared too much budget for your holiday and want to stay in luxurious places, you can choose among the Best Cyprus Hotels. On the other hand, if you have a limited budget for a holiday but still do not want to reduce the pleasure of your holiday, you can follow the campaigns of the hotels. Some hotels may have a bed and breakfast option or Holiday Packages Including Flight. As a result of a small research, you can plan your dream vacation without having to increase your budget. There are also many hostel or boutique hotel options for you to consider. There is no doubt that these accommodation alternatives will provide you the warmth and comfort of your home.

A Holiday Destination Suitable for Every Budget
Cyprus is definitely the best location to realize the holiday that lies in your mind and heart. The fact that it offers its guests a wide variety of facilities will prevent you from getting bored during your stay. The cities on the island are located close to one and other and it is a great advantage in terms of transportation. If you want a holiday with historical artefacts as well as natural beauties, you can take a look at the Cyprus Hotels in Kyrenia.

Meet Your Dreams in North Cyprus
Each of us dreams of feeling good and getting rid of all the stress during vacation. In this context, the accommodation establishments on the island are very diverse, giving visitors the opportunity to make their dreams come true. This allows everyone to find a proper accommodation that they are looking for, in accordance with their criteria. Therefore, no matter what type of accommodation you choose, you will find yourself in the leading role of a dream holiday in the most beautiful location of the Mediterranean. Because Cyprus Hotel Prices are in a wide range and it easily adapts to the budgets and tastes of all travel lovers. 

Cheap Kyrenia Holidays
Kyrenia, which fascinates its visitors with its different beaches and unique nature, is also known for its budget-friendly and high-quality facilities. You can find the most suitable hotels in this magnificent Mediterranean city without exceeding your budget for your holiday. Considering your expectations, tastes and financial opportunities, you can examine cheap hotel options in Kyrenia.

How do I find the best deals on hotels in Northern Cyprus?
Booking2Cyprus, to help you find the best rates for your travel to North Cyprus from countries around the world; has created an easy-to-use search engine for hotels, transfers and tours. So, you no longer need to search for the best Northern Cyprus rates with different search engines.
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Do not pay too much for your stay! 
We offer you the best price guarantee on the prices on our website, if you find a website with more affordable prices, contact us and we re-plan your stay. The prices you see on our website include taxes. We also offer refundable and non refundable reservations for each stay. In non refundable reservations you can not cancel or get refund but you are entitled to a free cancellation up to 7 days before your date of cancellation in your refundable bookings. (Holidays and special occasions are excluded). You can also use the transfer service on our website for transfers to and from Larnaca Airport and Ercan Airport. In fact, our goal is to help you spend less money on your stay and make a safe and easy booking.

How can I save more on my stay?
On the date searches, our discounted hotels within the hotel page are indicated. You can also reach special campaigns on our campaign page.
On our web page you can see the highlighted from the ranking of popular hotels that we have prepared for you. These hotels are the hotels we have contracted and can provide you better service, customer satisfaction.

Ercan Airport Transfer
Ercan Airport Transfer services give you the assurance of comfort even before your Cyprus trip starts. When it is certain that you will go to Cyprus for your holiday or business trips, you can make your reservation by calling our company. Our professional team requests information such as the hotel you will go to, the arrival date and the number of people you will be travelling with. Apart from that, if there is a detail you want to add, you can specify it at the time of booking. If you have a reduced mobility, you can indicate this at the time of booking so that our driver can make the necessary preparations. If you have children, you can request a child car seat during your reservation.  

General Information About Ercan Airport
Ercan Airport is a bridge between Cyprus and the world. Even though there are no direct flights to Cyprus, visitors from all over the world prefer to get Cyprus by making a transit stop in Turkey. 
The Airport is located 23 km away from Nicosia, 44 km from Kyrenia and 50 km from Famagusta.

North Cyprus Transfer Privileges
Our driver gets to the Airport even before your plane lands. You will be greeted by our driver at the exit door of Airport Arrivals with a tag with your name on. So you can easily recognize your private driver and find your reserved vehicle. You may get a delay on your flight due to weather conditions or other reasons. In this case, our driver will be waiting for you another hour. If there are any changes about your flight or arrival time and you know it before your trip, you can always get in contact with us. Your transfer will be re-arranged. 
Our company offers you the best available prices when it comes to transfer services in Cyprus. It is much more advantageous than public transportations and taxi. First of all, you will have the privilege of traveling with a driver who has the necessary experience to reach your hotel door comfortably. Besides, you do not have to plan your transportation after you get to Cyprus. Without waiting for public transportation to depart, you can start your journey as soon as you land at the Airport. 

North Cyprus Transfer Recommendation
If you do not want to worry about how to get to the Airport at the end of your holiday in Cyprus, you can book round trip. No matter what your flight time is, we pick you up from your hotel door and get you to the Airport safely. You can make a good start to your trip by choosing us for your Ercan Airport transfer.

Larnaca Airport Transfer to North Cyprus
Larnaca is the International Airport located in Cyprus. The distance of the Airport to the city of Larnaca is approximately 4 km. Since Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus is closed to direct international flights, those who want to come directly to Cyprus can use Larnaca Airport. After you arrive at the Airport, you can take advantage of our Cyprus economic transfer services to relieve your flight fatigue and not to deal with an extra transportation planning.
General Information about Larnaca Airport
Larnaca Airport is located within the borders of Southern Cyprus. It was renovated in 2009 and gained a modern Airport appearance. The distance of the Airport to Kyrenia is approximately 79 km. Its distance to Nicosia is 53 km.

North Cyprus Economic Transfer Services
All you need to do is to reach us to experience the privilege of Cyprus transfer, when your travel dates are certain. Our team, which receives the necessary information from your side, chooses the most suitable vehicle and driver for you. So, you can get rid of the trouble of searching for a taxi when you land at the Airport.
The vehicles we use are selected among the most luxurious vehicles for your comfort. Necessary controls and inspections of the vehicles are carried out regularly for your safety. Our driver has the necessary documents and equipment for passenger transportation. Since he knows the traffic and routes of Cyprus very well, you will reach your hotel in the safest way.

North  Cyprus Hotel Transfer Services
You can get to your hotels both safe and comfortable with the Cyprus hotel transfer services. You can also benefit from this service on your departure. You can make your reservation either at the time of booking or a few days before your trip ends. So, it is possible to reach the Airport easily, regardless of your flight time.
If you have reduced mobility, you should inform our reservation team at the time of booking. So, the most suitable Cyprus transfer vehicle will be selected for you. If you are traveling with your children, you should specify this at the time of booking. So we can place a child seat in the vehicle.
Thanks to our VIP transfer services, you will feel comfortable no matter how long the journey is. Our driver will be welcoming you with a name tag in his hand when you land at the Airport. So, you can reach your vehicle without wasting any time. The driver will be waiting for you a bit longer if you have a delay on your flight. You can always inform our reservation team to re-arrange your transfer In case of longer delays or changes on your flight. Cyprus Hotel Transfer service is the best way to travel safe and comfortable. 

North Cyprus Hotel Reservation

Northern Cyprus has the ideal characteristics for living a beautiful holiday. This island country, the capital of which is Nicosia, is famous for its tourist attractions, natural beauty and historical riches. There are many places to visit in the country, from Famagusta, a small commercial port city, to Kyrenia, the most touristic port city in Northern Cyprus.

Northern Cyprus is a unique island of the Mediterranean Sea and a complete holiday paradise. The island, where you will enjoy the sea, sand and sun trio and experience the pinnacle of entertainment, is one of the most favorite addresses of the Mediterranean holiday. Luxury and comfortable hotels are located here. A large number of tourists are accommodated in these hotels. You can make your holiday plan early. Thus, you will be guaranteed your place during the most crowded period of the hotels. In addition, you can crown your holiday pleasure by paying less prices to the hotel where you will stay.

When making your Cyprus holiday plans, you can search for hotels according to your budget. There are alternative accommodation options in Cyprus according to different budgets. There are many hotels with different concepts such as boutique and luxury hotels. Among the alternatives, you can choose the one that suits your budget and taste. Decoupage

Northern Cyprus Holidays Early Booking

Thanks to early booking in hotels with charming Mediterranean beauty, you can have a holiday at affordable prices. You can take advantage of hotel campaigns in Cyprus. As is known, Cyprus hotels are full in the summer. Cyprus hotels If you book early, you will not have any problems finding a room at the hotel. Most importantly, you can make your holiday at a very affordable price, as you will get the right to download a large amount. Thanks to early booking, you can realize a dream vacation at attractive prices. You can get the best service at the most affordable prices.

Cyprus hotels provide the best service in the summer season. Whether you are staying in a boutique hotel or an extremely luxurious hotel, you will leave each hotel satisfied thanks to the friendly staff. In particular, luxury hotels welcome many domestic and foreign tourists. For this reason, you may not be able to find a room at the hotel you want at any time. You will not have any problems if you book your place during the early booking period. The exact date of the early booking period in Cyprus hotels differs every year. December November and December, however, usually this period begins and lasts until the summer season. While the highest discount rates are applied at the first time of the early booking period, the discount rates applied are reduced as this period begins to end. For this reason, it is very important for you not to miss the first period of your early booking.

How can I use the reservation system?

When you log in to the website, you can specify the hotel you want to stay in, the area, the date and the number of people you want to stay and search. You can find the Northern Cyprus Hotels that best suits your stay by using the filtering area on the left side of the page for incoming results. Afterwards, on the newly opened page by selecting the type of room you want to stay and the meal type you can proceed to the payment. We receive some brief information from you on the payment page to get to know you and make your reservation. Flight pnr, reservation number and passport details are not mandatory, but we would like to request this in order to ensure customer satisfaction in case of a transfer request and some special requests.

How do I find the best deals on hotel in North Cyprus?
Booking2Cyprus, to help you find the best rates for your travel to North Cyprus from countries around the world; has created an easy-to-use search engine for hotels, transfers and tours. So, you no longer need to search for the best Northern Cyprus rates with different search engines.
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For reservations you make by credit card payments within 24 hours; in 3 business days after remittance and mail order payments, we guarantee a reservation confirmation from the hotel you would stay. On our website, you can easily find the hotel details, hotel images, accommodation prices, available dates, hotel photo gallery, free wifi hotels, available services, room details, hotel location map, accommodation dates, customer satisfaction scores to make the right choice.

Do not pay too much for your stay! 
We offer you the best price guarantee on the prices on our website, if you find a website with more affordable prices, contact us and we re-plan your stay. The prices you see on our website include taxes. We also offer refundable and non refundable reservations for each stay. In non refundable reservations you can not cancel or get refund but you are entitled to a free cancellation up to 7 days before your date of cancellation in your refundable bookings. (Holidays and special occasions are excluded). You can also use the transfer service on our website for transfers to and from Larnaca Airport and Ercan Airport. In fact, our goal is to help you spend less money on your stay and make a safe and easy booking.

How can I save more on my stay?
On the date searches, our discounted hotels within the hotel page are indicated. You can also reach special campaigns on our campaign page.
On our web page you can see the highlighted from the ranking of popular hotels that we have prepared for you. These hotels are the hotels we have contracted and can provide you better service, customer satisfaction.

How can I use the system?
When you log in to the website, you can specify the hotel you want to stay in, the area, the date and the number of people you want to stay and search. You can find the Northern Cyprus Hotels that best suits your stay by using the filtering area on the left side of the page for incoming results. Afterwards, on the newly opened page by selecting the type of room you want to stay and the meal type you can proceed to the payment. We receive some brief information from you on the payment page to get to know you and make your reservation. Flight pnr, reservation number and passport details are not mandatory, but we would like to request this in order to ensure customer satisfaction in case of a transfer request and some special requests.

Why should our customer be satisfied with us?
The most important issue and priority for us is customer satisfaction. A customer who is satisfied with our company will go back to us with 5 customers but if a customer is not satisfied, it will take 20 customers from us. For this reason, we are working to provide you the best service in the process of booking, transfer and accommodation. If you are not satisfied, please contact to us on our website or in very urgent cases via our Whats app line, we can quickly find solutions to your problems. Other dissatisfaction within the hotel solutions can be found through our guides or through the hotel's guest relations department.

Northern Cyprus visa policy and transportation!
North Cyprus; No visa is required from any country except Armenia and Nigeria. Please inform the authority if you do not want to issue a visa stamp on your passport upon arrival. The Northern Cyprus official prepares special entry-exit documents, and you must submit this document to the official at the departure. For this reason, please do not lose the document. You can travel to Northern Cyprus to Ercan Airport with connecting flights via Turkey or directly from Larnaca Airport. Also, you can travel from Antalya (Alanya) and Mersin (Taşucu) by the ferry which is available in the summer months. Passengers arriving in Southern Cyprus can travel to Northern Cyprus without any problems. Booking2Cyprus provides transfer service from Ercan Airport and Larnaca Airport to Northern Cyprus hotels.

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Cyprus Holidays
Cyprus is much more than just sun-set beaches and turquoise warm waters. There is that too, but take the time to explore more of this island and be rewarded with a fascinating mix of culture, attractive landscapes full of legends and history, and a taste buds-stirring mix of culinary traditions. Although there is a division on this island, all residents share a pronounced belief in family ties and a sense of community, no matter which side you are on, you are sure to experience warm and welcoming hospitality. The natural beauty of the island, the wonderful Mediterranean climate and the numerous outdoor activities on offer will surely mark the must-haves of the holiday. If that's not enough, check out some of the beautiful luxury hotels we love on the island and see if you can resist booking…

Ayia Napa
The resort town of Ayia Napa is probably the most well-known of all the resorts in Cyprus and is located just 25 miles east of Larnaca Airport. Holidays in Ayia Napa are a paradise of beautiful, sparkling white beaches, narrow, cobbled streets and sun-drenched squares where you can enjoy Cuban libre or coffee.
Ayia Napa comes alive at night. Thousands of visitors come here every year to be seduced by the lively nightclubs, restaurants and popular bars with their internationally renowned DJs, as well as to enjoy the outdoor beach parties.
By day, Nissi Beach is a great attraction for young people who enjoy a wide range of water sports, including water skiing, windsurfing and scuba diving. Just a mile from Ayia Napa, be sure to spend at least one amazing day experiencing the beautiful white sands and crystal clear waters of Nissi Beach.
Families will also love Ayia Napa holidays. This is a very popular destination for a fun-filled family beach holiday with a lot of quality hotels to be found and a wonderful long strip of golden sand, many stunning bays and some of the best and safest beaches to be found all over the world. Mediterranean. Harbour Beach, also known as Limanaki or Pantahou Beach, caters more to families. Together with all the beaches in Ayia Napa, it has been awarded the EU Blue Flag award for cleanliness and facilities.
Head to Ayia Napa in August and take part in some of the free Ayia Napa Summer Culture Events that take place every Sunday in August. 16, celebrating Cypriot traditions as part of the annual summer festival. it's a great time to experience folk dances, art exhibitions and free concerts held in and around the central square next to the century-old monastery.
Don't be late for your next dream vacation in Ayia Napa and look no further than the Olympic Holidays, we offer an excellent selection of Ayia Napa holidays to suit most budgets and tastes. Therefore, if you are looking for budget holidays or deals on Aya Napa holidays or even all inclusive holidays, then instead of booking Olympic Holidays online.
Families, couples groups and singles to live, Ayia Napa, perfect for your beach holiday beach holiday, offering a breathtaking view and a lively nightlife as you want, this is a great destination for everyone to have fun. Romantic couples looking for a destination wedding abroad are also looking for Ayia Napa for the perfect venue for their special day.

Police and Latchi
It is a peaceful Latchi resort located on the edge of the beautiful Akamas National Park. With its picturesque fishing port surrounded by fish taverns, this resort is a haven for those looking for a peaceful holiday in a relaxing setting. The rural town of Polis is located just four kilometers from Latchi, where life is still centered around the square and its many facilities.
The Polis and Latchi holidays offer an ideal location for a quiet holiday. Both nature lovers and ramblers will find a lot to discover in the surrounding pleasant areas. Latchi is famous for its excellent fish restaurants surrounding the beautiful harbor. The access to the beach is also very easy, there are many amenities and it is ideal for families with its mile-long sand and pebble shores, which are usually not crowded. Have a long lunch and try one of the traditional appetizers in the Police town and spend time on the beach there. Visit one of the neighboring villages, such as the cute little Milou, which is known for its healing springs. Swim in the health-giving waters at the natural healing-Spa resort or try a therapeutic treatment.
Explore the beautiful Cypriot countryside and take a walk or go on an excursion to see the ancient capital Paphos, which is only 45 minutes away by road. Busy and brimming with history, get a dose of culture here and experience the best of all worlds on your Cyprus holiday before returning to the beach and rural bliss in Polis and Latchi.

The picturesque village of Platres, located in the Troodos mountain range, has the form of an amphitheater, which is divided into two areas - Pano (upper) and Kato (lower) Platres. It is a popular holiday destination and offers traditional accommodation in charming hotels.
It is believed that the platres, as well as numerous nature trails, were named by English or Scottish visitors to Caledonia, one of the highest waterfalls in Cyprus, who came to the region in 1878. The village is also full of charming old buildings and has a winery in Kato. plates.
Visitors can also enjoy unique attractions such as a chocolate workshop, an adventure rope park and an exhibition at the Cultural Center featuring old photographs of the village and the Greek poet Giorgos Seferis.

Pissouri is a quiet resort town located in the middle of Paphos and Limassol, which makes it an ideal place for those who want to escape from the crowds. This south-facing village is located on a hillside about 1,000 feet above the sea and has the most spectacular view of the Mediterranean coastline of about 20 miles. Surrounded by vineyards and beautiful landscapes, it offers a small selection of taverns serving excellent local cuisine.
Some of the island's most famous historical sites are within easy driving distance from Pissouri, with the resorts of Limassol and Paphos about 35 minutes away by road. For those who like to play a round or two of golf, Aphrodite Hills Golf Club is just a short drive away. It is a must to rent a car or to relax in the idyllic surroundings of this picturesque resort town in order for you to get the most out of this beautiful island. Water sports are also available on the pier, so you can explore a little what is above and below the water.
In the village of Pissouri, where almost everyone speaks English, you can enjoy the friendly atmosphere, enjoy the comfortable and stress-free life of the village. Choose Pissouri holidays for your next getaway. Perfect for couples and families who want to spend some time and escape from the crowd.

For most people, Paphos holidays are about the gentle hustle and bustle of life around the port. Filled with taverns and places where you can sit back and watch the world, colorful fishing boats fill the scene, many offering peaceful cruises around the bay and an easy way to get away on a sunny afternoon.
Paphos, located on the south-western coast of Cyprus, was once the capital of the island, intertwined with history and provides a good dose of culture; with the Tomb of Kings, the famous Paphos Mosaics and many other important sites located nearby. A short drive will take you to the place where, according to legend, Aphrodite, the goddess of love, was born. It is not surprising that the Paphos holidays are a great attraction for couples who want to get married or go on a honeymoon here. Today, this charming fishing port next to the Fortress with the breathtaking Trodos Mountains in the background welcomes you with open arms, and taverns and beautiful sand and pebble beaches in the open air are the basis for a truly relaxing holiday.
Paphos certainly does not have beautiful beaches, with one of the most beautiful of them - the sandy Coral Bay and sparkling crystal clear waters, which are perfect for swimming, diving and other water sports. Some of the best hotels and restaurants are also located here, and to tickle these taste buds, you can shop for fish and local Cypriot delicacies. Conveniently located, Pachyammos Beach is one of the six Blue-Flag beaches of Paphos, and a little further north of Paphos is Lara Bay, also known as Turtle Beach. From the Port of Paphos, take a boat to this amazing place, where the mountains meet the sea and are surrounded by many kilometers of difficult trails - great for hiking and observing nature. Dec there to see turtles nesting on the beach and the occasional endangered seal.
The Latchi fishing village and its beach are located on the pristine Akamas Peninsula. The beach here, originally a sponge diving area, is quiet and remains an ideal spot for scuba diving and swimming, and the charming taverns and cafes along the coast specializing in seafood provide a pleasant place for a break.
Paphos holidays are perfect for holidaymakers of all ages and value the friendly, cozy atmosphere and the charm of Cyprus, so it has been proven here. While there are plenty of restaurants and taverns to spend evenings in, some of the other highlights of Cyprus don't have the crazy nightlife, so whatever your taste, it's guaranteed to be enjoyed.

Miliou is a small cozy village with a population of only 60 people, so in one of the smallest villages in Cyprus you can find yourself on the first names, mingling with some of the locals in the homely local coffee shop. There are no beaches in Miliou, but don't let this put you off, as Latchi is only a 15-minute drive away, where sandy beaches, snorkeling, water sports and taverns await. There is more to discover in nearby Polis, and the beautiful Paphos is just a 35-minute drive away, where you can stroll along the harbour, take in the charm of some souvenir shops and visit the city's numerous sights and attractions.
Jul Yesilou is rich in green vegetation due to the constant supply of spring water and is ideal for a quiet and relaxing holiday. The region has excellent conditions for growing citrus fruits, almonds and grapes, and in the spring the village and its surroundings have a magnificent view with fragrant trees loaded with oranges and lemons. Grapes in particular are a good reason to go here, they produce great wines - so be sure to taste one or two saucy glasses during the holidays in the Village of Milio.
The village is famous for its magnificent mountain and valley landscapes and is perfect for long walks, during which you can admire the beautiful scenery. Take hiking trails, explore the Trodos Mountains, which are only four kilometers away, and look at the beautiful nightingales nesting in Miliou.
Miliou is one of the villages included in the Laona Project, a non-profit organization responsible for ecotourism and rural development. The picture postcard limestone houses are an excellent example of traditional village architecture, much more has been restored thanks to the Laona project.
Holidays in the village of Milou are ideal for a quiet and relaxing holiday. Enjoying nature and bird watching are popular activities and reasons to come here, and the village is famous for being a nesting place for nightingales.

In the largest resort town of Cyprus, Limassol promises holidays, carefree pastime, a wide promenade and bustling shopping streets against the stunning backdrop of the Trodos Mountains. The resort is famous for its entertainment and some of the best beaches on the Island, and is also a very popular holiday destination for getting married. Located on the southern coast, Cyprus is the second largest city in Cyprus and hosts some of the most important events on the Cypriot calendar, including the Spring Carnival and the Limassol Wine Festival, which are held every autumn.
Lively Limassol has a wide range of sandy beaches and a newly developed attractive marina. Some of the quieter, less crowded beaches are located on the outskirts of the city, while the more central beaches of the action enjoy some excellent facilities, such as showers and Cypriot restaurants. Go east to Dasoudi Beach, a Blue Flag beach with golden sand and pebbles and lots of things to do. Relax with the locals at Lady's Mile Beach, or take a 20-minute car ride to the sensual limestone cove at Governor's Beach.

Charming and spacious waterfront town, from the traditional to the ultra modern with a range of handmade products and local products from small up to walk to the shopping streets intensive; if you have the time, custom-made clothes or hand-made is a great place to buy a pair of shoes. St Andrews Street is a charming, narrow, bustling hive of activity to explore, not far from the beach, with its quaint buildings and overhanging terraces overshadowing the busy small boutiques and businesses that compete for your attention. Makarios Street is great for designer shops and more traditional, smaller shops, and it's worth spending some of your time and hard-earned pennies there.
History buffs will love the Limassol castle on the old port. It is said that Richard the Lionheart crowned himself Queen of England by marrying Queen Berengaria of Navarre here in 1191. The land is home to the Cyprus Medieval Museum with some wonderful examples of pottery and tombstones on display. Among the visits to places a little further away are the magnificent setting of the ancient Kourion Theater or the medieval Kolossi Castle, where you can take part in a show or concert Dec If you can't dec to miss even a moment of the sun, the municipal gardens offer a pleasant stroll through the lush greenery and include a small zoo that will make young family members happy too.
Limassol is an ideal choice for a fun and eventful holiday. The wide range of taverns, restaurants, bars and nightclubs located in Potamos Yermasoyia makes this a popular area for visitors looking for nightlife. Nevertheless, there is much more in Limassol, and coupled with magnificent beaches, historical sites and a wide choice of accommodation, it is an excellent place for both couples and families.

Book a place for a Larnaca holiday and discover a beach full of taverns, restaurants and bars. The scenery resembles a continental promenade with mature palm trees, which creates a focal point and a popular meeting place for both tourists and locals. At the end of the excursion route is the beautiful marina of the resort, and at the western end is the 17th district of the city. its century-old castle is located here. Larnaca holidays appeal to couples and families who come here every year, as well as visitors of all ages. The destination is also perfect for a dec wedding with a wide variety of venue options to choose from.
For a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere during your holiday in Larnaca, go to the outskirts of the city to visit the large salt lake. Elegant colonies of flamingos and other migratory birds are a sight to behold during the colder months. If you go on a picnic, you can go to the place located on the edge of the salt lake and visit Hazrat Mahdi (as). You can still enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Sultan Tekesi, a temple built in memory of Muhammad's aunt.
To the east of the town, a lively new area has grown up around another long beach. Water sports, taverns, restaurants and bars abound here, creating a truly popular area for visitors of all ages.
Larnaca holidays, suitable for both couples and families alike, culture, and island with diverse landscapes and experiences to get the most out of your vacation is ideal for those looking for a lively resort that provides a really good base. Be sure to explore, and remember - here they also go from the left, which makes it even easier to go further.

Kalopanayiotis is a hospitable and traditional village, located down the mountainside, which invites guests to experience a tangible past, now revived in a proud Cypriot society.
Kalopanayiotisis is one of the most beautiful villages in Cyprus with its hot springs, traditional buildings and panoramic valley views. Its peaceful and natural location has made it an ideal destination for agro tourism.
Yesil beautiful vegetation surrounded by spectacular views of the village who created, asphalt streets and walkways, with chapels and churches in a traditional village community has a very real and is an example of a traditional style.

Kalavasos is only 30 minutes from Larnaca airport and 20 minutes from Limassol city center; nevertheless, it is wonderfully remote with an old world feel about it. Kalavasos holidays are authentic, and this can be felt most deeply in the historical city center, where there is an attractive square with friendly locals who are happy to share their knowledge of the region to tell you about the best places to visit. An old church is located in the heart of Kalavasos, among the traditional houses; improving the dec of the village. It dates back exactly 100 years and displays beautiful Byzantine icons and carved wooden iconostasis.
Take the time to enjoy an authentic coffee here and relax a little while watching the world with its cobbled stone streets, old houses and a well-established cafe (kafeneon) that solidifies the village's strong Cypriot roots. The village is surrounded by mountains; ideal for those who want an adventurous hiking holiday, but the popular, relaxing Governor's beach is just a short drive away. Kalavasos is a fairly popular destination due to its proximity to many attractions and other resorts, but at the same time it will leave you to appreciate and admire the natural side of this amazing island.
Take a trip to the picturesque Kalavasos Dam nearby. This impressive structure was built in 1985 and was built on a seasonal river just above the village, about 30 kilometers northeast of Limassol. Stop by the Kalavasos mines, just six kilometers northwest of the village. The dam, although no longer in operation, is still quite impressive with its great historical significance for the region. The Kalavasos archaeological tent is also a short distance away and is one of the most important Neolithic settlements in Cyprus. M.He. it dates back to 7000, and according to legend, in 327 AD, the mother of Constantine the Great was St. You can find out how Helen got her name from the 'Tent', where she stayed in a tent here after the discovery of the Holy God. The cross in Jerusalem.
Kalavasos is an ideal place for those who want a simple, relaxing holiday in a peaceful setting with a view.

Goudi is a hidden gem in Cyprus, a quiet village in the Chrysochous valley, in the Paphos region, located on the banks of the Tzelepis River. The population is only 150, so this is really a very sleepy village, and that's what attracts visitors who are looking for a slower pace of traditional village life. Nevertheless, Goudi holidays are also positioned as an excellent gateway for exploring the surrounding abundance of nature and wildlife. You are only 31 kilometers from Paphos and six kilometers from Polis, so there is a lot to discover beyond the village of Goudi if you want to set a faster pace. The Trodos Mountains are close by for hiking, cycling and horse riding, and so is the Ammati Forest. Have a picnic and enjoy the breathtaking natural scenery, smells and sounds while taking lots of photos for the photo album.
Lush vineyards, trees loaded with citrus and almonds, and olive groves can be seen in the area. Be sure to try the local olive oil from the modern olive juicer in the village, which serves the local population and olive producers in the surrounding villages. From the top of the village you will get a glimpse of the sea at Polis, and the view of the Chrysochous Valley and the villages south of the Paphos Forest is amazing. Be sure to visit the village church, take a walk along the most picturesque trails of the region: Aphrodite, Adonis and the Avakas Strait, or follow one of the wine routes. The nearby Evretou Dam is great for fishing, and the Tsada Golf course is also just a short drive away, so you'll find plenty to keep you busy.
According to local legend, the name of the village comes from the first settler, who was called Goudis or not! However, it may also have originated from the word 'Voutima' (immersion in water). Why not ask one of the locals when sharing a beer in one of the two coffee shops (kafenios)? Or just sit back under the vines and watch the world and the strange donkey move from place to place. With the sun on the hill, head to the rural town of Polis and the peaceful resort of Latchi, just a few minutes' drive away. After a morning on the beach, have a taste of freshly caught fish at Latchi, the beautiful place where Aphrodite fell in love with Adonis for the first time.

Whatever you choose to do, on your holiday to Goudi, you can be sure that you will find peace in yourself and enjoy a restorably peaceful holiday.

Holidays in Protaras offer amazing views with sandy beaches, which are very fond of sun worshipers. Protaras, a cozy paradise of beauty, attracts families, couples, honeymooners and those who want to get married. Dec Rapidly expanding resort of Protaras is conveniently located between Ayia Napa and Paralimni and is the place to go to experience some of the best beaches on the island of Cyprus.
Take a tour of the beautiful sandy beach in Fig Tree Bay with magnificent golden sands, idyllic coves and even a small island where you can swim. Then sunbathe a little more on the numerous other wonderful beaches that can be found in the area, which provides a great excuse for lazy days by the sea during the Protaras holidays.
Spend your evenings enjoying a delicious meal in one of the numerous taverns or restaurants on the main street, or visit one of the many bars, all of which are within walking distance of each other. Protaras also looking for a place to go late in the evening disco and easily by taxi or bus only has two ten kilometers of Ayia Napa, a much wider if you are looking for something, an exciting nightlife and bar, restaurant and Club Elite has. even more vivid.
Facilities at the resort are plentiful, with a wide variety of shops, but a little further along the coast is Paralimni, a typical Cypriot village on the southeastern coast. A place where you can witness the first sunrise all over Europe and enjoy panoramic sea views. This is also a great place to shop however you feel like, with plenty of shopping malls and designer brands, and a quaint village square surrounded by taverns and churches for some relaxation.
Why not make a day trip to Marash for something a little different? Maras, which turned into a ghost town after the Turkish invasion in the seventies, was once a thriving and glamorous seaside resort favored by the rich and famous, including Brigitte Bardot and Elizabeth. Or you can take advantage of the boat trips departing from here to visit Cape Greco, a protected nature park, where you can get excited about the wonderful snorkeling opportunities available. There is something for everyone in Protaras.

Aphrodite Hills
Aphrodite Hills Resort is located on the island of Cyprus, where you will free all your emotions. This 5-star luxury hotel offers panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea, which exudes an air of relaxation. The hotel offers magnificent elegance, a rich spa and restaurants, as well as unique accommodation surrounded by one of the best golf courses on the island with well-groomed greenery. Culinary skills are very diverse in Aphrodite Hills. These dec fine Mediterranean dishes, international dishes, gourmet Asian cuisine, Cypriot souvlaki cuisine and simple Italian pasta. Aphrodite Hills attracts people from all walks of life, from families, honeymooners, businessmen and people who just want to get away from their busy schedule.
Four season
Located on the coastline with unobstructed views of the Mediterranean Sea, the Four Seasons Hotel has everything you need to relax, have fun, refresh your body and mind. The attention to detail in this 5-star hotel is almost non-existent. Exquisite guest rooms, a unique luxury spa, a large foyer and atrium with dazzling gray marble decor, water sports facilities are just some of the facilities that set the stage for an extreme luxury destination. From Mediterranean-inspired dishes to Chinese cuisine, dining at the Four Seasons Hotel is simply exquisite. This luxury hotel is ideal for romantic getaways, family holidays, business trips and just anyone who wants to relax.

Anassa Hotel
As the name implies, the Anassa Hotel is a real queen of the island of Cyprus. This 5-star luxury hotel demonstrates the charm of a traditional Cypriot village. The hotel rolls down a secluded slope of extraordinary natural beauty, and the facilities are designed to adapt to the surrounding landscape. You can also take a short boat trip and see the crystal clear waters of the blue lagoon. The hotel offers a detached experience, as it houses amenities such as a neo-classical spa offering tranquility, Ultra-glamorous Kult Boutique, excellent restaurants, swimming pools and much more. Anassa has an outstanding cuisine, which includes large buffets, brewed Asian and Mediterranean dishes, as well as a barbecue. From friendly children's clubs to beach activities, the hotel offers something that everyone will keep in their memory.

Casale Panayiotis
Located in the beautiful Marathasa Valley in the village of Kalopanayiotis, Casale Panayiotis Hotel has been renovated to include a wide range of facilities that will make your stay unforgettable. The hotel invites you to explore village life in a luxurious setting. The accommodation is scattered, there is a TV, Wi-Fi and fireplaces. Casale Panayiotis, historic St. It is perfect for nature lovers, as it overlooks a stream rippling in evergreen shade, offering a magnificent view of the rugged mountain peaks, not forgetting the Monastery of John Lambadistis. The Casale offers a variety of dining and drinking options. Although it accepts children, the hotel is the perfect place for couples looking for a romantic passage.

Golden Bay Beach
Golden Bay Beach Hotel offers a traditional setting with sparkling decor and modern designs. Since the hotel is located right next to the famous Golden Bay of Larnaca, here guests enjoy the relaxing sound of the waves. This 5-star luxury hotel is known for its wide range of excellent facilities, exemplary hospitality and luxurious surroundings. The food and drinks here are out of this world and include Cypriot classics, local delicacies, cocktails and beer. Golden Bay Beach also consists of various activity programs and children's menus for your little ones.

Columbia Beach Resort
Located in the Bay of Pissouri, Columbia Beach Resort is a home away from home. Relax in the lagoon-style pool while admiring the breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. Revitalize your body and mind with award-winning spa treatments. Relax with gourmet cuisine consisting of à la carte dishes and fine local cuisine. The interior is filled with detailed designs, luxurious and majestic landscapes and breathtaking surroundings. This luxury hotel offers a variety of activities, including boat trips and swimming lessons. Cub Life nursery and Den Kids Club offer fun activities for children.

Elysium, which in Greek mythology means happiness, is surrounded by a busy tourist area, including the famous Unesco site of the Tombs of the Kings. But once you're inside, it feels like you're miles away in another part of the world. The hotel consists of a stylish wellness center with ESPA beauty treatments, a gym, a children's playground and a Byzantine-style chapel popular for weddings. With its designs inspired by Byzantine architecture, this luxury hotel manages to be both palatial and welcoming. Tuscan-inspired cuisine, Cypriot dishes and international a la carte cuisine make dining at the Elysium feel like an adventure.

Everything at the Annabelle hotel, from amenities to cuisine and service, celebrates Paphos' extraordinary heritage. The hotel is located right next to the beach with richly planted tropical gardens that offer a sense of privacy. having existed for over 30 years, this luxury hotel has recently been transformed to offer an effortlessly elegant sense of prayer and charm. The list of facilities at this hotel is endless, and the friendly team is extremely efficient in providing advice on local attractions.
Is North Cyprus a safe country?
Northern Cyprus is a safe country for tourists. It is one of the countries where the crime rate is very low. British tourists talk about how safe they feel they can be comfortably wandering around the streets at any hour of the night.

Is North Cyprus cheap?
It uses Turkish Lira (TL) in Northern Cyprus, so the prices are about 40% cheaper than Euro zone countries and Southern Cyprus. Especially alcoholic beverages are very cheap compared to many countries.

What is the best currency to use in Cyprus?
In Cyprus, TL is used, but you have the opportunity to exchange any currency from exchange offices.

Can I live in Northern Cyprus?
To live in Northern Cyprus, you must apply for temporary residence. More than 10,000 in Northern Cyprus; British, Turkey, Russia, Scandinavia, the Middle East and European countries, including foreigners located anywhere in the world.

Do I need a visa to come to Northern Cyprus?
Most visitors to Northern Cyprus do not need a prior visa for short visits.

Is Northern Cyprus an illegal state?
The Republic of Cyprus is known as the internationally recognized authority. Northern Cyprus is under international embargo as it informs the world that the airports and ports in the region are not under effective control. all UN member states except Turkey does not recognize Northern Cyprus.

Is North Cyprus cheaper than Southern Cyprus?
Generally, Northern Cyprus is cheaper than Southern Cyprus. Due to the use of Euro in Southern Cyprus, prices are equivalent to many European Union countries. In addition, hotel accommodation in Northern Cyprus is more convenient than Southern Cyprus.

Can we use euro in Northern Cyprus?
The currency in Northern Cyprus is Turkish Lira. Most businesses accept payments in major foreign currencies such as the Euro, Sterling Pound, US Dollar, and Cyprus Pound.

Is Kyrenia the Greek side or the Turkish side?
Kyrenia; Greek Kirinia, Turkish Kyrenia city is under Turkish Cypriot administration in the northern part of Cyprus.

What currency is used in Famagusta?
The national currency TL is the most common, but the pound, dollar and euro are used everywhere.

What is the difference between Cyprus and Northern Cyprus?
Although the Republic of Cyprus is recognized as the only legitimate state by the international community, Northern Cyprus has the status of a separate state called the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, which declared its independence.

Can we travel freely between North and South Cyprus?
The borders between Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus are open. Local residents and EU citizens do not require a visa for Southern Cyprus. Other nationals, on the other hand, need a visa to cross to Southern Cyprus. There is no visa application in Northern Cyprus.

Is North Cyprus or Southern Cyprus better for a holiday?
Northern Cyprus is cheaper than the South. Northern Cyprus is more ideal for tourists who want to have all-inclusive accommodation in hotels.

What is the coldest month in Cyprus?
February is the coldest month in Cyprus. The average in February is 17 degrees, the lowest 8 degrees.

What are the best hotels in North Cyprus?
-Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel
-Kaya Artemis Hotel
-Concorde Luxury Hotel
-Rock Palazzo Kyrenia
-Lords Palace Hotel
-Salamis Bay Conti Hotel
-Merit Royal

Can you go to North Cyprus by car?
If you rent a car in the south of Cyprus, you are allowed to cross the border to Northern Cyprus. On the other hand, if you rent your car in North Cyprus, you are not allowed to cross the border. However, if the car belongs to you, you are allowed to cross the border.

Can he go from Southern Cyprus to Northern Cyprus?
Yes, you can cross the border from South to North Cyprus or from North to South. The document required for border crossing is a passport. There are two border crossing points in Nicosia or Nicosia, called Ledra Palas and Metehan, and three known as 2.5 Mile checkpoints in Famagusta.

Is Cyprus hotter than Greece?
Cyprus is located in the southeast of the Mediterranean Sea and 380 kilometers from Egypt, so the climate here is warmer than Greece. In August Cyprus is hot at around 30ºC - 35ºC and the sea at about 28ºC.

Is North Cyprus beautiful?
In addition to its delicious cuisine, Northern Cyprus is blessed with endless blue skies and miles of untouched beaches. It has become a vibrant and popular tourist destination in Northern Cyprus with luxury hotels and seaside resorts.

Which is the hottest part of Cyprus?
It is Nicosia. Summers are very hot, such that the highest temperatures in the capital Nicosia in July and August are around 37 ° C (99 ° F). The existence of such a warm region makes Cyprus the warmest island in the Mediterranean. With heat waves from Africa, the temperature in Nicosia can reach 40 ° C (104 ° F) from May to October.

Which part of Cyprus is best for couples?
There are different opportunities in every part of the island for couples vacationing in Cyprus. If you want to relax in adult all-inclusive resorts and beautiful beaches, the Bafra region will be ideal for you. If you are interested in nightlife and parties, you should go to Ayia Napa.

Is Larnaca a good holiday destination?
There are many opportunities in Larnaca. Since it is an airport, Larnaca is advantageous in every respect. In addition, transportation to many parts of Cyprus is easier.

What is the best month to visit Cyprus?
The best time to visit Cyprus is during the hot and sunny summer months. If you prefer cooler periods, you should come in the spring period.

Is it expensive to have a holiday in Cyprus?
You should plan to spend about 82 € ($ 97) per day for your vacation in Cyprus, which is the average daily price based on other visitors' expenses. If you buy all-inclusive accommodation, the price varies according to the hotel.

Which is the largest airport in Cyprus?
Larnaca International Airport is Cyprus' international gateway and one of the two commercial airports in the region controlled by the Republic of Cyprus. The other is Paphos International Airport on the southwest coast of the island. There is Ercan Airport in Northern Cyprus.

Is Nicosia the Greek side or the Turkish side?
Nicosia (Greek: Λευκωσία; Turkish: Nicosia), also known as Nicosia, is the capital and largest city of the island of Cyprus. It is the common capital for Southern Cyprus and Northern Cyprus.

Can the Green Line be crossed in Cyprus?
Prior to Cypriots' accession to the European Union, there were restrictions on Green Line crossings by foreigners imposed by the Republic of Cyprus, but these were lifted for EU citizens by the 866/2004 EU regulation. Generally, citizens of any country are allowed to cross the border, including Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots.

Is there terror in Cyprus?
Cyprus is one of the countries with the least terror compared to the world average.

Is there still a ghost town in Famagusta?
The inhabitants of Marash left the area after the Turks took control of Cyprus in 1974.

Is Kyrenia the Greek side or the Turkish side?
Girne, Greek Kirínia, Turkish Girne, the city is located on the northern coast of Cyprus, under Turkish Cypriot administration.

Is North Cyprus beautiful?
Northern Cyprus is the part of the island with the most beautiful beaches. It has miles of gorgeous sand and turquoise blue sea. Tourism has developed. There are many entertainment venues and hotels. There are also many historical places to visit.

Who owns Northern Cyprus?
While the Republic of Cyprus actually controls only the south of the island, the TRNC government controls the north. Because of this dispute, Northern Cyprus is a de jure part of the EU as it is part of the de jure Republic of Cyprus.

Is Cyprus an Arab country?
Mediterranean's third largest island of Cyprus, located in the south of Turkey; West of Syria and Lebanon; It is in the north of Egypt. It is not an Arab country. Turkish, Greek and European foreigners are the majority.

Is alcohol cheap in Cyprus?
Alcohol prices are relatively cheap in Cyprus. The price of local beers ranges from 70c - 1.00 € for half a liter, while a locally produced (drinkable) bottle of wine ranges from around € 3.50 to € 7.00. In general, the cost of living in Cyprus is at the same level as other Mediterranean countries.

What is the best currency to take to Cyprus?
The currency of Cyprus is Euro. All currencies are used in Northern Cyprus, but TL is common in shopping.

Can I spend Pounds in Cyprus?
The currency of the republic is euro (€). Most shops and hotels in Northern Cyprus accept many currencies such as British pound, US dollar, etc.

Is North Cyprus safe for tourists?
Northern Cyprus has a much lower crime rate than the South. There is no threat from Syria or nearby countries.

Which airlines fly to Northern Cyprus?
Pegasus Airlines, Turkish Airlines, SunExpress AnadoluJet and is directly flying from Ercan to Turkey.

Can you go to North Cyprus from the south?
Yes, you can cross the border from South to North Cyprus or from North to South. A valid passport is all that is required for border crossing. There are two border crossing points known as Ledra Palas and Metehan in Nicosia or Nicosia, and three in Famagusta known as the 2.5 Mile checkpoint.

Do you need a visa to go to Cyprus?
For tourism or business purposes, European Union citizens can enter the Republic of Cyprus without a visa for up to 90 days. Citizens of other countries are required to obtain a visa for the Republic of Cyprus. There is no requirement for a visa for Northern Cyprus.

What is the hottest month in Cyprus?
The hottest month is August, but it is usually very hot from early June to October. The region is one of the warmest regions of the Mediterranean, with Cyprus being very close to southwest Asia.

Is it cheap to visit Cyprus?
Southern Cyprus is expensive. However, Northern Cyprus is both cheap and enjoyable for a holiday.

What are the best hotels in North Cyprus?
Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel
Concorde Luxury Resort
Kaya Artemis Hotel
Cratos Hotel
Elexus Resort Hotel
Merit Royal Hotel
Rock Palazzo

How long can you stay in Northern Cyprus?
Any visitor who does not apply for a residence permit can stay in Northern Cyprus for up to 90 days in any 180-day period (or 180 days a year). The 180-day period starts when you first enter Northern Cyprus.

Can two country borders be crossed in Cyprus?
The borders between Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus are open, which means people - visitors and locals - can freely cross both sides of the island. This means that when you visit Cyprus you will have the opportunity to experience both cultures.

Is Cyprus a good destination for vacation?
Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean and especially its beaches are magnificent. Crystal clear sea, neat and clean beaches make you feel that you are in a paradise on Earth.

What is the best place to stay in Cyprus?
• For all inclusive holiday; Bafta
• For historical places; Famagusta
• For a good holiday; Kyrenia

Is North Cyprus cheaper than Southern Cyprus?
Generally, Northern Cyprus is cheaper than Southern Cyprus.

How much does it cost to stay in a hotel in the Northern Cyprus region?
On average, the price of 3-star hotels in Northern Cyprus is 15 Euros per night and 4-star hotels in Northern Cyprus are 20 Euros per night. If you are looking for something truly special, 5-star hotels in Northern Cyprus cost around 100 Euros per night.

How many hotels in North Cyprus are listed on
There are more than 150 hotels in Northern Cyprus where you can book on

What are the best hotels in Northern Cyprus near Bellapais Monastery?
Some of the best hotels in North Cyprus near Bellapais Monastery are Bellapais Monastery Village and Bellapais Garden.

What are the hotels with the best view in North Cyprus?
Gillham Luxury Boutique & Wineyard is one of the hotels with the best natural scenery.

What are the best cities to stay in Northern Cyprus?
Kyrenia, North Nicosia and Famagusta are the best cities.

Which hotels in Northern Cyprus are good for families?
Many families visiting Northern Cyprus prefer hotels such as Lord's Palace, Kaya Artemis Hotel, Limak Cyprus Hotel and Elexus.

Where can I make my reservation for a Cyprus holiday?
Booking2cyprus is the ideal website for your North Cyprus holiday.
North Cyprus Hotels
Hotels in North Cyprus have been at the top of the list of preferred holiday hotels lately. For those who want to spend their holidays in another country this year, North Cyprus offers you another alternative accommodation where you can choose from all inclusive luxury 5 star hotels, fun game club hotels, city hotels to hostels and boutique hotels can stay. How about this year's holiday in Northern Cyprus, the pearl of the Mediterranean, where you can relax with its warmth and tranquility? Cyprus hotels with its history, sea, beaches, culture, luxury hotels and original cuisine will be a great option for you to make your dream vacation.

Noah's Ark Deluxe Hotel & Spa
The resort is located in Bafra, one of the most popular areas of Northern Cyprus. Bafra has a fairly popular 9km long beach. The hotel is right next to the beautiful sandy beach. Hosting countless tourists every year, it tops the list of the best Cyprus hotels. There are three kinds of room types in the hotel. You can choose different room alternatives according to the number of people. For example, if you want to spend your vacation with your family, you can choose the Villa room type. All rooms of the property are equipped with tools and equipment considering your possible needs. On the other hand, the hotel offers an all-inclusive concept. So you can meet all your needs during your vacation without leaving the hotel.

Elexus Hotel Resort
The property is located in the Çatalkoy district. Due to its central location, it offers easy access to its guests. It is possible to walk from the hotel to the center of Kyrenia. The hotel has its own fine sandy beach and shoreline. This way you can fully enjoy the sea during your stay. On the other hand, the resort is also very rich in entertainment. It draws attention with its exclusive gaming clubs among Cyprus Hotels. In short, the resort has most of the features you would expect from a vacation under one roof. Another highlight of the hotel is that it is preferred by the majority of honeymooners. In the honeymoon concept, couples have priority in the booking process. In addition, the honeymoon rooms are decorated with fresh flowers and ready to sleep every night. The spa center in the hotel offers special discounts for honeymooners.

Lord's Palace Hotel & Spa
Located in Kyrenia Hotels, the resort combines the unique natural beauties of Cyprus with comfort to offer its guests a luxurious vacation. There are many complimentary amenities at the hotel. One of them, the spa and fitness service, colors the holiday of the guests. The hotel combines oriental culture with European quality. Within the spa service there are also special tea rituals and body care sets. So you can cleanse your soul and body even on vacation. In addition to these, there are many room types at the property. Sea and land views are preferred in all room types. At the same time, the beds in the rooms are also available in twin or split options. The kitchen area of ​​the facility, like other departments, is of extremely high quality. In addition to international cuisine, special dishes from the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus are served. In summary, you can use your preference for a perfect vacation since this hotel.

Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel
The resort offers a full-fledged holiday with the natural climate of Cyprus, which is especially beautiful at any time of the year. It is located in the most popular area of ​​Bafra, in the green. Every morning you wake up in the hotel, you can enjoy the fresh air. Jul. You will feel special and privileged during your time here. The resort offers its guests a great advantage as it is located directly on the sea. You will not have any transportation problems and you will feel the smell of the sea as far as your room. On the other hand, the hotel also hosts a variety of organizations. It offers accommodation for participants by arrangement with tours to Cyprus organized from different regions.

Merit Lefkosa Hotel
The Merit Nicosia Hotel is the first five star hotel in Northern Cyprus. One of the most important features of the hotel is that it can reflect Ottoman and Byzantine architecture at the same time. The total number of rooms in the hotel is 116. The hotel has standard, suite and king suite rooms suitable for every budget.
In addition to staying, the hotel is also ideal for a variety of events such as congresses, meetings and starts. If you also want to prepare your cocktails in the hotel, you can welcome your guests in the lounges with a capacity of up to 1,000 guests.
After a year of hard work, you can also use the hotel's spa service to relax a little. The spa center, which connects you with various services such as Far Eastern massages, steam bath and yoga, also offers a variety of different options of body treatments.

Les Ambassadors Hotel
The Les Ambassadeurs Hotel is characterized by its luxury and splendor and offers standard, villa and suite rooms. The milk rooms are classified as king suite and bolognese suite. The bathroom with gold fittings and dark marble stands out in the rooms of the Joachimsthal suite. The 220 m2 king suite rooms offer you the opportunity to pamper yourself with a personal sauna and Turkish bath.

Mimoza Beach Hotel
Mimoza Beach Hotel; Standard, connection and suite rooms are among the options that offer you comfort. The simply furnished rooms have everything you need. In the Pool Bar&Beach Lounge, which is served by the pool and the beach of the hotel, in the moments when you take a break for swimming, you can meet with fast-food delicacies or have the desired food from the Snack-Bar- choose menu.

North Cyprus location
Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea in terms of area. This island consists of two separate parts: the Greek part in the south and the Turkish region in the north. Nicosia is the capital of two-zone Cyprus. Nicosia is the only city in the world that has the same name but is the capital of two different countries. The most popular region of North Cyprus visitors is Kyrenia with its perfect and clean sea. Although the economy of Cyprus is heavily dependent on the tourism sector, the tourism sector spans many areas. Because of this, the tour, transfer, food and entertainment section has evolved. As it hosts many cultures of the world, Cypriot cuisine offers you different alternatives. 5 star hotels in Northern Cyprus, game club, honeymoon hotels, all inclusive hotels; are the prominent areas in the tourism sector. Turkey and Cyprus due to the lack of game clubs, game club in Northern Cyprus tourism has an important place in nearby regions. Both southbound tourists and tourists from Turkey are interested in game club hotels and game club. Cyprus is not only a holiday destination known for entertainment, but also home to many religions, civilizations and cultures. Cyprus, which took place in every period of history; many communities and civilizations have existed since the Stone Age. This culture allowed the island to take on its current form. The best known of these are; Egyptians, Hittites, Phoenicians, Assyrians, Persians, Romans, Byzantines, Ukrainians, Venetians, Ottomans, British and Turks. Therefore, there are many historical ruins in Cyprus, each belonging to different civilizations. If you are interested in history, you should take your travel book with you and go for a walk around Cyprus with your camera.

North Cyprus hotel price
North Cyprus hotel deals offer cheap North Cyprus holiday discounts if you follow special offers and book early. If you are planning your vacation in winter you can have a perfect summer vacation in Cyprus hotels with minimum prices. You must decide in advance what type of hotel you want to stay in. Choose from over 25 stylish 5 star hotels in different parts of Cyprus. Cyprus is also next to visitors who come for sea-sand-sun holidays; Honeymoon, wedding organizations, company meetings, game club will be the perfect choice for customers. Kyrenia, Nicosia and Famagusta are among the must-see destinations during a Cyprus holiday. The Bafra region in particular has become more attractive lately with the opening of new branded hotels. If you come to Cyprus, be sure to visit these places. If you wish, we have prepared for you to see the list of places in Cyprus. So you can see what beauties are waiting for you with finer details, you can benefit immediately from Cyprus vacation opportunities.

North Cyprus Boutique Hotels
As well as Turkey, there are numerous boutique hotels in North Cyprus. North Cyprus boutique hotels, which are much smaller than all inclusive hotels and are usually family run, may be an alternative for you. Recently, the number of boutique hotels in the Karpaz region is increasing. It is an ideal place for those who want to explore peaceful nature. The ability to travel to Cyprus from abroad without a passport or visa brings great convenience to vacationers. With its natural beauties, boutique hotels and history, Cyprus is an ideal itinerary for culture-seekers. Boutique hotels in North Cyprus where you can relax in peace appeal to all ages. The rooms, tailored to the needs, offer an accommodation where you can feel special with the interesting designs in every corner of the hotel.

All inclusive hotels in Northern Cyprus
North Cyprus all inclusive hotels come to the fore with many different concepts. Compared to hotels in South Cyprus, all inclusive hotels in North Cyprus are of better quality and more affordable. Cyprus Magosa hotels and Bafra hotels tend to be preferred more recently due to their all-inclusive concept. All-inclusive hotels, baby- and kid-friendly, indoor and outdoor pools, beachfront options with options like. You can find more than you would expect from a hotel with its rich menus, animations, SPA centers and baths, especially in 5 * all inclusive hotels. Advantageous prices and installment options, you can book the hotel you want without straining your budget. All inclusive hotels in North Cyprus are full of different activities and fun options awaiting you and your family. With Booking2Cyprus we offer you holiday benefits with dozens of hotel options.

When to Visit Northern Cyprus?
Cyprus, where the Mediterranean climate is experienced, is actually suitable for all seasons. If you are planning a summer holiday in Cyprus, then May-October may be preferred, as the weather and sea temperatures are favorable. Summer in Cyprus is quite hot and humid in July and August. Spring and autumn months are ideal if you want to take a holiday away from the sea. In Cyprus, winters are mild and rainy. During the girls time more conference groups and game club groups preferred Cyprus.

Transport to Northern Cyprus
There are two ways to get to North Cyprus: ferry and plane. Especially in summer there are regular ferries from Turkey. You can prefer ferries from Taşucu and Alanya to Kyrenia on your Cyprus trip. If you want to go to Famagusta, you can also take the ferry from Mersin. Transport by ferry takes about 2.5 hours. If you want to go by car, you have to make a journey that takes 6-8 hours. Unless you're from the UK or the former colonies, you should know that traffic in Cyprus is reversed. Visitors wishing to travel to Cyprus from major cities such as Izmir, Adana, Istanbul and Ankara generally prefer to travel by air. If you want to come to Turkey from Northern Cyprus, Turkey needs to reach Ercan Airport which is connected by plane. Or if you have a direct flight request when you come to Larnaca Airport, we can take you to North Cyprus with our transfer vehicles. Cyprus offers many alternatives for holidaymakers who can go all seasons.

Activities in North Cyprus
You don't have to spend your holidays in Cyprus only in the hotel. During your stay you should spend at least 1-2 days exploring Cyprus. Although Cyprus is famous for its entertainment, it is also known for its beautiful cultural excursions; there are four city alternatives: Kyrenia, Nicosia, Famagusta and Güzelyurt. We can't stop counting the beautiful places to visit and see in Cyprus. If you travel to Cyprus, you can customize your travel plan to Kyrenia Castle, St. St. Sophia Cathedral (Selimiye Mosque), Kyrenia Port, Buyuk Han, Sunken Ship Museum, Northern Cyprus Herbarium, Salamis Ruins, Saint Sophia Mamas Monastery, Bellapais -Convent, Castle Buffaveneto.
It offers you tracking along the Beşparmak Mountains of Cyprus. There is a lot of oxygen in the trails. You can also visit historical ruins such as the Hilarion along the trail. Especially in spring and autumn, the island's climate is mild and temperate, which makes it suitable for hiking and cycling.
The beaches of North Cyprus, where there are warm sands under the summer sun, are flooded with thousands of local and foreign tourists every summer. Konnos, Nissi and Escape Beaches are high quality beaches. These beaches offer DJ performances, dancing, live music, beach activities and canoeing. If you want a secluded vacation in Cyprus, you should give preference to Karpaz and Iskele.

Beaches In Northern Cyprus
Cyprus, an island country, has many different beaches. Each beach hotel has its own beach as well as alternative beaches for Cypriot travelers. Discover the must-visit beaches of Cyprus before planning your Cyprus vacation.
Altınkum Beach is one of the largest and most pristine beaches in the Mediterranean and is the migration zone of Caretta carettas. We recommend you to see this virgin and preserved beach for every tourist coming to Cyprus.
Glapsides Beach On the east coast of Northern Cyprus is a beach where you can sunbathe on the fine sand and explore the deep blue sea. There is also camping near Glapsides Beach.
Yeşilırmak Beach Located at the western end of Northern Cyprus in the Dillirga region. Located in a small bay in the middle of the beach with the pier making it easy to enter the sea. The bay, which is quite quiet due to its distance from the center, offers an ideal environment for relaxation for those who love a quiet beach.
Alagadi Beach, Caretta caretta and green turtle spawning area of ​​this beach has become a favorite of local as well as foreign tourists. The beach, which is not accessible after 8:00 p.m., is the natural habitat of the turtles.
Located on the Karpaz Peninsula, this bay is known as one of the most unspoilt areas of Northern Cyprus. You can also take a closer look at the ruins of the historic monastery of Agios Philon in the undiscovered area.

Activities in North Cyprus
North Cyprus is waiting to be discovered by booking2cyprus. Kyrenia Castle is one of the most important places to visit in Cyprus. Being one of the trading centers of Cyprus in the past, it has always been an attractive region and has been under constant attack from pirates and countries. Kyrenia Castle was built by the Byzantines in the 7th century against the Arab invasions. There are dungeons, rooms used as storage, sunken ship museum, cistern and tower.
Pella Pais Monastery is one of the symbols of Cyprus. You should definitely see this historic monastery in Cyprus where many religions and cultures live.
There are 2 countries in one capital in no part of the world. Nicosia is the only city in the world in this respect. The narrow streets and historic buildings of Nicosia's walled city are one of the places you should be interested in. The city wall built by the Venetians is worth seeing.
Kantara Castle, Kantara Castle, built to protect the passages of Kyrenia mountains, was built for surveillance in the 10th century. In the history of the island of Cyprus, it is known that defeated princes or kings often took refuge in Kantara.
Buyukhan, the mystical and historical air of Buyukhan is waiting for its visitors.
Selimiye Mosque, This historic building that was converted into a mosque in the past is definitely worth a visit. You must visit this mosque in Sur.
St Hilarion Church, Girne Bird's eye view of this church, was made for the purpose of protection from the Arabs. You should come here and enjoy the amazing views of Kyrenia.
Kyrenia Harbor is famous for its historic restaurants and cafes. It's the perfect place to relax and satisfy your hunger while exploring Kyrenia. Dinner in Kyrenia is another treat.
Ayios Philon Church, Built in the 5th century, this church is largely preserved and attracts the attention of Cyprus lovers.
Salamis Ruins is one of the oldest settlements built in the Bronze Age. It was the capital of Cyprus throughout history and is 6 kilometers from Famagusta.

Natural beauties of North Cyprus
Cyprus also has a magnificent nature. Cyprus is home to many unique species of plants, trees and animals. Another feature of the island is that birds are on the migratory routes between Africa and Eastern Europe and birds are the roosting or nesting place.
One of the most beautiful and unspoilt parts of Cyprus, Cape Karpaz lies at the tip of the Karpaz Peninsula. The small islands that you will see in this area are called the Victory Islands. You must go to the vast pristine beaches. Recently, many small hotels and guesthouses have opened in this area, so we recommend you to stay 1-2 nights to explore this region. You should definitely add this place to the stops to visit during your Cyprus trip. Karpaz National Park is located in the Karpaz region of Cyprus. Karpaz National Park, which offers many historical churches, bays and beautiful views, is an ideal environment for those who want to stay alone with nature. The national park, which is approximately 3.5-4 hours from Nicosia, is at an equal distance from the average Kyrenia. Famagusta and the pier area are nearer the distance. It has a vegetation covered with Cypriot trees. One of the most beautiful beaches on Dipkarpaz Strait is the Golden Coast. You must watch the sunset on the Golden Beach.
Troodos Mountains is famous for its natural beauty as well as Cyprus resorts. The Troodos Mountains with a height of 1,952 meters are located in the southwest of Cyprus. You can go camping, cycling or picnicking in the mountains, where many hillside villages are located, at any time of the year.
Cyprus National Park With a total area of ​​41 hectares, it includes the Landing Beach, the Statue of Liberty, the Karaoglanoglu Martyrdom and the Karaoglanoglu Museum park. The park also offers museums and beach facilities.
Beşparmak National Park If you want to be surrounded by nature during your Cyprus vacation, you should visit Beşparmak National Park, which is a vacation paradise with its nature and tourist spots. In the park; Picnic areas, sports and promenade offers you another alternative. If you want to evaluate your vacation differently, you should definitely contact Beşparmak National Park.

Shopping in North Cyprus
If you want to buy souvenirs that will make your loved ones happy when you return to Cyprus, the address to visit should be Büyük Han In Nicosia. You can find many different gifts at this station which has many nice shops. We recommend you to buy the hellim cheese, which is the essential taste of Cyprus in the Nicosia market. If you want to buy clothes, you should also visit the shops in the Kyrenia Bazaar. You can also find alcoholic beverages in many cities.

Entertainment in North Cyprus
Daytime entertainment in Cyprus: Cyprus is one of the favorite places for vacationers and celebrities. When it comes to entertainment in Cyprus, countless concerts and festivals come to mind. Numerous visitors come to concerts. Water sports, gaming clubs, nightclubs, festivals and concerts... is it possible not to have fun in Cyprus? Famagusta beaches are particularly famous for their activities and water sports. You can do jet-ski, parachute, banana and ringo, water ski and wakeboard and boat tours on the beaches.
Cyprus Nightlife: Cyprus is an island famous for its nightlife and is also a holiday destination in all four seasons. Therefore, the nightlife is also very active. The island is known for its nightlife with its five star nightclubs and gaming clubs. Nightclubs have many options. Famous artists who have performed at the Cyprus New Years Eve celebrations over the weekends add mobility to Cyprus Nights.
game clubs: game clubs comes at the beginning of the point where the curiosity of the tourists come to Turkey. Playing an important role in the Cyprus economy, the gaming clubs are extremely luxurious and have a high quality of service. You can have fun in Cyprus gambling clubs day or night.

Festivals In North Cyprus
There are many different festivals in North Cyprus, especially in summer.
Famagusta Culture, Arts and Tourism Festival: the festival, which is organized from June to July, hosts international jazz, pop and classical artists in Famagusta, North Cyprus. Famagusta Culture, Arts and Tourism Festival is organized by the Municipality of Famagusta, where concerts are held under the gaze of historical monuments of unique beauty in the region.
North Cyprus International Bellapais Classical Music Festival: This festival is a must for classical music lovers and takes place from May to June every year. It's a piano and strings festival at the historic Bellapais Monastery.
Güzelyurt Orange Festival: Güzelyurt Orange Festival, organized by Güzelyurt Municipality in Northern Cyprus, is organized to promote citrus fruits, which is the better symbol of Güzelyurt region. The citrus festival, organized with the participation of famous artists, takes place every year in the last week of June.

What to eat in North Cyprus
Cyprus is home to many cultures steeped in history and allows you to discover new tastes. If food is an indispensable pleasure for you, you can explore Cypriot cuisine with happiness and great enthusiasm. The world famous Halloumi cheese first comes to mind in Cyprus. Cyprus' seafood and appetizers also stand out. But let's list the local delicacies known to those in Cyprus; Ayrelli, Peach Kebab, Rice, Halloumi, Molehiya, Walnut Paste, Samarella, Gullurikya, Pirohu. Don't leave Cyprus without discovering these flavors. If you are interested in gastronomy or want to taste delicious food to the fullest during your vacation, Cyprus is a new gourmet place for you. You can also get acquainted with the Cypriot cuisine in Cypriot hotels. Many hotels put Cypriot cuisine on their menus.

Where to stay in North Cyprus
North Cyprus hotels always offer the best quality accommodation. The resort has a different concept and stars you can have fun in North Cyprus holiday hotels North Cyprus hotels visited by local and foreign tourists every year of the year, experienced staff, quality and delicious food, clean sea and nature with customer satisfaction in mind and guarantee the best service to customers. By following the hotel campaigns during the early booking period and throughout the summer season, you will find suitable hotel options in North Cyprus for your budget. North Cyprus 5 star all inclusive hotels boutique hotels offer you all kinds of facilities. You can book online through our website for many discounted and advantageous holiday options in Northern Cyprus hotels and you can pay through our secure virtual currency.

Northern Cyprus holiday advice
During the summer season, many entertainments are organized at the address of fun nights and beautiful nature in Northern Cyprus. Cyprus offers nightclubs and gaming clubs entertainment until the early hours of the morning. During the day you can experience the most beautiful moments by participating in different activities of the hotels in Cyprus. In addition, many historical sites in Cyprus are waiting to be discovered. If you come to Cyprus, you must add the famous historical places to your vacation plan.

North Cyprus Hotel Deals offers many last minute North Cyprus hotel deals for summer stays. There are many different hotel concept options in North Cyprus hotels including ultra all inclusive, all inclusive, half board, bed and breakfast, child friendly hotel and honeymoon hotel to suit all budgets. In addition, many of these concepts offer many options, from 5* hotels to small hostels. If you don't want to miss the North Cyprus hotel deals, you can find the best hotel in the category section on our website according to your needs and budget and get the best price guarantee. Book hotels in Northern Cyprus with and enjoy more holiday offers at affordable prices.

North Cyprus Hotels
North Cyprus hotels are one of the holiday regions that have increased in value and recognition in recent years. For those who want to spend their vacation somewhere else especially abroad, North Cyprus offers you different alternative than luxury all inclusive hotels, game club hotels or boutique hotels if you want. How about this year's holiday in Northern Cyprus, the pearl of the Mediterranean, where you can relax with its warmth and tranquility? North Cyprus hotels with its history, sea, beaches, culture, luxury hotels and original cuisine will be a great option for you to make your dream vacation.

Cheap Hotels In Northern Cyprus
Hotel prices in North Cyprus are reasonable if you follow the campaigns and book early. If you are planning your vacation in winter you can have a perfect summer vacation in Cyprus hotels with minimum prices. You must decide in advance what type of hotel you want to stay in. Choose from over 25 stylish 5 star hotels in different parts of North Cyprus. North Cyprus is also popular with visitors who come for sea-sand-sun holidays; Honeymoon, wedding organizations, company meetings, game club will be the perfect choice for customers. Kyrenia, Nicosia and Famagusta are among the must-see destinations during the North Cyprus holidays. The Bafra region in particular has become more attractive lately with the opening of new branded hotels. If you come to Cyprus, be sure to visit these places. If you wish, we have prepared for you to see the list of places in Cyprus. So you can see what beauties are waiting for you with finer details, you can benefit immediately from Cyprus vacation opportunities.

All Inclusive Northern Cyprus Hotels
North Cyprus all inclusive hotels come to the fore with many different concepts. Compared to hotels in South Cyprus, all inclusive hotels in North Cyprus are of better quality and more affordable. Cyprus Magosa hotels and Bafra hotels tend to be preferred more recently due to their all-inclusive concept. All-inclusive hotels, baby- and kid-friendly, indoor and outdoor pools, beachfront options like the beach come to the fore. You can find more than what you would expect from a hotel with rich menus, animations, SPA centers and baths, especially in 5 * all inclusive hotels. Advantageous prices and installment options, you can book the hotel you want without straining your budget. All inclusive hotels in North Cyprus Cyprus are full of different activities and fun options awaiting you and your family. With we offer you holiday benefits with dozens of hotel options.

2022 North Cyprus Hotels
Cyprus hotel preferences are among the most critical issues for long-term planned vacations in North Cyprus. Among the summer vacation facilities, all inclusive hotels are the most preferred hotels. All inclusive hotels in Cyprus are the most pleasant way to enjoy the sea and sun with its beautiful sea and long sandy beaches. You can enjoy a family vacation in all-inclusive hotels in Cyprus, where you can taste international cuisine for buffets. You can also have fun playing at game club Cyprus hotels. You can choose Bafra, Magosa and Kyrenia all inclusive hotels by reading customer satisfaction ratings.
Holidays in Cyprus do not always mean summer, sea, sand and sun. The New Year is another destination in Cyprus that is a frequently preferred destination at special times. Cyprus welcomes its guests every year with its New Year's hotels and performers with a package program concept. Famous artists give concerts in Cyprus hotels are very popular. Cyprus New Year hotels that promise an unforgettable New Year with entertaining Christmas programs are a good idea for a winter holiday.
Cyprus honeymoon hotels are often preferred from many countries for a different function. It is not surprising that Cyprus, which has many hotels in the concept of honeymoon hotels, is preferred in this regard. Couples wishing to spend their honeymoon in Kyrenia, Famagusta, Bafra or different regions of Cyprus can stay in private suites, villa rooms and happily intertwined with honeymoon special services. Room decorations, breakfast in the room and special treats for honeymooners are available upon prior request.

Kyrenia hotels
Kyrenia is the third largest in the Mediterranean. It is located on the island of Cyprus. Kyrenia has amazing beaches, hotels, entertainment venues and restaurants. Kyrenia, the most developed city in Northern Cyprus, is more visited than the capital Nicosia. Kyrenia is the region with the most hotels in Northern Cyprus. Kyrenia hotels North Cyprus has 80% bed capacity. If you want to enjoy the sea, sand and sun in the most comfortable hotels and be a partner in fun island life, you can book through at the most affordable prices. The most popular among Kyrenia hotels are Elexus Hotel Merit Royal Hotel Cratos Hotel Lord's Palace Hotel.

All Inclusive Hotels In Kyrenia
There are all inclusive hotels in Kyrenia that offer different accommodation options. All inclusive Kyrenia hotels offer luxury accommodation and extensive food and beverage service for guests. All-inclusive Kyrenia hotels that offer unlimited activities throughout the day also host special shows and shows in the evenings. All all inclusive hotels offer game club service.
Apart from all inclusive hotels, there are many hostels and boutique hotels in Kyrenia.

Early booking for Kyrenia hotels gives you the opportunity to holiday at discounted prices in the most luxurious hotels of Kyrenia. Early booking discounts of up to 45% are enough to reserve early to take a holiday in Kyrenia., which offers attractive discounts and payment terms in Kyrenia hotels, offers its customers two different options with cancellable and non-cancellable room types. Early booking opportunities for all inclusive Kyrenia hotels begin in November and discount rates continue until the start of summer, dropping from time to time. If you are dreaming of an affordable holiday in Kyrenia, you can take advantage of the early booking opportunities and experience the guarantee in Cyprus at discounted prices.

Last minute Northern Cyprus hotels
North Cyprus is one of the most unique centers that you can choose in terms of vacation. Now you can make a vacation dream come true, where you can enjoy nature and sea with your loved ones. Hotels that have not been able to operate at full capacity in the summer of 2020 due to the pandemic period, aim to hit their customers before the end of 2020 with the last-minute benefits you offer. With early booking benefits for the 2022 period, hotels are carefully taking all the necessary precautions to serve their customers in a hygienic environment.

Holidays in North Cyprus
Cyprus welcomes domestic and foreign tourists with its varied beauties in both summer and winter months. Cyprus is a place where you can spend a summer vacation or a cultural holiday. There are dozens of different excursion programs and activities that you can do when planning a vacation in the TRNC. With the right planning, you can swim in the cool waters of the Mediterranean at the country's beautiful beaches while exploring the country's historical fabric.

Discover the historical structure of Famagusta
Cyprus Tour, one of the most popular tour programs in recent years, allows you to discover all the beauties of the island. Famagusta, one of the most important places in Cyprus, is one of the places you should visit. Start the day in Famagusta with an island breakfast where you can taste the famous halloumi cheese. Then you can visit Othello Castle, built in the 14th century, which is one of the silhouettes of the city. After visiting this castle, striking for its historical structure and splendor, you can visit the Mara covered area, which was closed to use after the Cyprus peacekeeping operation. An extremely interesting site, Covered Varosha stands out as one of the most striking sites in the region as it is closed to civilian visits. Famagusta which is included in Cyprus holiday packages is also a port city. In addition to the tourist tour, you can enjoy the endless views of the Mediterranean Sea on beautiful beaches.

Visit Nicosia for lively evenings
Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, offers a vacation opportunity where you can feel the warmth of the Mediterranean Sea as well as its historical structure. Nicosia, which is very rich in Cypriot hotels, is also very rich in activities that you can do. If you drive to Nicosia you can also see the Green Line that separates the two parts of Cyprus and is protected by the United Nations. Besides its seriousness as a capital, Nicosia is one of the most popular places for tourists with its vibrant nightlife. You can enjoy music and dancing in lively nightclubs. Especially as part of New Year's Eve tours, live entertainment and New Year's Eve programs in 5-star hotels show that Cyprus is always alive.

Don't come back until you're in Golden Beach Karpaz. swim
When talking about cheap Cyprus tours, the first thing that naturally comes to mind is summer vacation. Cyprus holiday hotels that combine sea, sand and sun, with their seafront location offer the opportunity to sunbathe on beautiful beaches. The Baby Home is a very large island nation in terms of the variety and beauty of its beaches. Golden Beach Karpaz is one of the beaches that you should especially see when you travel to Cyprus. Karpaz combines the golden sands and the endless blue of the Mediterranean Sea, offering unique views especially at sunrise and sunset. If you are staying at one of the Kyrenia hotels in Cyprus, you can drive to Karpaz which is 2.5 hours away. If you go to Karpaz, you can also visit Karpaz National Park. In addition, you can observe the most beautiful views at Cape Zafer, which is visited as the northernmost tip of Cyprus.

Merit Park Hotel
The Merit Park Hotel offers its guests comfortable accommodations with the hygiene it offers in its rooms and at every point of the hotel. You can enjoy an extremely comfortable holiday in the comfortable rooms of the property, organized according to the rules of social distancing. The architectural design of the hotel is inspired by Kyrenia Castle. The total number of rooms is 286. By examining the width and other characteristics of different room types, you can make a choice that suits you. Each room has a Led TV, a minibar and a hairdryer. You can choose from the rooms with sea view or Beşparmak mountain view. The hotel serves in an all-inclusive concept and offers you various dishes and drinks with the hands of master chefs with its restaurants and bars. Customers who want to stay in the hotel for Christmas can enjoy the concert of a famous artist from Turkey if there is no ban.

Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel
Limak Hotel is one of the most popular hotels in North Cyprus. It offers a suitable accommodation option for everyone with standard, suite and family room alternatives. Limra Restaurant offers hourly soup service for those who want to drink soup at night, as well as rich flavors. Apart from Limra, there are many restaurants serving various world flavors and a la carte dishes. For those who want to take a break from swimming and enjoy a snack, various snacks are served on the fast food street. You can try different drinks at the hotel bars. There are many meeting rooms in the hotel for you to organize your events.

Elexus Hotel Resort Spa
Elexus Hotel Cyprus opens the doors for a fun holiday in all aspects and offers its customers very special opportunities with early booking benefits and honeymoon packages. You will have an unforgettable vacation at this hotel with its magnificent rooms, restaurants and an understanding of entertainment day and night.

Kaya Palazzo Resort
It is an absolute privilege to stay at this seaside hotel in Kyrenia. It offers you and your children a comfortable service in every area you need with its special events, wellness facilities, delicious food and meeting rooms. It will be very difficult to choose from a large number of room options. If you wish, you can choose swim-up rooms where you can dive straight into the pool. The Royal suite sea view room is the ideal choice for those who love luxury.

Noah's Ark Deluxe Hotel Spa
You can experience the privilege of accommodation in this hotel, which stands out among North Cyprus hotels for its exterior architecture. Activities for children in particular, which are organized with the help of professional trainers, will make your holiday with your children easier. With spa services you can relieve your body of tension. You can have a perfect vacation by having fun moments at the casino.

Our guests planning their vacation at Northern Cyprus hotels can easily find the right hotel on our website after deciding in which region of Northern Cyprus and in what budget they want to stay. Kyrenia hotels and Magosa hotels will be the right choice for our guests who want to organize cultural trips to historical routes while enjoying the sea and sun. You will get a real holiday with Kyrenia hotels and Famagusta hotels that always keep comfort at the highest level with experienced teams among North Cyprus hotels. All inclusive, half board, full board and bed & breakfast accommodations are available. You will have fun in the hotels that offer alternatives for special occasions such as New Year, honeymoon, business meetings. You can also plan a vacation fully mixed with history and culture with Nicosia hotels. In Nicosia, which has many cultural stops in North Cyprus, you can shop at the historical bazaars. North Cyprus luxury hotels and Bafra hotels, ideal for a full seaside holiday, allow you to experience the beauty of summer.

Of course, everyone who plans their vacation plans their budget first. Affordable, affordable and budget-friendly hotels are always available at When it comes to North Cyprus, Cyprus Hotel opportunities are closely monitored. You can holiday in Cyprus many times a year, many hotels are open for 12 months due to the game club service.
Cyprus holiday season is much longer compared to Turkey. It is possible to swim in North Cyprus from April to October. Because of this, North Cyprus hotels are always ready to serve you. Our guests who want to take advantage of this can plan their vacations with Cyprus Hotel deals. Early booking for this is a good alternative to Cyprus hotels. As we are able to offer customers of all budgets alternatives during and after the early booking period with our 100+ hotel options. Especially after the early booking period, the guests can stay in any of the Cyprus hotels they want to stay in at prices much lower than the seasonal price. Cyprus hotel campaigns are prepared for our esteemed guests in different periods.

When to Visit Northern Cyprus? What to do?
Cyprus means a four season holiday. A holiday paradise, Cyprus is a popular destination for holidaymakers looking for alternative markets with hotels and historical stops. If you are planning a Cyprus holiday and want to ask when to come to Cyprus, the answer is 12 months. Summer is ideal if you want to enjoy the sea. You can choose spring and autumn for hiking and city tours. If you want to come for fun, you can choose the winter period.
The Cyprus hotel you prefer for your Cyprus vacation offers you more than the comfort you imagine. North Cyprus offers many different activities. You can take part in the fun activities in Cypriot hotels where you will stay, you can spend pleasant moments with your children by choosing aqua park hotels, you can have game club experience in the evening, you can taste the local delicacies, You can go on safari tour and visit the places where English culture lives.
Cyprus is also famous for its dishes. No doubt hellim cheese will come first when I think of Cypriot food. Local cuisines such as green olives, peach kebab, Cypriot meatballs, kolokas, pirohu, cube kebab, walnut paste, hellimli and Mediterranean cuisine are also included with the indispensable delicious hellim cheese of Cypriot cuisine.
With you can expect the most exclusive hotel options in Cyprus for every budget and every taste. Are you ready for Cyprus vacation with its amazing beaches, deep blue sea and entertainment life?

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Cyprus Hotels
It is actually not surprising that Cyprus, which is sunny 326 days a year, is a popular resort area. Embracing the sun-warmed beaches, many visitors come to the warm Mediterranean Sea for sea and resort tourism.
To explore, Paphos, located in the west of Cyprus, is one of the historical cities of Cyprus. It is home to ancient Roman mosaics and Christian churches. The ancient Odeon is one of the most striking archaeological sites of Cyprus, and today it is extraordinarily still in use and hosts live music and theatrical performances.
In the south-east of Paphos, about a 30-minute drive away, you will find the quieter village of Pissouri, where we have a large selection of hotels. Here you can find restaurants and bars with lush emerald hills and views, which form an excellent backdrop to numerous Blue-Flag beaches.
For those who are more active, the Trodos Mountains, the largest mountain range of Cyprus, are an excellent alternative for exploring Cyprus. It is home to the Trodos National Forest Park, where you can find a lot of wildlife, including intertwined with nature.

The Best Cyprus Hotels; We have selected the best hotels in Cyprus for you.

1-Amavi Hotel,
it is one of the newest hotels in our portfolio. Opened in February 2019, it is within walking distance of the port and the medieval Paphos Castle. Perfect for watching the sun set, each of the 155 rooms overlooks the Mediterranean Sea.

2-Paphos Constantinou Bros Asimina Suites Hotel,
it is a 5-star luxury adult-only hotel. It is an excellent place of rest for couples and groups who want to relax on the beach, enjoying the best Cypriot cuisine in one of the four restaurants.

3-The Olympic Lagoon Resort,
it has everything for families who want a luxurious getaway. You can have fun with children on a Blue Flag beach, by the sea, or spend a quiet time on the beach while having fun in one of the numerous children's clubs and kindergartens.

4-The Landmark Nicosia, Nicosia
Vacationers do not always prefer Nicosia for their holidays. with its 300 rooms, it often hosts conferences, the Fontana restaurant highlights Cypriot recipes and products. The hotel has indoor and outdoor pools, it is among the best Deckosa hotels.

5- Casale Panayiotis, Troodos Mountains
Anyone traveling to the interior of Cyprus will want to see the mountains of Troodos. A collection of traditional houses converted into a spa hotel, the hotel is located next to a Unesco-listed 1,000-year-old church and monastery complex complete with Byzantine frescoes. Hiking and sightseeing trails are excellent, especially at this high altitude. It is one of the most luxurious hotels in Cyprus.

6- Alion Beach Hotel, Ayia Napa
Ayia Napa is one of the places that should be considered for an inexpensive and necessarily pleasant holiday. 15 minutes east of the city center, Alion Beach Hotel offers something a little more refined. Located behind tropical gardens and near the golden sand of Pantachou Beach, this 100-room hotel has three pools on its territory. A well-equipped gym, tennis courts and morning yoga classes are available for everyone who wants to keep fit, while high palm trees provide a pleasant shade.

7- Kaya Palazzo, Kyrenia
Apart from the family and luxury hotels of Southern Cyprus, Kaya Palazzo, located in Northern Cyprus, ranks dec among the 5-star and luxury hotels. There are many activities at the hotel, which serves as a full board. If you want to explore Kyrenia 10. you can organize day trips to the magnificent century-old Castle of Saint Hilarion.

8- Four Seasons Cyprus Hotel, Limassol
When are the Four Seasons not the Four Seasons? This 5-star hotel should definitely be present in your Cyprus holiday plan. It is located six miles east of the coastal city of Limassol, with access to the beach and almost endless views of the Mediterranean Sea.It is one of the largest hotels in Cyprus. It is also ideal for families with a children's club, tennis courts and several pools.

9- Vasilias Nikoklis Inn, Paphos
Vacationers usually prefer the coastal edges, but the interior of Cyprus is worth exploring. According to some, the Vasilias Nikoklis Inn is a small cozy establishment without a beach. You will find a large tavern in this inn run by a Cypriot family. You can explore the region by renting a car in Cyprus.

10- Columbia Beach Resort
Perhaps no hotel in Cyprus is as luxurious, designed and historical as the Columbia Beach Resort. with 169 suites, the hotel has luxury and simplicity.You should definitely explore the hotel's spa and children's club.

11-.Amara Hotel, Limassol
Opened just before the outbreak, Amara is one of the newest luxury hotels in Cyprus. Jul is a facility that uses clean energy with a special design, wise use of natural light. each of the 207 rooms and suites has its own sea view, and two of the four restaurants feature celebrity chefs.

12- The Napa Plaza, Ayia Napa
Despite the fact that it is located in the center of the Cypriot capital, Napa Plaza hotel is one of the hotels that should be preferred. It is located almost next to the church and monastery of Ayia Napa.

13- Hotel Indigo, Larnaca
If you don't want to postpone your holiday, Hotel Indigo is for you. The proximity to the airport, the beach of Finikoudes and the famous promenade surrounded by palm trees, located a short walk from the town, are also pleasant. 9. the beautiful Greek Orthodox Church of St. Lazarus, dating from the XVIII century, is nearby. The hotel's rooftop pool bar is also popular before nights around the city.

14- Cap St Georges Beach Club Resort, Peyia
Located between Paphos and the Akamas peninsula, Cap St Georges is a popular destination for those dec want a quiet holiday. It serves 150 Villas. Most of the bungalows have their own pools and sea views. The property offers the opportunity to explore the sunset of the Mediterranean Sea.

15- Cratos Premium Hotel, Kyrenia
Located just east of the historic city of Kyrenia, Cratos Premium is one of the must-discover hotels in Northern Cyprus. Complete with an English-style pub and pool bar, it is more preferred than many facilities in Ayia Napa to the south. The Maldives suites, located on the sea, are ideal for a honeymoon holiday.

16- Amavi, Paphos
Amavi is a preferred hotel among dec couples and adults in the heart of Paphos. Paphos is just a 15-minute walk from the center. If you want to get away from the beach, you can arrange day trips to the vineyards located in the interior of Cyprus.
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We offer you the best opportunities to experience Northern Cyprus holidays in a unique way. Northern Cyprus; It is a geography where nature, history and modern life come together, each complementing and enriching the importance of the other. Offers different experiences to North Cyprus travelers. In North Cyprus, sun and sand, culture and history, adventure, golf, flora and fauna, scuba diving, such opportunities to offer the island's visitors. The diversity of Northern Cyprus experiences increases the ultimate appeal of this beautiful island.

The Northern Cyprus walking tours offer some great opportunities, especially close to the rugged Kyrenia mountain range. Walking is pleasure, and there are hiking trails in the mountains of Kyrenia or in the Five Finger mountains that are often called. The term Five Finger comes from the shape of a certain mountain peak in the east of Kyrenia. In fact, this is a circular walk around the mountain, which lasts about 2 hours 30 minutes.

The Karpaz peninsula or panhandle is referred to as on the map. It is one of the most pristine regions of North Cyprus.
In this part of the island, this virgin area of the island, where wheat fields, potatoes, tobacco, fruit trees, olive, carob, and wild donkeys are found, also adds beauty to the beauty of the island.

North Cyprus Hotel Deals
There are thousands of accommodation alternatives in North Cyprus which you can easily choose without any hesitations. Even the advantages and number of places where you can stay with a limited budget in the region are quite high. You can easily choose among the Best North Cyprus Hotels in accordance with your budget. The most important thing on this island is that every guest is provided with a pleasant holiday and they go back home happy and satisfied. So you will not have to compromise your budget or comfort to have a holiday that you deserve after a long and busy year with work.  This Island has a beautiful atmosphere where you can have a dream a like holiday and all your wishes may come true.

Wide Variety of North Cyprus Hotels
You can fully enjoy your holiday in Cyprus, which is the indispensable place of a romantic and natural holiday. You will be fascinated by the fully equipped North Cyprus Hotels and the incredible energy of all parts of the island. Not all words are enough to describe the island's perfection. So much so that the island of Cyprus is the gift of the chief general of the Roman emperor to show his love and admiration for Egypt's famous queen Cleopatra. It is the priority choice of many travel lovers in the present time. It is an ideal holiday destination to escape from the chaotic and stressful life of today's world, to purify and regenerate at the same time.  In addition to all these, North Cyprus prices are affordable for every visitor. In accordance with the criteria you set and the budget you will spend on your holiday, you can have an entertaining and relaxing vacation in Cyprus.

Hotels for Every Budget
Most of the time, we can put the budget first for the activities we will do in our lives. However, you don't have to worry about your budget on this island. The important thing is what you expect from the holiday you have been dreaming of for months. Therefore, a holiday where all your thoughts come true is in your hands. You will create your holiday from your accommodation to the routes you will visit. Most importantly, your wishes and desires can be fulfilled in the North Cyprus peninsula without increasing your budget. If you wish to stay at a place that offers you home comfort, feel free to search North Cyprus Pension Prices. Or, if you have a large budget for a holiday, you can choose luxurious places with the high service quality. Your dream a like holiday with all the qualities in accordance with your criteria will be waiting for you in North Cyprus.

Exclusive Opportunities Await You!
There are many accommodation alternatives in North Cyprus that can easily adapt to each choice and budget. At the same time, hotels in North Cyprus organize hundreds of opportunities and campaigns for their guests. So, you can colour your holiday even more with these irresistible deals. Some Hotels offer free transfer services. You can also customize your holiday even a bit more by staying in a hotel that serves in bed and breakfast or Full Board.  Package deals including flights are often the biggest helpers of holiday lovers. You can save more money by combining your flight ticket and Hotel accommodation. If you do not have a budget problem and want to spend a luxurious and elite holiday, you can consider many options due to North Cyprus’s wide range of Hotel portfolio. If you are interested in an entertaining and active vacation, Central Hotels would be ideal for you. Many Hotels located in the center can even provide their guests with a guide service. It is a hot destination that offers warm welcome to all of their visitors and provides unlimited satisfaction.