Zone Boutique Hotel Bellapais

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Zone Hotel Bellapais is a luxurious boutique hotel located at the foot of the Beş Parkmak mountain. It is close to the Bellapais Monastery and allows you to watch all of Kyrenia from the hill. The hotel is 5 km from Kyrenia. Zone Butik Hotel has a total capacity of 14 rooms, 32 beds and a restaurant with sea view.
Zone Boutique Hotel, which is one of the top hotels in Northern Cyprus and is the favorite of Kyrenia, offers its customers a beautiful Cyprus holiday. This charming Hotel in Kyrenia, the most popular area of ​​Cyprus, offers its guests advantages with early booking. If you don't have a holiday plan yet, but you want to come to Cyprus, you can stay in Zone Boutique Hotel Bellapais in Kyrenia's most beautiful city.
Zone Boutique Hotel has been an indispensable place for many customers with its luxurious and comfortable room facilities and the most beautiful presentations and pleasant holiday opportunities. Thanks to Zone Boutique Hotel you will be able to live your dream holiday in Cyprus. Zone Hotel is pleased to welcome you to this beautiful hotel. You will enjoy quality and comfort in our luxurious hotel rooms.
The magnificent sea and beaches that come to mind in Northern Cyprus, untouched nature and historical places will add a different beauty to your holiday. You will make the most of the sea, sun, sand and nature of Kyrenia.
It welcomes many customers in the hotel every year with its high quality standards among the Boutique Hotels of Girne and its quality understanding that attaches importance to customer satisfaction. The aim of Zone Hotel is always the peace and happiness of our valued customers. The Zone Hotel is set in excellent greenery and azure sea views.
Zone Boutique Hotel Bellapais Properties
Roof Restaurant, Indoor and Outdoor Restaurant, Lobby, Reception (24 hours service), Lobby bar, garden bar, restaurant bar, roof bar, Garden, Parking, Car rental
Zone Butik Hotel offers free internet service to its customers. There is also an LCD TV, air conditioning, towels, toiletries and a cleaning service in each room. Zone Boutique Hotel is the right choice for you if you want to get rid of the stress of work and spend a pleasant holiday in North Cyprus.
Zone Boutique Hotel Bellapais offers a comfortable setting while in Bellapais. An unforgettable honeymoon is waiting for you in Zone Boutique Hotel Bellapais, in the most beautiful part of Cyprus, in the greenery and with magnificent views. Zone Boutique Hotel Bellapais awaits you in those unique dishes where romantic times take place in that beautiful natural green and blue landscape of Kyrenia.
Zone Boutique Hotel Bellapais is close to the city center with many attractions to visit. The fact that the hotel is located in Kyrenia, which is the most beautiful part of Cyprus, gives you great advantage.
Kyrenia is the largest city in Northern Cyprus. Kyrenia is a city with all the characteristics of the Mediterranean climate. The summers are hot and offer access to the sea from April to the end of October. Kyrenia is a city that leaves everyone admiring with its lush nature landscape to the south and a magnificent sea view to the north. It is a holiday paradise with its historical houses, narrow streets and the vibrant harbor area of ​​Kyrenia.

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