Deniz Airport Suites

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It is a cute hotel located in Nicosia, the capital of Cyprus, known as a holiday paradise. Deniz Airport Suites is located approximately 9 km from Ercan Airport in the region. We can say that it is an ideal choice for those looking for a modest hotel. Whatever purpose you come for, we can guarantee that you will be satisfied with the price performance quality. It is exactly the family accommodation with its large suite rooms. Ideal for those who want to spend money while staying at an affordable price and traveling more.
Hotel Services
Standard services provided by the hotel include unlimited internet. Each apartment has air conditioning, kitchen and TV. In addition, there is a car rental point, which is generally one of the most salvaging services. Because the majority of the guests are from outside Cyprus, there is a great need for a car. Staying in a hotel that offers car rental service is the biggest blessing at this point. Another service offered by the hotel is the special tea offer to the rooms. Various tea bags are offered to guests every day. It is a very affordable hotel in terms of price among the nearby Nicosia hotels that provide the same services.
Hotel Advantages
In addition to being advantageous in terms of location, it is a facility where comfort speaks with its wide room options. There are various options in terms of room selection. You can stay in the apartment that suits you among these options. The equipment and design of the apartments are exactly in line with the home concept. This way, you will feel at home. It also has a garden where we can observe variations in seasonal use. In addition, you have the opportunity to breathe the Mediterranean air from the balcony in all rooms or the terrace in duplex apartments. There is also a supermarket to meet your shopping needs before entering the facility.
First of all, accommodation in Nicosia, which is a central place, provides convenience in terms of transportation. If we look at the distance to the important centers in terms of transportation: Deniz Airport Suites is 5 minutes from the airport. In addition, it is located 15 minutes away from the city center, which is rich in places to visit and see. It will be a choice where you will not have any problems in terms of transportation and you can make your trip with peace of mind.

Hotel Facilities

  • Cafe
  • Wi-Fi
  • Airport Transfer
  • 14:00 Check In / 12:00 Check Out
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