Bougainvillea Garden Boutique Hotel

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If you want to stay in a nice hotel among the Cyprus hotels, we recommend that you choose Bogainvillea Garden Boutique Hotel. It is a hotel where you can stay with peace of mind without worrying about the location and the services it offers. Located in the center of Nicosia in terms of location, the hotel is approximately 23 kilometers from the airport. You can find all kinds of detailed information on our page, starting from the magnificent location of this hotel, which you can hardly find.


Cyprus is a very comfortable place in terms of transportation. You can reach Cyprus, which is located in the Eastern Mediterranean, by air or by sea depending on your location. However, air transportation is more preferred because it is less tiring and shorter. When you arrive by plane, Ercan Airport welcomes you first. You can reach the capital Nicosia, where the hotel is located, by public taxi if you wish. Kibhas Nicosia flights, which the airport serves regularly, are among the alternatives that you can reach Nicosia at affordable prices. Apart from these, you can also enjoy your holiday by renting a car from the car rental point at the airport. The choice is yours.

Hotel Advantages

First of all, we can say that it is a hotel with a great advantage in terms of location. The fact that it is located in the center of Nicosia means that it is close to the places you want to go in the region. It is especially close to historical places in the city. It is a wonderful accommodation point to see these structures within walking distance. In addition to its proximity to historical buildings, it is a hotel built to reflect the history of the region. As the name suggests, it has a garden with uniquely beautiful Bougainvillea flowers. After seeing these beauties as soon as you wake up in the morning, it is not possible to have a bad day.

Hotel Services

Designed with 3 bedrooms, this facility serves as a cute boutique hotel. You start the day with an open buffet breakfast consisting of the excellent flavors of the Mediterranean cuisine. What is it possible to enjoy the flavors that are all organic… This magnificent breakfast is included in the price of the room. At the same time, free and unlimited internet service and air conditioning are standard in the rooms. It also offers very nice services to newly married couples looking for honeymoon hotels. It specially decorates the room for honeymoon couples. In addition, they offer a fruit basket and wine to their rooms.

Hotel Facilities

  • 14:00 Check In / 12:00 Check Out
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