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Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel
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Merit Cyprus Garden Holiday Village
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Concorde Luxury Resort
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Lapida Hotel
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Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel
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Lapta Holiday Club
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LA Hotel & Resort
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Bellapais Monastery Village
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Korineum Golf & Beach Resort
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Denizkizi Royal Hotel
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Green Holiday Village
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Riverside Garden Resort
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Denizkizi Hotel
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Crystal Rocks
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Arkin Palm Beach
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Le Chateau Lambousa
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Pitoresk Holiday Village
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Merit Royal Hotel & Spa
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Merit Royal Premium Hotel
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Spa Hotels

North Cyprus Spa Hotels; Spa; as a word: health from water means care with healing waters. Spa covers a wider range of applications than the word meaning. Not only mud and water therapies, but also hot water pool various massage, aroma therapies, beauty and health services are provided. Water is used at every different temperature and in different forms. Spa duration is 10 days on average.
Although there are daily spa centers, today there are professionally managed spa services, health and healing units built into a resort or hotel. Spa cuisine includes daily and longer-term menu options, as well as wellness and fitness services.

It refers to being fit in the relationships of mind, body and soul. All kinds of massage, skin care, steam, mud and seaweed baths that make you feel fit, body care with natural products that serve to remove toxins from the body, etc.

These are exercises that are performed to have a healthy body and keep the body in shape.

Cyprus Spa Hotels
For pampering yourself on holiday, enjoying the Spa experience, spiritual and physical awakening, you can choose the facilities that include extremely luxurious Wellness packages serving in Cyprus with peace of mind. These hotels, which take care to make world-class applications, mobilize all their facilities to please their guests. You can give a beautiful gift to your tired body with Cyprus Spa hotels that we have prepared for you in our article.

Elexus Hotel & Resort & Spa
Elexus Hotel Resort Hotel's Spa center consists of a fairly large area of 4,500 M2. It has a very original and modern design. At Zoya SPA & Wellness, which attracts great attention from guests, you can choose any of the relaxing massage treatments of expert staff. You can get a fresh look by doing refreshing skin treatments. With Detox applications, you can get the chance to cleanse your body. Different cures for the needs of each guest are also among the facilities. You can also enjoy Cypriot sea views from the Spa. The traditional Turkish bath is also highly appreciated by local and foreign tourists. The jacuzzi on the Spa terrace allows you to have a different experience.  12 in addition to all these services, including 4 VIP rooms, 4 treatment rooms, 2 Turkish Baths, 2 saunas, a steam room, and a fully equipped fitness room. Elexus Hotel Resort Spa Center is available daily from 09.00 in the morning to 20.00 in the evening.

Cratos Premium Hotel Spa
The Spa section at Cratos Premium Hotel Port is available from 08.00 in the morning to 20.00 in the evening during the summer season. The Spa center, which has a fairly large area of 3000 m2, also has a Turkish bath, which attracts many domestic and foreign guests. Guests who want to relax can use the sauna and steam room. You can also experience comfortable minutes in the indoor and outdoor swimming pool. You can forget all your fatigue with massage therapies offered by experienced staff. In the Cratos Premium Hotel Port Spa section, you can refresh yourself with skin and body treatments made special for each body.

Noah's Ark Deluxe Hotel & Spa
Guests can enjoy an indoor pool at the Karina Spa & Wellness Hotel located in Nuhun Gemini Deluxe Hotel. You can take advantage of the sauna, Turkish bath and steam room where you can leave the stress of the day behind. From the vitamin bar products offered at the spa, you can try the ones that suit you. You can relax by choosing one of the massage types that will be good for your tired body. Noah's Ark Deluxe Hotel & Spa Center you can participate in pouch, body care, beauty sessions that will give you a feeling of purification and refreshment.

Lord's Palace Hotel Spa 
The Spa centre at Lord's Spa & Wellness is located on an area of 1,000 m2. By using the indoor pool in the Spa and Wellness section, you can get rid of the stress that everyday life creates on you. Guests who do not give up traditional services can use Hammam, therapy room, pouch foam and massage services. In addition, you can get skin and body treatments that have different invigorating effects. Massage therapies that relax your body are also offered meticulously to hotel guests. The Spa centre is open between 08.00 in the morning and 21.00 in the evening. In the Shiatsu Spa section, there are 4 massage rooms and 1 Vip massage room located above the sea. Upon booking, you can enjoy these unique services.

Concorde Luxury Resort & Convention & SPA
Concorde Luxury Resort & Convention Spa center is located on a total of 2750 m2 and waits to give its esteemed guests a great holiday experience. The Spa area is designed with extremely extensive equipment to bring you to your senses, both physically and spiritually. Specially prepared care rooms for visitors create a quiet, calm and peaceful environment. In the Spa center, you can have traditional massage treatments, Spa therapies, pouch and foam massages in the Turkish bath section, and your treatments with brands known to everyone who cares about face and body care. After taking advantage of all these facilities, you can sip tea at the Concorde Resort Sentire Spa Vitamin bar, or you can spend time relaxing in the private spa garden. Concorde Luxury Resort Cyprus Sentire Spa center with its expert staff prepares programs according to the needs and requirements of its guests and helps you to freshen up.

Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel 
Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel offers relaxation, revival and refreshment with Spa treatments. You can enjoy traditional bath therapies and a very healthy Turkish bath at Limak Cyprus hotel as you wish. The importance of massage practices in terms of Health has been proven many years ago and many healing aspects are known to everyone. You can do traditional massage techniques along with modern massage techniques in Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel Chiva Spa area. In the center, where there are very special and different massage rituals, you feel relieved. At the same time, Chiva Spa, where face and body treatment sessions are held, also allows you to spend fun minutes with comfort and comfort. The Spa center also has 1 fully equipped fitness room for sports lovers who take care of their form. You can book immediately to explore the very modern and luxurious world of Limak Cyprus Chiva Spa.

We have offered you the best quality and decent spa and wellness hotels in Cyprus. Discover the healing of the Mediterranean in Cyprus!
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