Why is Cyprus Preferred for Holiday?

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Why is Cyprus Preferred for Holiday?
Why is Cyprus Preferred for Holiday?

1) Safe Country Cyprus.
Cyprus, according to the report published in 2015: The World's 5th Safe Country was selected. Its population is determined as the safest country among the countries under 5,000,000. For this reason, Cyprus is a country where you can come safely on holiday.

2) History of Cyprus.
The history of the island of Cyprus is very old and has been one of the most strategic places in the Mediterranean. Salamis has been home to many different cultures, emperors or nationals from the kingdom to Lusignans, from Ottoman to English. Therefore, the historical heritage in the island is invaluable. You can get to know this culture closely especially in Cyprus tours.

3) Northern Cyprus Walking Tours.
With a study started in 2012, the map, difficulty and details of all tracks on the island were determined.
Tracks have been created for walking groups of all ages and professional guides accompany the groups. You can contact us for Cyprus walking groups.

4) Cyprus Casinos.
Northern Cyprus casinos are hosts to the guests coming to the island from Turkey and nearby countries. Guests staying at the hotel or from outside can try their luck at the casinos of Cyprus.

5) Cyprus Gourmet.
Cyprus has hosted many civilizations throughout the history of the Mediterranean region, including the rich Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and European cuisines. During your stay in Cyprus you can enjoy these unique tastes.

6) Northern Cyprus All Inclusive Hotels.
In Cyprus, the all inclusive concept is common, especially in 5-star luxury hotels. They provide quality services in hospitality of Turkey.

7) Northern Cyprus Boutique Hotels and Northern Cyprus Hostels.
Especially preferred by holiday makers who want to explore Cyprus. Especially Karpas region is expected to be explored with its nature and food.

8) Sea, sand, sun in North Cyprus.
Due to the Mediterranean climate of Cyprus, the summers are dry and warm. In the Kyrenia region is heavily stony and rocky; In the Bafra-Famagusta region, there are large sandy beaches. Cyprus is actually a holiday paradise.

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