What to eat in North Cyprus?

May 19, 2024 1046
What to eat in North Cyprus?
Although it is easy to go on holiday to Cyprus, it is not so easy to find local food. Fortunately, this article contains the most famous Cypriot dishes. In order to facilitate your trip to Cyprus, especially in the hot summer months, we will recommend you a few local food tips.

Halloumi cheese will be at the top of your trip to Cyprus. It is made with this cheese cake, which is the favorite of the locals. After preparing the mortar by adding roasted onions to this cheese, the cake becomes a doughnut variety with consistency. During your Cyprus holiday, your morning breakfasts and five teas will be indispensable to gain energy. This doughnut is sprinkled with sesame and a herb called garacocco on top, which makes the taste much more unforgettable!

Although its name resembles the Far East, this dish, which will be another flavor of your trip to Cyprus, is usually served as starter. After boiling the rabbit beautifully, its bones are extracted and its meat is cut into small pieces. It is combined with previously prepared yeast dough and deep-fried in small ball shaped pieces. Although the taste seems a little heavy when you start with the recipe, it will have a fairly light and delicious taste for your Cyprus trip.

A taste that you’ll always remember on your Christmas Cyprus holidays. For dinner, it is usually served next to rice. Kolakas plant, a potato-like plant, is made into stew along with meat such as chicken, lamb, rabbit. In this stew, you enrich the taste by adding extra flavors such as carrots, onions.

Peach Kebab
This dish, which is thought to come from Ottoman cuisine, consists of mixing minced meat and onions with spices. Goat or sheep are cooked on a wood fire by wrapping a mortar made into meatballs. It got its name not from the materials in it, but from its appearance. It will add a different flavor to your Cyprus tour, which you can tell your friends about when you return home.

If you like to eat ravioli, try pirohu as a meal in Cyprus. Walnuts and curd cheese are used instead of minced meat as an internal mortar. This dish is thought to come from Ottoman cuisine.

Different cultures come together in Cyprus. This dish, which is a co-production of Turkish and Greek cuisine, is made by filling a kind of rice mortar into the Lamb. It is baked in tandoor in Cyprus, while in Greece it is baked in the oven.

Walnut Jam
Walnut jam, which will be the chocolate of your Cyprus holiday, is served as dessert after a nice dinner. You should definitely taste this jam, which can be found in most Cyprus hotels.

The molehiya dish begins by drying the leaves of a kind of plant called molehiya primarily in summer. For this dish, which has a strange smell among Cypriot dishes, we will give you a few tips. It smells like henna and is cooked along with meat such as lamb and goat. Gastronomy enthusiasts should definitely taste this dish.

Although its name is similar to rice pilaf, this dish is actually a doughnut. It will accompany your morning breakfast in the Northern Cyprus region. This doughnut, which has an appetite with the appearance of a triangular doughnut, is made with a trio of curd cheese, talar cheese, and halloumi cheese. As strange as it is, it also contains raisins, gum drops and tiny pieces of boiled eggs.

Cyprus Paste
If your wife wants fruit when you are honeymooning in Cyprus, you should find this. The people of Cyprus, who make the paste of almost all kinds of fruit, leave the fruits in lime and destroy the remains of medicine or bitter taste. Then add fruits to the plenty of sugary sorbets in the consistency of waxing. Some can be served as soon as they are cooked, while others are expected to get the consistency of paste by jarring.

It is a vegetarian dish that you can find during your holiday in all seasons. If you do not like or prefer meat, you can easily eat this dish. The protein content of this dish, which looks like beans, is quite high among pulses. Your Cyprus tour will be more energetic when you eat black pepper, which has plenty of vitamin.

Thief's Kebab (Hırsız Kebabı)
It is thought that the kebab got this name because it was made with the sheep stolen from their flocks during the poverty period long ago. According to his story, after the poor people of Cyprus skinned the sheep they stole, a deep hole was dug. Pieces of meat and stolen vegetables are placed in the skin. It is buried under the ground. In this way, the stolen materials are not found and the buried meat is also flavored. After some time has passed, the buried meat is removed and the cooking begins.

 A cold paluze goes well on your Cyprus summer vacation. This dessert, which is simple to make, is a type of pudding made from red grapes. In some regions, almonds are also included. It is a light and milky dessert. It gets its sugar from red grapes. Extra sugar is usually not added.

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