The 10 Greatest Places To Visit In Northern Cyprus

July 13, 2024 1892
The 10 Greatest Places To Visit In Northern Cyprus
Cyprus offers its visitors many places to visit with its natural and historical beauties. By visiting and exploring these important tourist spots, you can experience unforgettable moments in your holiday. On your trip, you can closely examine the harmony that natural wonder places combine and form with cultural heritage. At the same time, the green and blue areas which are rare today, will add color to your holiday along with their charming architectural structures. For this reason, you can plan the places to visit before you travel and have the opportunity to see the regions that appeal to you more.

Blue Mansion
The mystery of this structure, told in different sources with different stories, has still not been fully solved. t. It is located in Çamlıbel village of Girne district. It is known that its construction was completed in 1957. The Italian origin Greek Paulo Paolides’ name is recorded on to the sources as the first owner of the mansion. The mansion was also the subject of a film named after its owner. As an architectural structure, it attracts attention with its mosaic of Greek, Italian and Turkish designs. Currently, it welcomes its visitors under the protection of the Turkish Armed Forces. The highly curious story is based on the fact that the owner of the mansion is a gun dealer under the shadow of his lawyer profession. The aforementioned person wanted to take advantage of the problems between the Turks and Greeks living in the region at that time. It used this mansion, which is never seen from the outside, as a weapon distribution center. It is also believed that he watched the port from inside the mansion, and from here he also watched ships carrying weapons. There are many artistic paintings in this mysterious structure, which has two floors. But the most remarkable point of this mansion, which is a symbolic structure as a Blue Mansion in Northern Cyprus, is the milk bath section. The section where the owner enjoys himself at the mension where he makes a profit by smuggling weapons, affects visitors.

Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque (St. Nicholas Cathedral)
This mosque impresses its visitors with its historical and cultural background. The building, which was previously used as a cathedral, was converted into a mosque during the Ottoman Empire's rule in the region. It is one of the two largest mosques in Northern Cyprus. In the period when it was used as a cathedral, it witnessed the coronation ceremonies of Lusignan kings. Today, it provides a visual feast to its visitors, especially with its gothic architectural design. It is one of the stopovers in the region as it is located in Magusa, the most beautiful city of Cyprus. It symbolizes the transition between cultures with the transformation it has undergone as a religious structure. You should definitely visit this important cultural heritage, which has never lost its impressive appearance for centuries.

Samanbahce Houses
Built at the beginning of the twentieth century, these houses are also known as the first social housing in Northern Cyprus. It is one of the best examples of island life as it is a beginning in the urban life on the island. You can catch traces from the Ottoman period while examining these adjacent houses in Nicosia.

Arabahmet Neighborhood Houses
It is one of the most visited places by tourists who want to see the old face of Nicosia closer and who are interested in history. Arabahmet Neighborhood Houses have a historical richness dating back to the Lusignan period. You can see architectural influences from all periods in the houses in this neighborhood. Northern Cyprus is one of the most sought-after places to visit. You shouldn’t leave this area without seeing the Derviş Pasha mansion, Fringed house and Arabahmet Mosque.

Yavuz Cikartma Beach / Escape Beach
Escape Beach, located only 5 km from the center of Kyrenia, the Pearl of Cyprus, is one of the most crowded and lively beaches. It is also known by the name of Cikartma (The Landing), as it was the first point where the Turkish army reached the island during the Cyprus Peace Operation. It is a clean and tidy beach where you can take a pleasant sunbathing when you come out of the sea where you can swim until you are tired. The sea has an average depth and is hygienic. It is very popular among Kyrenia beaches with these features. You can spend pleasant moments in this natural wonder place where you will experience every shade of blue.

Castle of Kyrenia and Shipwreck Museum
Located in the center of Kyrenia, the historical Kyrenia port is almost one of the symbols of sightseeing. The Shipwreck Museum, located in this castle, which has been flooded by local and foreign tourists, is one of the most remarkable points. It is the focus of interest of history-loving tourists with its past extending to many civilizations such as Romans, Lusignans, Byzantines and Ottomans. The sunken ship, which was brought to the surface from the dark bottom of the sea by studies conducted in 1968-1969, enchants those who see it. It is known that the ship, thought to be a goods transport ship, sank near Kyrenia on its last expedition. As a result of discoveries made in 1965, it was found three meters below the sea. Around the castle there are several places where you can shop in Northern Cyprus. In addition, the castle contains sections from different periods, such as The Venetian tower and the Lusignan dungeons.

Incirli Cave
It is the largest cave found in Cyprus. It offers its visitors historical beauty as well as natural beauty. Because this cave was also used as a refuge for many people in the past. Although there are stalactites and stalagmites up to a hundred meters in length, the entrance to the cave consists of a small door.

Karpaz Peninsula
Located on the westernmost coast of Northern Cyprus, this unique place fascinates its visitors with its pristine lush forests and azure waters. Karpaz Peninsula offers its visitors a unique holiday with its hidden coves waiting to be discovered and the famous Altınkum Beach with its golden beach. On this beach, which is also the home of sea turtles, Aphrodite, known as the goddess of love in Greek mythology, is believed to have been born from the wave foam of this sea.

Othello Castle
It was built to control the city during the reign of Lusignans on the island. Today, it hosts many cultural and art events. Othello, the main hero of Shakespeare's famous work, gives the castle its name. Because some parts of the game take place in a port city on the island.

Great Khan
It attracts attention with its historical beauty. It is an ideal place to shop and discover the important flavors of Northern Cyprus. You can find peace here with its architectural structure and view.

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