Places you should see at Northern Cyprus

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Places you should see at Northern Cyprus
The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC) is one of the major islands in southern Turkey. With an area of 3355 thousand square meters, this holiday region offers travelers a very different holiday experience with its historical, cultural, peaceful and fun theme. This large island, which has enjoyed a rapid rise in its economy since 2001, receives a lot of tourism investment. In addition to tourism investments, there are many places to see that are formed troughout its history. Here are some of the places you should see in Cyprus in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, where you can easily plan your holiday at Booking2cyprus.

Kyrenia Castle
If you are going to Kyrenia on a Cyprus holiday, visit here to see its historical and cultural structures. It is a castle built by the Byzantines to protect the city of Kyrenia in the seventh century. It is a huge fortress protecting the blue waters of the Mediterranean. Although the exact date is unknown, it is known that the castle was actively used in the seventh century.
Inside the castle is the Byzantine church ( Saint Geroge Church), which has ruins from the 1100s. During the Ottoman conquest, the Tomb of Sadiq Pasha of Algeria, dating from 1570, is also located in the garden of this church. The castle contains a large banqueting hall, dungeons, defensive towers, a Venetian-built Arsenal, and Cannon battlements that are still in one piece. If you want a historic holiday, you should definitely visit here.

Kyrenia Shipwreck
Kyrenia shipwreck is among the best preserved shipwreck museums in the world in the Levant Sea. You should see this region for cultural travel. It was discovered off the coast of Northern Cyprus in 1965. The restoration process of the Kyrenia shipwreck took two years. The Kyrenia shipwreck, which adorns Kyrenia Castle, is displayed in the museum. Gold coins used between 316 and 294 BC were found in the wreck. In addition, 400 pieces of wine produced on the island of Rhodes were found inside the ship. For historical sightseeing tours, you can quickly find hotels in Kyrenia at booking2cyprus.

Bellapais Abbey
Fascinating by its gothic appearance, this monastery was owned by Jerusalem immigrants in 1187. These immigrants began missionary work to Cyprus as priests of the Augustinian sect. 12. Completed at the end of the century, this building is about 10 minutes from Kyrenia city center. During your holiday in Kyrenia, you should definitely stop by Bellapais Monastery.

Fort Saint Hilarion
Known as Saint Hilaryon Castle, it is one of three castles built on the Beşparmak Mountains. Its architectural structure consists of three separate parts. The main purpose of the fort was to warn the rest of the island against attacks from the sea. This historic building, which you can visit completely free of charge, is named after Jerusalem immigrants.

Arap Ahmet Neighborhood
Located in Nicosia, it is colorful, peaceful and a place where you should spend time for a long time if you have time. If you want life experience, look here. In this neighborhood, located on the border of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, you will see locals sitting in front of houses. Go to them and chat with them without hesitation during your holiday. They'll tell you their life stories with all their warm blood. You will have pleasant moments with the sincere and hospitality of the people.

Arasta Lokmacilar Bazaar
The name of the bazaar is derived from the word "aresten", which means to be decorated in Persian. The first thing you can find in the bazaar, also known as Arasta, will be souvenirs. It is an opportunity for people who are bored and exhausted by vehicle traffic. You can easily visit the bazaar since it is completely closed to all kinds of vehicle traffic.

Great Khan
It is one of the most important Turkish architectural structures for travel to Nicosia. Construction was started in 1572 by the Ottoman governor named Muzaffer Pasha. It is a recreational facility where Cypriot merchants met in the 15th century. Today, there are still structures belonging to that period. In those times, we suggest you to sit in the courtyard of the Buyuk Han and have a cup of tea to feel like a merchant. This will be a great Cyprus trip for you.

Selimiye Mosque
This mosque is also known as Saint Sophia Cathedral. It is the largest place of worship in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. The Kings of Cyprus from the ancient period held coronations in this place of worship. In 1426, the Mamluks plundered the region and also suffered serious damage to the structure with earthquakes in the region. During your Cyprus holiday, these structures will enrich your cultural information knowledge.
The former Luzinian King II.Hugh's grave was found in this cathedral. Inside the tomb, which was not damaged, a gold crown belonging to the king, gold jewelry and documents indicating that he was a king were found. To travel to this king-worthy structure, visit booking2cyprus for King-worthy holiday deals.

Surrounded by citrus groves that you should see when visiting Lefke, this lush and historic area is a quiet area of Cyprus. You will feel a warm environment in this place, where is a place common for agricultural and nature travelers. Every summer Güzelyurt Orange Festival is held in this city. If you are looking for a historical place in Lefke, you should go to the ancient city of Soli, the Vouni Palace and the Church of St. Mamas.
Around the ancient city of Soli, there are more than two thousand palm trees, the origin of which dates back to Egypt. This city, also known as Aipeia, is thought to have been founded by the Athenians returning from the Trojan war around the 12th-13th century BC. Theater in the ancient city. You can visit the Auxibius Basilica and the Agora buildings, which are the market place.

Venetian Royal Palace
The Luzinyan Royal Palace is at the base of this building located in the west of Namık Kemal square. Since Peter II became king in 1369, there are many historical and cultural places to see in the building, which is of great importance. Materials brought from Salamis Ruins make the palace look better quality. You should check booking2cyprus to see the closest hotels to this area.

Saint Nicholas Cathedral
This building, which was built in the Lusignan period in the 1300s, is among the must-see places in the Mediterranean, with its gothic architecture. Jerusalem Kingdom Crown ceremonies were held in this cathedral. With the conquest of the Ottoman Empire, the building was named Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque in 1571. You will see unique and colorful gothic pictures on its windows at your Cyprus holiday.

Ghost Town
This is the strangest place for a Cyprus holiday. Maraş (Varosha), which was the tourism paradise of Northern Cyprus and the Mediterranean until 1974, is a region owned by the Turks as a result of the 2nd Cyprus Operation. The length of the coastline of this city that divides Cyprus into two is 5 kilometers. It is known that the 7-Star Golden Sands Hotel built by the British royal is in this region. The absence of civilians in this area caused the all-inclusive Golden Sands Hotel to be closed. The region where only military personnel can enter the region has been declared as the neutral zone of Cyprus.

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