Places You Can Visit With Northern Cyprus Boat Tours

December 9, 2023 921
Places You Can Visit With Northern Cyprus Boat Tours
If you want to get to know the beauty of the sea better during your holiday, you can visit the beaches with boats. These boat tours are the best way to discover new places. By searching Northern Cyprus Boat Tours Prices, you can choose the one that best suits your budget and taste. If you want, you can rent private boats or you can participate in organized tours. You can have fun minutes while traveling on the azure sea on your boat trip.

Karpaz Boat Tour
You should not return from Karpaz, a region where all the beauties of Cyprus are gathered together, without a boat tour. In this region, where Aphrodite, the goddess of Love, was born, the most fun way to be alone with nature is boat tours because there are beautiful natural wonder places in this peninsula. Altınkum Beach, which is one of them, will fascinate you. On this beach, where you can make a stop on your journey according to the route of your boat, you can swim in the clear sea. You can also lie down on its soft sand that is really golden colored. At the same time, you can explore Ayfilon Bay, which comes to mind first when the Karpaz Peninsula is mentioned, with boat tours. Because it is very difficult to reach this bay by land. However, it is among the places to be seen with its natural beauties and mythological structure. Moreover, its beach and sea are extremely far from the crowd. It can be preferred by those who want to enjoy the sea by relaxing. On the other hand, in your research for boat tours, you can see what each promises to their guests. For example, if you want a long tour, you can choose the ones with meals. In this way, you can find the opportunity to taste the local flavors of Northern Cyprus while visiting the natural geography.

Kyrenia Coasts Boat Tour
You should also watch the shores of this magnificent city from the sea with these boats departing from the historical Kyrenia harbor. You can find the answer to the question of what kind of place Girne is on this fun boat ride. It is also preferred by many tourists to spend pleasant moments with picturesque views. In the waters of Kyrenia, where sunbathing and swimming are unique, you can explore like a pirate. With the activities and entertainment organized within the boat tours, you can make use of your holiday with this boat tour. We recommend that you add Alagadi Beach, the most famous beach of the region, to your route. In addition, there are many beaches on the coasts of Kyrenia for all likings. You can also visit here for a different swimming experience. In addition, most boats are suitable for different types of water sports. Therefore, you can enjoy the most beautiful seas in Northern Cyprus as you wish. In short, you can see both the historical structures and natural beauties of the city together while sailing on the sea.

Famagusta Boat Tour
If you want to see every detail of this port city, which is the Pearl of the Mediterranean, you can explore the region by boat. You should definitely make the city's two especially prominent beaches the stopping point of your tour. So you can enjoy entering the sea on these unique beaches. One of them, Glapsides Beach, is very popular with its facilities and hygiene. The depth of the water and the speed of the waves are suitable for fun water sports such as rafting, surfing and water skiing. However, if you are not very ambitious in swimming, you can choose Silver Beach, which has a shallower sea. Places to visit in Northern Cyprus with its calm and peaceful structure are included in many blog posts. In addition, you can explore the mysterious bays with boat tours in this region and be enchanted by the unique views.

Northern Cyprus Villages
If you want to make a holiday away from the noise and chaos, where peace is the main hero, you can arrange a boat tour where the villages of Northern Cyprus form your route. If you want, you can visit the villages in more detail during your breaks, keeping your tour longer. Do not forget to stop at Yesilirmak Beach in Yesilirmak Village and immerse yourself in the warm waters of the Mediterranean Village.

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