Places To Shop In North Cyprus

December 9, 2023 4414
Places To Shop In North Cyprus
For shopping enthusiasts, it is a different pleasure to shop in the newly seen or holiday destinations. For this reason, Northern Cyprus Shopping Mall stores can be your best friend on your trip. Because Cyprus provides its visitors with a wide range of shopping opportunities. Boutique-style stores located on the streets, especially for those who are bored with closed spaces, are very popular. By allocating part of your holiday to shopping, you can get gifts reminiscent of this place for both yourself and your loved ones.

Great Khan
Located in the northern part of the capital Nicosia, this inn is an important cultural heritage left from the past to the present. It is famous for having the most advanced and creative architecture in its region. Built during the Ottoman Empire, this inn fascinates its guests with its design. With the restoration activities it has spent for many years, it attracts attention with its functionality as well as its architectural structure. Because this inn is very valuable in terms of Northern Cyprus shopping center. It is almost the heart of the island's trade. Therefore, local and foreign tourists who want to shop frequently visit this place. Another advantage that the inn offers its guests is that it has restaurants and cafes on the lower floor. Art is at the forefront when it comes to shopping. Local laces, handmade carved ceramic craftsmanship and traditional tastes of the region can be easily reached here. This place is mostly preferred for gifts to be bought from Northern Cyprus. During your visit to Nicosia, you can also visit here and spice up your shopping with the iconic products of the island in this place with historical textures.

Dereboyu Street
Known as the most crowded street in Northern Cyprus, Dereboyu Street is lively and active at all hours of the day. Located in Nicosia, this street is one of the most convenient places to shop. It is an ideal place for those who enjoy nostalgically walking the streets and shopping. Large small shops with many brands are lined up on the street. Northern Cyprus Nicosia shopping center, located on the street, is one of the most accurate addresses for those who want to find all the shops together. There are also cafes where you can have a coffee while shopping. Many restaurants where you will meet the tastes of Northern Cyprus also serve on this street. You shouldn’t leave the island without visiting this street where various events are organized from time to time.

Girne Bazaar
This bazaar, which is a frequent destination for many tourists, offers its visitors the most beautiful and enjoyable way of shopping with souvenir shops, souvenir photographers and different shops. Products such as halloumi cheese, one of the most consumed products that have become the symbol of the island, and Alic jam, a local jam, are also sold. This bazaar, which can be considered a commercial center for shopping in Kyrenia, is also one of the favorite tourist attractions. By choosing here for shopping, you can easily reach many things you are looking for.

Arasta Bazaar
The Arasta Bazaar, which was used as a kind of market place where people can meet all their needs in the Ottoman period, still continues to serve in Nicosia with its historical texture. In its small shops, which are notable for their old architectural structure, ornaments, hand embroideries, especially Cypriot ceramics are presented. It also has many Cyprus Clothing Stores. You should definitely visit Bandabulya Bazaar, which is located at the end of the bazaar. You can taste and buy local products that are identified with the island in this bazaar, which is called Nicosia Municipality Market with its new name.

Northern Cyprus Markets
The markets, which are located in almost all the regions you may prefer for your holiday, have a diverse structure. Every item you can think of, such as fresh food, clothes, shoes and cosmetics, is available here. Here you can find affordable products, especially for Cypriot glassware.

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