Northern Cyprus Visa

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Northern Cyprus Visa

Northern Cyprus Visa

Northern Cyprus is a country located in the northern part of the island of Cyprus. No country other than Turkey does not recognize this country but the culture and lifestyle is no different from Greek Cyprus. In addition, the country is in the top of the safety, the crime rate is very low in the country. Although Northern Cyprus is expected to be discovered, the quality of tourism is high.
The capital of the state is Nicosia. In the northern part of Nicosia there is a Turkish region and in the south part Greek region. People with European Union visas or European citizens can pass smoothly from the border capacity in the middle of the city. 

Armenian and Nigerian citizens are required to obtain a visa before coming to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus.

Citizens of other countries are advised to contact the foreign representatives of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, but generally only Armenia and Nigerian citizens are required to have visa applications in advance. Citizens of this country need to obtain a visa from one of the diplomatic missions of Northern Cyprus.

Note: They may request a visa stamped visa form which does not require stamping their passport.

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