Northern Cyprus Cycling Routes

July 24, 2024 1099
Northern Cyprus Cycling Routes
The climate in Cyprus is favorable, making it a very suitable area for cycling. Mountain paths are always available for hikers as well as cyclists. Cyprus ormans forests, paths and rough roads are ideal for cycling enthusiasts. Long sandy beaches are also suitable for cycling. If you are a professional bike rider; The rocky bays and the Kyrenia mountains will be an enjoyable and exciting experience for cycling. You can enjoy long rides by bike in rural areas where you can enjoy without restrictions. Bicycle tours are organized for groups in Cyprus. You can start your holiday with, which also provides transfer services to cycling destinations in Cyprus.
You can also explore Karpaz, Salamis and Nicosia by bike. You can plan a full 3-day bike ride with the designated road map. Special events are organized for bicycle tours in Northern Cyprus, which is very convenient for cycling enthusiasts. An international bicycle tour is also organized every year. Each year around 150 athletes from all over the world participate in the event and the course is completed by passing through 19 regions. Cycling is a very popular event in the country. It even has an association and organizes organizations. In these organizations, both the interest of the public on bicycle riding is increased and with the organizations organized, it brings a new tourism branch to the country. Increased use of bicycles is a positive situation both in terms of environment and traffic. As the ring increases the use of bicycles, it will both contribute to its physical health and contribute to the environment and air cleanliness.
The fact that cycling is very convenient in Cyprus has attracted the interest of cycling enthusiasts from all over the world and tourists have come to the country only for cycling tourism. The number of tourists coming to Cyprus to explore all the cities by bicycle is increasing day by day. When traveling by car, each area that travels quickly takes a different meaning when cycling. Whether a person is a professional or not is not a sought-after feature for cycling in Cyprus. There are regions suitable for all levels. There are also bicycle rental offices in each area. If you want to visit with a guide, bike tours are organized in all seasons of the year.
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