My North Cyprus Holidays

December 9, 2023 473
My North Cyprus Holidays
In Northern Cyprus, you have to decide on the city or cities you will go to for entertainment first. In this sense, coastal cities always stand out one step further. So Girne and Famagusta will be the ideal places for an unforgettable holiday in Cyprus. If you say both entertainment and holidays, many opportunities are waiting for you in this city. When planning a Cyprus vacation, you should know that there is an astonishing crowd in the summer months. You should make your reservation or attend the existing tours at a very early date in order not to encounter a situation such as boiling and not finding accommodation in this density. There are various levels of accommodation you can choose both in Girne and Famagusta. There are lots of hotels, resorts and so on. For these, acting early is the most important point to pay attention to. When you move early, you may encounter almost half the price. However, if you leave the last moment, either the prices are too high or there is no space. You can also evaluate and choose various tour packages in this context. Tour packages can offer a very enjoyable trip for you in terms of duration, quality and scope.
Just like arranging accommodation early, you need to roll up the sleeves early for the plane ticket. If you follow the flights at the appropriate date and time and purchase a flight ticket at least 1 month in advance, you will guarantee your transportation and you will save money in the financial sense by getting your ticket early. This must be a great situation for vacationers. With early reservation, you can plan how to spend the extra money in Cyprus as you save both your accommodation and travel money. Contrary to popular belief, you can also evaluate your savings for your next trips, as material differences can arise.
To make Cyprus vacation more enjoyable and memorable, you must act with a solid schedule. However, do not try to strangle yourself with the program and have a holiday under command. In general, your schedule should be about where and how much time you can spend on the island. In addition, you should not skip the delicacies to try, forget the historical places to see and know where and what to eat. The program that you will make by adhering to this will not allow you to waste your time. When you spend time on the beach during the day and in the evening, maybe you can go to a restaurant where you can try Cyprus meatballs and it is famous for this feature or you can join a wonderful party at night. Maybe you will spend a day visiting historical values, but if you don't know where to see, you can have a useless day and skip the places you need to see. The purpose of the program is not to indicate what to do hour by hour, but to specify what you should not forget. After all, when you return from your Cyprus trip, you do not want to see the most important places and enjoy the holiday. For this, it is important to act within a certain program or travel list.
In Cyprus, urban or intercity transportation can also be advantageous for you. You can comfortably reach affordable prices. Taxis on the island may seem quite affordable to you. Note that there are also means of transportation, you can evaluate according to your conditions and budget. In addition, renting a car is a very affordable option when it comes to transportation on the island. Although the cheapness of gasoline makes renting a car more advantageous, there is a point to remember. In Cyprus, traffic flows backwards as in England. So you have to drive very carefully. If you can adapt to this, you should consider renting a car. You can choose from many car rental companies that provide services for car rental. You can even rent your car by contacting by phone before going on your trip and ask for the airport. You can also save money with the chance to rent a car in accordance with the number of passengers.
If we need to make beach suggestions for those going to Cyprus in the summer months, Konnos Bay, Escape Beach, Nissi Beach, Coral Bay and Glabsides are the most remarkable sea coasts. Catching the opportunity to enjoy the Mediterranean on the most beautiful beaches of the island will mean a much more advantageous holiday. If you want to be in perfect harmony with nature, diving and sea caves, Konnos Bay will be ideal for you. Escape beach, on the other hand, appeals to those who want more entertainment, crowd and mobility. You can also spend calm and romantic moments on the Lara beach. The fact that this place is calmer than other beaches means that it is attractive for those who want calmness and peace.
If you are going to visit Nicosia during your Cyprus holiday, you can quickly see the most important values ​​of the city. For this, it is enough to follow the trip route we will give. So you can save time and continue your trip to the beaches. Our suggestions for Nicosia start with Büyük Han. You can start the tour with the Büyük Han, the Ottoman era, and pass to the Selimiye Mosque, which is right next to it. St. The building, which was built as the Sophia Cathedral and used today as the Selimiye Mosque, is opposite the building. Includes Nicholas Cathedral. The building, also known as Bedesten, has become more interesting due to its restoration. Derviş Pasha Mansion and Ethnography Museum, which are located in the immediate vicinity, offer interesting works, but is not open to visitors at the weekend. For this reason, you should consider this detail according to your day of travel. In addition, Atatürk Square and the Venice Column and Kyrenia Gate are the points you can include in your trip. You can easily visit this area on foot. Even walking on foot will be much more fun.
Finally, the tricks we will give for Cyprus trip are related to the holiday times. The summer months are the highest season for almost all holiday regions. For this reason, it will be very costly to go in the busy time of the summer and if you are one of those who are uncomfortable with the crowd, the holiday may be troublesome for you. Since the crowd seen on the beaches will be observed both in night clubs and casinos, if you don't like crowd, you should be selective in the summer months. Spring months can be much more ideal for a holiday. While the temperatures are somewhat less in the spring, it will be ideal for a holiday in Cyprus. You should remember that both accommodation and transportation costs will be cheaper. In addition, if you are not planning a sea holiday, you can even choose the winter months to explore Cyprus. The island, which spends winters due to the Mediterranean climate, is the first target of those who want to have a short getaway with its suitable climate properties. Therefore, you may intend to go to Cyprus in all seasons. A simple excursion program will be enough for you to have a pleasant time. You can even spend your weekend on a short trip on the island. It is not as difficult to get rid of the tiredness of the city, to rest and find some peace. It will be enough to smell the magnificent air of the Mediterranean, witness the wonderful views and meet new people and taste new tastes. You have to value yourself, do something for yourself and take care of yourself. For this short holidays will be ideal and it will be very good for you.
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