Luxury Hotels in North Cyprus Kyrenia

July 13, 2024 866
Luxury Hotels in North Cyprus Kyrenia
Luxury Hotels in North Cyprus Kyrenia
One of the most comfortable and magnificent options for spending the summer holiday is Northern Cyprus. It is an important holiday region especially for the Mediterranean lovers who cannot give up on entertainment, comfort, luxury, sun and sea on holiday. If you want to have a holiday in a different country this summer, the 7 most luxurious hotels in Northern Cyprus Kyrenia are waiting for you.

1.Cratos Premium Hotel Port Spa
Cratos Premium Hotel, located at the seaside in Kyrenia, provides service with full board plus concept. The hotel has its own beach, Turkish bath, jacuzzi, fitness center where plenty of entertainment and luxury options are offered; There are restaurants that offer delicious menus such as meat, fish and Italian cuisine and many others. If you want to have a dream holiday with your loved ones in this most fun city of Cyprus, you should definitely consider Cratos Premium.

2.Merit Royal Premium Hotel 
Another magnificent monumental hotel in Kyrenia is Merit Royal Premium. The hotel, which is only 8 km from the city center and at the seaside, offers an all-inclusive concept. If you love water sports and say "But I do not give up my spa too", this is the right address for you. Merit Royal Premium calls out to those who know how to enjoy life.

3.Merit Royal Hotel 
Merit Royal, located on the same street as Merit Royal Premium, also offers an all-inclusive concept. From sauna to steam room, from massage room to iron, dry cleaning and hairdresser services; comfort and convenience at Merit Royal Hotel .

4.The Savoy Ottoman Palace Hotel 
Would you like to stay in a hotel that reflects the elegance of the Ottoman Empire and make a fascinating journey in time? Then the right address for you is The Savoy Ottoman Palace in Girne city center. Providing service in the concept of half board, this hotel offers its visitors a truly “glorious holiday”. Whether you stay in the Pasha Suite or in the Sultan's room, from corridors to restaurants; you will feel the richness of the Ottoman at every step.

5. Elexus Hotel & Resort & Spa
Located in Çatalköy, Kyrenia, Elexus Hotel promises a unique holiday with its own bay, natural pool formed by the Mediterranean cliffs and plenty of entertainment options. Elexus Hotel Resort , which provides service with full board ultra plus concept, will not only be comfortable but also full of nature, sun and sea.

6. Kaya Palazzo 
Opened in 2018 in Kyrenia, the hotel provides service within Kaya Hotels. Palazzo Luxury Collection Inspired by the Versailles issue, this hotel offers Palazzo quality to North Cyprus lovers. Providing full board plus service, all kinds of details have been considered. You will have a wonderful holiday at Kaya Palazzo

7. Lord’s Palace Hotel & Spa 
The hotel, which draws attention with its seafront location, was opened in Kyrenia in 2016 and Light serves with an all-inclusive concept. Offering the view of the Mediterranean, the Five Finger Mountains and Bella Marin, the most popular entertainment destination of Kyrenia, Lord's Palace is the North to stay with comfortable and stylish gorgeous A'la Carte restaurants, beaches, bars and banquet halls among Northern Cyprus hotels. It is one of the best and luxury hotels in Cyprus.

If you want to make a trip to Northern Cyprus this year, you can take advantage of early booking opportunities, you can purchase Cyprus packages and holidays including transportation and transfer. If you are looking for comfort and luxury, you can check our Booking2Cyprus North Cyprus Kyrenia's most luxurious hotels page and spend a worthy holiday in Northern Cyprus where you can go without a visa and passport.

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