Cyprus Events

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Cyprus Events
Cyprus Events; The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus comes to the fore from time to time not only with its ultra all-inclusive hotels, fortune games and beaches, but also with its festivals and nature. Festivals, especially held in summer, attract the attention of many tourists. Local and local festivals are traditionally held in Cyprus every year. Various famous artists perform at these festivals, while various tournaments and events are held at the same time. In order to go to some of these festivals, which may vary in dates depending on Covid-19 statistics in Cyprus, you first need to plan your accommodation. Booking2Cyprus address helps you with this in a planned and fast way. In this article, we will share with you some of the festivals that will be held.

North Cyprus International Bellapais Music Festival
From May 21 to June 24, it takes place at the Bellapais Monastery, the historical beauty of Northern Cyprus. Bellapais Monastery, a 15-minute drive from the center of Kyrenia, hosts the International Bellapais Music Festival every year.
This festival, organized with the contributions of the presidency of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus, the Ministry of education and culture, the Ministry of Tourism and Environment, The Embassy of the Republic of Turkey, İş Bank and Turkish Airlines, creates a great atmosphere for your trip to Cyprus.
The event, which began with the TRNC Presidential Symphony Orchestra, ended with the Turkish Armed Forces Harmony Orchestra, crowning the monastery with different concerts every day.

Güzelyurt Orange Festival
The festival, which takes place in June, is the largest festival in Güzelyurt, located on the shores of the Mediterranean forest. In this festival, which is very fun, concerts of artists such as Edip Akbayram, Mehmet Erdem, Athena are organized. In addition, usually on June 28, the festival is opened and cortege shows are exhibited. In the continuation of Fesival, backgammon tournaments, children's festivals, classic vehicles slalom races are also organized.
Güzelyurt Orange Festival, organized after the end of the Citrus picking period, attracts a lot of attention. Those who come to the festival are served the freshly squeezed orange and lemon juice collected from area. You can taste the local citrus products of the region and experience the indigenous culture and traditions.

Kyrenia Olive Festival
The olive festival, which is the most important and biggest festival of Kyrenia, coincides with the olive harvesting period in October. The festival lasts an average of 1 week. In the festival, many events such as billiard tournament, cartoon competition, folk dance show, cortege walks, concerts of famous groups are organized. In addition to the extraordinary events taking place in the festival held in the village of Zeytinlik in the south of Kyrenia, you can taste local products unique to Cyprus. If you visit here on your trip to Cyprus, you can taste freshly baked olive bread, famous halloumi cheese, chicken and wheat pudding, pancakes and olive oil varieties.

International Spring Concerts
This festival, which takes place between 1-20 May, is a festival that classical music lovers should definitely not miss. Bellapais Monastery, which is the visiting point of music lovers from all over the world every year, fascinates its visitors with its Gothic architecture. Alexander Markov, a world-famous pianist, has performed at concerts that have taken place in recent years. In the historical atmosphere of Bellapais Monastery, you can enjoy acoustic music accompanied by pianos and string instruments.

Cyprus International Choirs Festival
The North Cyprus Choirs Festival, one of the pioneers of the tradition of choirs meeting under the roof of a festival, will take place on July 20-26, 2022. The choir festival, which will be held with the support of the Cyprus Polyphonic Choirs Association and Famagusta Municipality, is supported by the contributions of many public institutions and private organizations. The purpose of this festival in Magusa is to select and reward the most appreciated of the choirs participating in the festival. Therefore, each choir will compete for first place, capturing great vocal harmony. In addition, choir members attending this festival can quickly look into the booking2cyprus address for accommodation needs.
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