Cheap Cyprus Tours

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Cheap Cyprus Tours
Cyprus, the pearl of the Mediterranean, is preferred by millions of visitors every year with its legendary natural areas and historical artefacts that give the feeling of traveling in time. Undoubtedly, the most important factor and the reason why this island loved so much by its visitors is that it offers beauty to its guests in every way. You can also discover this place for an enthusiastic journey.

Cyprus Blue Tours
The most popular place on the island is the warm and clear sea. Especially having different depths and beaches are a great advantage for blue lovers. If you are also a fan of the sea, you can plan your route and start your Cyprus Tour by visiting the world famous beaches of the island. The Karpaz Peninsula, which is the favourite place of nature lovers, can be the first stop of your trip. Altinkum Beaches located here have a fascinating beauty. Moreover, it even has a unique place in mythology. According to legend, this beach is where Aphrodite was born. You can feel yourself in a fairy tale with its shining golden sands and deep blue sea. If you can't get enough of the sea from here, you can visit Glapsides Beach covered with fine grained sand. This beach is ideal for families with children, as certain parts of the sea are shallow as certain parts are deep. You can even camp on this beach if you wish. Apart from the beaches, there are many bays waiting to be discovered on the island for your Cyprus holiday tour. The most popular of these is Ayfilon Bay. You can relax in peace and quiet on this bay. You will be amazed by the nature as you are getting away from the crowd and reach the calmness with the sound of waves. 

Cyprus Cultural Tours
The island, which has hosted many civilizations throughout the century, is also very diverse in terms of historical beauties. Both the structures found as a result of archaeological excavations and the constructions from ancient times to the present day excite those who want to visit historical places. You can continue your tour with the historical street called Surlariçi in Nicosia. There are many historical buildings and narrow streets from the past. After this place, we recommend you to see Büyükhan (Big Khan), which is also located in Nicosia. Because the inn will literally teleport you to the past. The moment you enter to Büyükhan, its mystical atmosphere will captivate you. You can continue to your Cyprus Cultural Tour with Bella Pais Monastery. This monastery located in Kyrenia is architecturally impressive. Make sure to not end your trip without seeing Kyrenia Castle, which is also located in Kyrenia. Because the island is a trade center, the people have been caught in wars for years and then built this huge castle in the middle of the sea. You can continue your journey through Varosha, which is located in the Famagusta region and known as the dead city. This is indeed a dead city. Nobody lives here right now. You can add this mysterious historical city to your culture tour route.

Cyprus Nature Tours
There are many natural wonders in Cyprus. You can add these routes, which you will admire the nature, to your North Cyprus Cheap Tour list. If the dancing of green and blue in harmony is pleasing to you, you can definitely visit Akamas Peninsula National Park. Here you can take pleasant walks, take artistic photos and set up camp to spend the night if you want. If you want to see different types of endemic plants, you can go to Millomeris Waterfall, which is the largest waterfall where the water sounds give peace. Thus, you can both have joyful moments at the waterfall and have fun walks in the nature. If you can't get enough of it, your next station should be Limassol Salt Lake, one of the first places that come to mind when talking about Cyprus Places to visit. Especially the lake is home to various bird species, especially flamingos, enchanting those who see it. On the other hand, the view created by the water evaporating in the summer months and the salt in the lake combined with the sand also fascinates the visitors. You can collect unforgettable memories from every angle of Cyprus Travel Tours.

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