Beaches of Cyprus

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Beaches of Cyprus
Beaches of Cyprus
Cyprus boasts incredibly beautiful beaches, clean sea water, many resorts for families with children, as well as for young people and extreme lovers.
Many beaches of this island were awarded the "Blue Flag" of the European Union - an international award, which is awarded for the cleanliness of the beach and the sea, as well as for the developed infrastructure.
It's no wonder that a lot of tourists come here. It is worth noting that the tourism industry in Cyprus is the main supplier of income of the island. Most of the population works in this sector.
Over the past few years, the number of tourists has increased by almost 30%, and income by 40%.
In Cyprus there are several large resorts. Among them: Larnaca, Paphos, Limassol, Ayia Napa and Protaras.
Most beaches of the Republic of Cyprus are municipal, and rent of sun loungers and umbrellas is charged separately.
Stone of Aphrodite (Petra-tu-Romiou). The beach near the rock the stone of Aphrodite boasts of pure water and surrounding rocks.
The beach itself consists of shingle and sea pebbles, which gives it an unusual color - a mixture of orange, pink and red. Some believe that the stone of Aphrodite is a distant rock, others believe that it is a dark stone that stands roughly in the middle of the beach.
There is a beach between Paphos and Limassol. You can easily find it, if you pay attention to the indexes on which it says "Petra-tu-Romiu". On the way to the beach, there will be beautiful views of nature and the beach.
To get there, you need to stop either by the road, or find a nearby parking lot. On the beach you will go through an underground passage under the road.
White cliffs and hidden Governor's Beach. There is a Governor's beach between Limassol and Larnaca. Here you can find fish restaurants, which are very popular with locals.
This beach stands out for its beautiful seascapes. Here you can enjoy the tall, steep white cliffs that surround the dark sandy beaches, and are washed by the blue sea waves. There is also a very dense green of trees and bushes.
This place is very popular among photographers, who often arrange for this photo session. You can reach the beach by car.
It is worth noting that white sheer cliffs are the result of limestone deposits. There are several such places in the city.
Beach Coral Bay municipality of Peyia. It is worth highlighting the tender and warm waters of the coral bay, and not too deep a bottom. In addition, there is  an ideally created infrastructure for recreation, for example, a lot of restaurants and shops. 
There is a bay 6 km from the town of Paphos, which is very popular with tourists, thanks to its clean beaches with very fine sand, as well as crystal clear water. There is a beach of Coral Bay only 12 km from the city center.
By virtue of to the shallow bottom, this place is ideal for families with small children. On the beach you can find many cafes and small shops.
If you like active rest, then there is a place on the beach for this - there are a lot of water entertainments, since nobody will be bored.
Fig Tree Bay Beach. The small resort village of Protaras is located in the south-eastern part of the island of Cyprus. He became famous for his clean beaches and ideal conditions for families with children.
The beach in the Fig Tree Bay is the best in Protaras and therefore the most popular. This place is visited not only by tourists, but also by local residents.
You can come here with small children, as the beach has a gentle descent into the sea. Light sand, clean beach and clear sea water make staying on this beach unforgettable.
It is worth noting that the beach was named because of the ancient fig grove, which is nearby. The embankment in the bay of Fig Tree is very picturesque - in the spring it blooms.
You can get here by car, taxi or public transport. There is a bay in the central part of Protaras.
Flamingo Beach. Like most of the beaches of Protaras, this one was created for a family vacation. "Flamingo" - the central beach resort town. There is a well-developed infrastructure and a lot of entertainment.
As the descent into the sea is gentle, and the sea is quite warm, children can safely bathe here. In addition, the beach is very clean and the seabed also consists of sand.
Along the coast there are a lot of different vegetation and you can relax not only under the umbrella, but under the trees. On the beach there is a shower with fresh water, which you can use for free.
Near the shore, you can see pleasure catamarans and boats, on which you can also ride. In addition, for children made a stylized pirate schooner, and for the whole family can take a walk on a steamer with a transparent bottom so that you can observe the inhabitants of the underwater world.
For lovers of outdoor activities, there are various attractions, both ashore and in the water, as well as jet skis, a banana and a paraglider attached to the boat.
Beach "Sirena Bay". This beach is quite small, but on its territory, there is a restaurant with a magnificent view of the sea, a natural green roof and wooden tables where you can taste the traditional cuisine of Cyprus.
Siren Bay is located along the road dividing the area of Agia Triada and Pernera.
Finding this place is not easy and, as a rule, it is learned by rumors, not by travel agencies. But as soon as you get there, you do not want to leave this place.
Konnos Bay Beach. Also, on Protaras you can find another beach, which is hardly suitable for a family holiday. Very rarely in such places you can meet wild beaches where there are no comforts for us.
But if you want to relax in a quiet, silent place, then welcome to the beach "Konnos Bay", which is located in a bay 2 km east of the center of Protaras. This beach is between Protaras and Ayia Napa, and next to it there is a hill decorated with greenery. 
In places the shore, covered with golden sand, becomes rocky. The water here is transparent and the depth is decent - so that dive enthusiasts will appreciate. 

Nearby is the National Park of Cavo Greco, where you can go on an excursion, arranging right on the beach. Since this is considered a protected area, the cleanliness of the beach is carefully monitored. No wonder he was even awarded the "Blue Flag" (an international award for clean sea water, beach and infrastructure). 
You can get here by car or public transport, and the entrance here is free.
Paramali Beach. Like the previous beach, Paramali is little known. Nevertheless, this is a very beautiful secluded beach, located next to the tangerine and lemon gardens.
Here you can often see windsurfers and kiteurs. There are also two mobile schools on site. 
Simply put, this is a place for extreme people, as strong winds are blowing here and big waves are rising.
Curium Beach. In the center of the beach is the restaurant Chris Blue Beach Cafe, around which the entire beach infrastructure was built. There are 2 large underground parking lots with lots of places, and next to the restaurant there is a small asphalt parking.
In this place, winds often blow, creating waves that, at times, can reach the front line of sun loungers and then fill them in a little. 
Since the coastal part is shallow, children can safely bathe in the warm sea. The adult depth begins only 30 meters later. There is enough space for everyone, even during the peak season. 
The sand here is very nice and the children will like to play in it, which means take with you a spatula, a bucket and other suitable toys.
Nissi Beach / Nissi Bay. Nissi Beach is probably the most important tourist attraction in the whole resort town. During the day you can relax on pure white sand and take a dip in the crystal-clear water, and in the evening, you can spend time in bars, where often various contests for adults are arranged. 
The name of the beach came from a small island, which is connected to the shore by a rather narrow sandy isthmus. This island is called ???? (read as "nishi") and is translated from Greek as "island". During tides, it can completely go under the water. 
After sunset, the sandy beach turns into a dance floor in the open air. Foam parties are organized here. 
For children there is also entertainment. For starters it is worth mentioning that the beach is very comfortable and gentle to go into the sea, fine sand and very clean water. Also, on the beach there are scooters, motor boats with "bananas", all for beach volleyball and football, and many other entertainments.
Makronissos Beach. This beach is considered the most beautiful, clean, quiet and convenient in Ayia Napa. It has many positive features: there is parking, it was awarded the "Blue Flag", the sand is shallow and clean, the gently sloping entrance to the water without stones and shells. 
The beach is ideal for families with young children - a long coast, fine and soft sand and warm shallow water, as well as a lot of entertainment. 
It will be interesting to note that on the eastern side, on the way to the beach of Ziatchi, you can find ancient tombs belonging to the Hellenistic and Romanesque periods.
Landa Beach. The length of this beach is 400 m and its width is 50 m. It is covered with fine golden sand and there is a beach between the beaches of Makronisos and Nissi Bay. 
Fans of outdoor activities will be able to find nearby the rental of sports equipment of various water and beach sports. Here also give chaise lounges and umbrellas. 
Near the beach are hotels and restaurants, so that guests can have a snack, without going far from the beach. There is also a picnic area - you can safely take food with you and relax by the sea. 
You can get to Landa beach by car, bike, and on foot.
Lara Beach. This beach is one of the most secluded and deserted on the entire coast of the Akamas peninsula.
The hidden beach of Lara can be reached either independently or as part of an excursion to Akamas. There are a lot of greenery and incredibly beautiful panoramic views to the western part of the island. 
If you decide to come by yourself, it is better to do this on an off-road car, as you have to overcome the dirt road and rocky terrain, and stones and hard tree branches can scratch your car. 
It is worth noting that Lara is one of the rare places in the Mediterranean, where in summer rare sea turtles (Green Turtle and Biss) float to lay eggs.
Mackenzie Beach. This versatile beach is located near the city airport. Here, clean water, and the beach itself is considered one of the best in the world, being marked by the "Blue Flag". 
If you like active recreation, then here you will find a huge amount of entertainment: from jet skis, launches and water skis, to windsurfing, parasailing and even diving. Also, this place is ideal for families with children, as here is a flat and shallow beach. 
Near the beach there is a huge parking lot, where every car has a place. On the coast there are many taverns where you can eat fresh seafood.
Louma Beach. This beach is one of the most famous in all of Paralimni. It is also called Kalamis. In fact, "Luma" is a small artificial bay, covered with light fine sand.
The beach is surrounded by rocky spits, the water is crystal clear, and the entrance to the water is gentle, so that children will like to swim here. Waves are almost never there. It is worth noting that the beach was awarded the "Blue Flag" - an international quality mark. 
On the left and right of the bay you can find berths for sea entertainment. Here you will find catamarans and water skiing. 
Despite the fact that the beach is not very big - its length is about 400 meters, there are all amenities: showers, toilets, locker rooms and rescue stations. 
Near the beach is a small and cozy church of St. Nicholas, and behind it there is a dock for boats and yachts, where you can take your favorite boat for rent. 
In addition, there is a supermarket , a restaurant , a children's playground with a lot of attractions, and a large car park.

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