All Inclusive Kyrenia Hotels

June 19, 2024 569
All Inclusive Kyrenia Hotels
Kyrenia Hotels offer you the best quality service for a pleasant Cyprus holiday. Cyprus, offering a great holiday opportunity in every aspect, has options that can appeal to everyone with its natural beauties, historical buildings and beaches. There are hotel options for every budget.

Acapulco Resort Convention Spa
Acapulco Resort, serving in the concept of a five star hotel, offers services with advanced facilities for you to have a pleasant holiday. Its distance from Ercan Airport is approximately 20 km. After you set foot on the territory of Cyprus, you can easily come to the hotel. It also provides an advantage with its location close to the sightseeing points you must visit during your Cyprus tour. With its rich activities, aqua parks and entertainment for children; It allows everyone to spend time with pleasure. Acapulco Resort, which is among the most preferred hotels in Cyprus Kyrenia, has 847 rooms in total. The rooms include every detail for your comfort. You can also enjoy every day with massages that will be good both for your soul and body or participate in sport activities that will relieve your stress.

Elexus Hotel Resort 
Located in Kyrenia, the hotel is an ideal holiday destination with comfortable rooms and other advantages for a pleasant holiday. Choosing the right hotel is very important to discover Cyprus and enjoy swimming in its magnificent sea. For this reason, Elexus Hotel, which offers you everything you need in all of its 822 rooms, is also very impressive with the modern design of its rooms. Master Chefs in their restaurants offer you many flavours from the world cuisine. Different activities are organized for your children to have a good time. 

Cratos Premium Hotel
Choose Cratos Premium Hotel for a holiday that will make you feel like you are in the Maldives. With Maldives Std Villa room options placed in the middle of the sea, you can enjoy a holiday in touch with nature. These villas classified as Standard, Suite and King. The couples, who prefer Cratos Premium Hotel for their honeymoon, get special room amenities, romantic decorations in the room and additional discounts on massage treatments. The restaurant of the hotel has food for every taste. Dietary products are offered for those who pay attention to their nutrition intake.

The Arkin Colony Hotel
Located in the center of Kyrenia, the hotel offers you a holiday in touch with nature and the sea. The hotel, which has a historical texture, carries both the island history and the Ottoman history. These breezes can also be seen in the rooms of the hotel. The Arkın Colony Hotel provides service in different concepts with its rooms suitable for your needs. Suite rooms are classified as Junior, Premier and Residence. Apart from that, there is also Club Room as an option. The Spa Center offers you numerous massages for health and wellness. Unique flavours are presented to you in extremely stylish venues. You can enjoy every moment of your time with the Casino service which will colour your holiday even more. 

Dome Hotel
Dome Hotel, which offers you a quality service on the magnificent beach of Kyrenia, offers an unforgettable holiday opportunity with its comfortable rooms and entertainment. After a busy year at work, you can benefit from massage services on your holiday. The hotel also has a babysitter service. You can entrust your babies to caregivers without any doubts. 

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