15 questions about Northern Cyprus

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15 questions about Northern Cyprus
15 questions about Northern Cyprus:

Where is Northern Cyprus?
Northern Cyprus is located in the Mediterranean, south of Turkey and on the north side of the island of Cyprus. East of the island is Syria, Lebanon and Israel; to the south is Egypt.

Why should I vacation in Northern Cyprus?
With more than 20 sandy beaches in North Cyprus, 300 days of sunshine per year, 2000 years of history, majestic mountains, friendly people and one of the safest countries in the world and affordable accommodation, Northern Cyprus is the ideal destination for holidays.

How can I reach Cyprus and Northern Cyprus?
There are direct flights to Larnaca airport in Southern Cyprus. Flights to Ercan airport are scheduled as indirect via Turkey.

What are the transfer times for Cyprus Airports?
Transfer time from Ercan airport to Kyrenia region is about 40 minutes. Transfer times vary between 40-75 minutes to other parts of Northern Cyprus. The transfer times from Larnaca Airport are 60 minutes to Famagusta and 75 minutes to Kyrenia.

How is the transition of the boundaries of Northern Cyprus and Southern Cyprus?
It is quick and easy to cross the South and North Cyprus border; Simply fill in a simple visa entry form and show a valid passport. Citizens of the European Union can easily move from Northern Cyprus to Southern Cyprus or from Southern Cyprus to Northern Cyprus. The citizens of other countries are required to obtain a visa before going to South Cyprus. The State of Northern Cyprus does not require a visa for any person except Nigeria and Armenia citizens.

How are the weather conditions in Northern Cyprus?
Cyprus has more than 300 days of sunshine per year. Spring and autumn are mild (20-25 °C), summers are hot (35 °C) and winters are dry and sunny (16 °C). During the summer is Turkey's alternative and during the winter is the alternative of Egypt.

Which currency is used in Northern Cyprus?
Northern Cyprus uses Turkish Lira (TL); however, currencies such as Dollar, Euro, Pound etc. are also used everywhere. Northern Cyprus prices are about 30% cheaper than the Europe countries and Southern Cyprus.

What are the electrical sockets in Northern Cyprus?
In Northern Cyprus, there is a 240v electrical source and British 3-pin rectangular plugs are used. You may need to purchase a converter according to your electronic device.

What is the use of vehicles in Northern Cyprus?
In Northern Cyprus, right-hand vehicles are used, as in the UK. Road signs are usually in English and Turkish. Pedestrians and vehicles comply with traffic rules and vehicle traffic is quite calm.

Languages spoken in Northern Cyprus?
In Northern Cyprus Turkish Cypriots speak Turkish and many of them speak English well. The staff at the hotel can also speak in English, Turkish, Russian and German languages fluently.

What is the use of telephone and operator in Northern Cyprus?
Mobile phone coverage of Northern Cyprus is quite good. Before you go on holiday, you need to activate your phone to international calls.

Which time period is used in Northern Cyprus?
Northern Cyprus is two hours ahead of European countries and two hours behind the CIS countries.

Can I rent a car in Northern Cyprus?
In summer there is often a shortage of vehicles, so you must book your car in Northern Cyprus in advance. Details can be found on the internet. Especially, guests from countries where the steering is on the left should be careful in traffic.

Where can I eat in Northern Cyprus?
There are many opportunities in Northern Cyprus, ranging from local taverns serving traditional Cypriot Turkish dishes to Cypriot-run taverns and award-winning international restaurants.

Where can I get accommodation services in Northern Cyprus?
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