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Theresa Hotel
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Karpas Peninsula Livana Hotel
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Elausa Hotel & Restaurant
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Karpaz View Hotel
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Karpaz Gate Marina
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Glaro Garden Hotel-restaurant
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Villa Lembos
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Miray Guest House
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Karpas Peninsula: it is located in the north east of Northern Cyprus. It has a width of 10-15 km and a length of 80 km. It narrows to the Northeast. It is one of the rare places of untouched natural beauty of the Mediterranean basin.
The Karpaz Peninsula contains the richest habitats of Cyprus. In the National Park area, the flora and fauna of the region are protected. There are many wild donkeys in the area.
The best way to tour the area is to rent a car. In addition, we have a transfer service as booking2cyprus to the facility where you will stay. On the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean with golden sands, you can enjoy nature and the sea. When you visit archaeological sites, ancient cities, basilicas and churches in Karpaz, you feel part of history.
In some villages in the region, which are calm and peaceful, Turks and Greeks live together. There are around 50 villages in the area. Notable settlements are Dipkarpaz and Yeni Erenköy. 
The population of the centre is around 2,500, with the surrounding area around 5,500. It is 172 km from Nicosia. There are historical places to stay and visit along the way. A journey without haste turns into a pleasant cultural journey. 

Kyrenia is 122 km and the road passes near the coast and the coast. The journey from Kyrenia to Dipkarpaz is a pleasure in itself. Dipkarpaz center is 3 km from both the north coast and the south coast. 
There are accommodation facilities in the centre and on the beach. In front of the bungolavlar on the south coast, the turquoise sea is virgin beaches, and behind it is green, which can be called a sea of trees. 25 km from the center of Dipkarpaz is worth going to the coast of Altınkum in the National Park.
Apostolos Andreas Monastery, 29 km from Dipkarpaz center, is considered sacred and visited. 

Yeni Erenköy: 
The town of 2000 inhabitants has a beach area of. There are accommodation facilities on the beach. 
The following accommodation facilities and more you can get it through. Many of the facilities in the Karpas region are small boutique or bungalow-style facilities. 

Castle Karpasia Guest House
Celebi Garden Hotel
Elausa Hotel & Restaurant
Exotic Hotel & SPA
Galifes Guest House
Glaro Garden Hotel
Karpasia Stone Houses & Gardens
Karpaz Farm House
Portico House Guest House
Sea Bird Motel
Theresa Hotel at Karpaz Peninsula
Villa Carparis
Villa Lembos Hotel Karpas

Karpaz region is a region of Northern Cyprus that needs to be explored.

Cyprus Karpaz Hotels
Karpaz is located in the extreme region of the eastern part of Northern Cyprus. The population density in the area is very low, and this area is a natural park area. One of the most famous beaches on the island of Cyprus, Cyprus Altınkum Beach is located in Karpaz. In the area where small and charming hotels are located, you can experience a pleasant and unforgettable holiday due to the fact that the natural beauties are never pristine. With Karpaz hotels, which we have prepared for you in the untouched tourist area of Cyprus, you can refresh yourself with plenty of oxygen and enjoy the Immaculate sea.

Elausa Hotel & Restaurant
Elausa Hotel & Restaurant is a hotel and restaurant in the Karpaz region of Cyprus. You can stay in standard rooms or family rooms with peace of mind. All rooms have patio and garden views. Wifi is also available free of charge in outdoor areas such as the bar and garden, including rooms. All rooms also have air conditioning and a wardrobe. Guests of Elausa hotel can also enjoy cycling and fishing in this area, where Yesil and blue combine among the natural beauties of Karpaz. He can also go hiking in the area. Staff who can speak more than one foreign language at the hotel help visitors all day. Elausa Hotel & Restaurant is located 109 kilometers from Cyprus Ercan airport and within easy reach.

Livana Hotel
Hotel Livana is located in the Karpaz region, located in the most extreme part of Northern Cyprus, with historical and natural beauty. Thanks to the location of the hotel, you can visit many ancient cities and monasteries in Karpaz. In the area famous for its donkeys, you can often see donkeys, but also observe different types of animals, such as caretta caretta. You can enjoy the privilege of a private holiday with the hotel's modern rooms with Mediterranean and mountain views, where you will feel the difference of a beautiful holiday. Livana Hotel has an indoor restaurant and a terrace restaurant of different design. You can meet different tastes in the restaurant, where there are special tastes of Cyprus and many dishes from world cuisines. Hotel Livana is located on the famous beach of Altınkum. On the beach of the hotel, you can enjoy the very remarkable sands and the Immaculate sea at any time. At the same time, you can feel privileged on the beach with private sunbathing areas. You can experience an unforgettable holiday with Livana Hotel, which offers comfort, different tastes and the magnificent sea to your liking.

Oasis Hotel
Oasis Hotel is a place where you can have an unforgettable holiday and get extremely good service. You can enjoy a perfect holiday in the most convenient and ideal environment with your family or loved ones at the hotel where you will get rid of the fatigue and stress of the whole season. Oasis Hotel, which always keeps customer satisfaction first, stands out among hotels in the region with this feature. At the hotel, where you have a reliable environment and reliable service with peace of mind with your family or loved ones, you can make your holiday in the most beautiful way. Oasis Hotel, which has been serving in Karpaz for many years, is a hotel where you can get friendly service with its experienced staff and have a good holiday experience. Oasis Hotel, one of the most popular hotels in the Karpaz region of Kyrenia, provides you with a convenient, efficient holiday with its fully equipped rooms and spacious environment.

The hotel has room alternatives of different widths and features. All rooms are extremely comfortable and spacious, designed with the satisfaction of guests. In the rooms you can find all kinds of items you may need. Oasis hotel staff will help you at any time from the first day you log in to the last day you leave. The hotel has also not forgotten its disabled guests and offers very special facilities for these guests. Disabled parking, low sinks and wheelchairs are among the facilities offered by the hotel. Oasis Hotel Cyprus is waiting for you, where you can experience all the privileges in the best way.
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