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Bellapais Gardens
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Lapida Hotel
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Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel
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Club Alda
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Lapta Holiday Club
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LA Hotel & Resort
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Avenue Hotel & Restaurant
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Bellapais Monastery Village
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Grand Center Boutique Hotel
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Denizkizi Royal Hotel
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Green Holiday Village
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Citrus Tree Gardens
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Bare Hill Holiday Village
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Almond Holiday Village
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Denizkizi Hotel
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Crystal Rocks
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Betül Konuk Evi
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Arkin Palm Beach
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The Abbey Inn
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Boutique Hotels

Boutique Hotels
At least 10-room hotels with structural features, architectural design, furnishing, originality in terms of decoration, superior standard in terms of operation and service and high quality experienced or trained personnel and personalized service can be called boutique hotels.

You can spend more time exploring Cyprus by staying in boutique facilities. Remember that some boutique hotels are more comfortable than 5-star facilities! You can find the best boutique hotels in Cyprus at Booking2cyprus.

Working all winter, not being able to take the vacation we want, becomes quite annoying and exhausting for all of us. For this reason, we are starting to plan the summer holiday, perhaps from the winter season. After we decide where we're going when we plan, it's time to go to the hotel where we're staying. While a magnificent holiday with every moment, there is more ambivalence between 5-star hotels and boutique hotels about a comfortable stay. Boutique hotels, which are smaller than 5-star hotels but sometimes have a more comfortable environment, are becoming more preferred every day. The only difference between the two is that boutique hotels are smaller businesses with less capacity. They have fewer staff and mostly serve as family businesses. It welcomes a small number of guests within the concepts of boutique hotels that do not have a lot of room capacity. Everything from the interior layout of the hotel to the design of the rooms is equipped with separate care. We often see that they have original architectural structure and nature. In a much more intimate setting, those looking for a quiet holiday make their choice in favor of a boutique hotel. If you dream of a holiday in Cyprus, which is a holiday island, you are very lucky. You will not be forced to find a boutique hotel with exactly the qualities you are looking for. So let's look at the boutique hotels in Cyprus.

Boutique Hotels In Cyprus
Bougainvillea Garden Boutique Hotel
Centrally located in the capital Nicosia, it is ideal for those looking for a quiet stay in Cyprus hotels. Its location is within walking distance of the city's historical attractions. Looking at the facilities it offers: the property has 3 bedrooms. Because of the small number of guests, you can stay in a more intimate environment and take advantage of more special services. As the name suggests, the hotel has a garden full of bougainvillea flowers. Breakfast table with great Mediterranean tastes and unlimited internet throughout the hotel are also among the services you will get while staying here.

Premium Inn Boutique Hotel
Premium Inn Boutique Hotel is located in the Magosa District of Cyprus. It is a facility with comfortable accommodation with features that appeal to all ages. You are staying in a quiet and peaceful room, as well as providing services that will not search for a 5-star hotel. The hotel has a capacity of 20 rooms and offers a bed and breakfast concept. And you don't pay extra for an enormous breakfast table with rich content. In 2 restaurants, which are open and closed, you can easily reach delicious dishes without leaving the facility. Unlimited internet access is possible throughout the hotel. Let's say they also have rooms suitable for family accommodation. With the children's Club, children get the opportunity to have fun times with their peers.

Olivia Palm Boutique Hotel
Are you looking for a charming boutique hotel with windows opening to different views? Then Olivia Palm Hotel is waiting for you in the center of Kyrenia. Ercan airport is approximately 35 km away. The facility, which has a capacity of 53 rooms, continues to welcome its guests with its experienced staff and fully equipped rooms. During the day, you can cool off in the hotel's outdoor pool and sunbathe under the Mediterranean sun. You can also enjoy the sea on the hotel's own private beach. In the evening, you can have a drink at the bar, where you can't get enough of the fun.

Sofia Boutique Hotel
Another facility that we can count in Kyrenia hotels is Sofia Boutique Hotel. With its simple concept, you will be able to taste the peace here during your stay. It is also within walking distance of addresses that smell of history. Each of the guests he entertained in a small number of his 9 rooms is kept on hand. Always prioritizing comfort, the rooms feature air conditioning, a minibar and VIP facilities. From the private balconies in each of the rooms, you can dominate the views of the pool or the city. Activities suitable for families with children, a pool and concierge service are also available. Especially if you are coming to Cyprus for the first time, it is very difficult to find a dry cleaning area in an emergency. Considering this, Sofia Boutique Hotel offers laundry and dry cleaning services to its guests. Thanks to these facilities, you will be able to have fun and satisfy all your needs without going outside the facility during your stay.

Gul Hanım House Boutique Hotel
Holiday paradise if you want to feel like you are at home while you are holidaying in Cyprus, Gül Hanım House is for you. Located in the capital Nicosia, this boutique hotel offers a very good service when it comes to price and performance. Here you get the opportunity to have a modest, fun holiday that won't push your budget too hard. You can observe the full payoff of the family business discourse here. Gül Hanım, who also gave her name to this hotel, lived in this building for approximately 70 years. The descendants of Gül Hanım, who had a great love and sensitivity towards her house, named this place after their grandmother. In this way, while Gül Hanım's name was alive, a cute boutique hotel started to serve in the family warmth. We can say that Gül Hanım's hospitality is almost the starting point of the business. Each room of this hotel has air conditioning and a spacious courtyard and is full of authentic goods.  A feature that those who stay here like Is this: each room is called a Rose of different colors. These are 3 authentic rooms, including the yellow rose room, White rose room and red rose room. Inside the hotel there is unlimited internet at high speed, breakfast, a seating area in the garden.

Lapida Garden Hotel
It is a boutique hotel business with a capacity of 15 rooms in the Kyrenia region of Cyprus. Here you'll find everything you could want from a boutique hotel. Standard room types include balcony, unlimited internet, TV, air conditioning and minibar. In addition, all the materials that you can't carry with you when you go on vacation, but you need, are also available in the rooms. The hair dryer is also just one example among them. Room service is also always available, fulfilling your requests instantly. It features an outdoor pool, a bar and car park, and a car rental point. As an activity, you can also participate in yoga here and play table tennis if you want.

Bellapais Gardens Hotel
Located in Kyrenia, 45 km from Ercan airport, Bellapais Gardens Hotel offers you the opportunity to experience an unforgettable holiday with your loved ones. The hotel has 17 beautiful and spacious rooms. It is possible to say that the bed and breakfast concept is a place with all the features you want in the accommodation. It has one a la carte restaurant, an indoor and outdoor restaurant. Expert chefs work in restaurants where you can reach each of the tastes unique to the Mediterranean region. In addition, dishes prepared using quality ingredients are cooked in a healthy environment. While the outdoor pool adds color to your days, you can find the kind of drinks you want in the on-site bar. If a situation requires urgent medical attention, you do not need to call a doctor outside the facility. His doctor, who works at Bellapais Gardens, is able to intervene instantly. If you wish, the facility has the potential to provide you with a bicycle for an additional fee.

Kemerli Konak Boutique Hotel
No one wants a holiday that goes exactly as imagined to suck because of a hotel that lacks comfort. For this reason, the qualities of the hotel and the comfort of the rooms are very important. Kemerli Konak Boutique Hotel is an ideal choice if you want the hotel where you will stay to be both comfortable and located in a quiet location. Kyrenia has many alternatives in terms of boutique hotels. But a boutique hotel that can meet all your needs is also hard to find. Here, first of all, your admiration for the hotel begins as soon as you see the building. Rooms overlooking the lush nature have everything you want, including air conditioning. There is also an on-site Mini market, an outdoor pool, seating areas in the garden and a terrace. Baby care services for families with children, strollers, safe doors for babies and areas where they can play puzzle-style games have been created. Here you can spend a completely safe holiday with your family. In addition, floor attendants who pay great attention to hygiene also provide daily floor cleaning, ironing and laundry services.
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