Northern Cyprus Hotels

Northern Cyprus Hotels

Northern Cyprus, as an alternative to holiday regions in Turkey as a favorite of vacationers always emerges. It is in high demand for traveling to Northern Cyprus without the need for a visa.

Cyprus is experiencing the full extent of the Mediterranean climate of the holiday season holiday resort in Turkey to compare it last longer increases the attractiveness of a modicum of Cyprus. Although restricting the summer season June-August period in holiday resorts in Turkey in Cyprus situation looks very different. From April to October you can swim in the sea in Cyprus. As such, tourism and hotel services in Northern Cyprus are well developed.

Hotels in Northern Cyprus can offer different opportunities from time to time. These opportunities can be followed every season of the year as hotel prices and Northern Cyprus hotel deals on the internet and can be booked when hotels come to the campaign. In this way the most suitable Northern Cyprus hotels can be found and the holiday can be completed with a more affordable budget.

Northern Cyprus regions; Hotels in North Nicosia, Famagusta Hotels, Hotels Kyrenia, Trikomo Hotels and Vokolida Hotels can be divided into 5 main regions. The Bafra region has started to become an attraction center with newly opened hotels. In Kyrenia, it is possible to encounter large hotels which are more identified with Cyprus. Famagusta, Trikomo and Bafra can be said to have a lower potential for hospitality compared to Kyrenia. You can choose between Vokolida and Kyrenia Hotels if you want to make a great holiday in big hotels in Cyprus. If you prefer a tranquil holiday that is compatible with the Cypriot culture, you can stay at the villa apart hotels in Famagusta and Morphou regions. Recently, especially bungalow-style facilities are concentrated in the Karpaz region.

5 Star Hotels North Cyprus All Inclusive

North Cyprus hotels are attracted by local and foreign tourists with all inclusive concepts. Almost all meals are served as an open buffet in the all-inclusive concept. Ultra all-inclusive Northern Cyprus hotels do not have time limits. All-inclusive North Cyprus hotels are located in many parts of Northern Cyprus. The best hotels in Northern Cyprus are in Vokolida 5 Star Hotels and Kyrenia 5 Star Hotels. The hotels in Northern Cyprus, which are gathered in these destinations, provide a colorful holiday with all-inclusive and ultra-all inclusive concepts.

Northern Cyprus Casino Hotels

North Cyprus hotels with different entertainment options are preferred by many holiday lovers. Northern Cyprus Casino hotels provide a full holiday with entertainment options for every budget. If you want to spend some time in the casinos of North Cyprus hotels and have fun games, you can choose North Cyprus casino hotels.

What to do in Northern Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus as previously mentioned, is seen as a good alternative the holiday resort in Turkey. The main reason for this alternative is that there are a wide range of Northern Cyprus hotels, which is one of the most suitable accommodation centers in Northern Cyprus. In Northern Cyprus there are many places where you can stay from ultra comfortable hotels to villa apartments, hostels and bungalows. In other words, you can find hotels in Northern Cyprus according to every budget and holiday concept. Best Hotels in Nicosia are also among the most convenient Cyprus hotel regions.

You can head to the hotels in Kyrenia to experience the highly developed ’casino“ culture in North Cyprus. In addition, ultra-comfortable hotels have golf and tennis facilities, and you can spend your hobbies in these areas. At the beginning of the fun pool activities, aquaparks are coming, you can have an enjoyable day in aquaparks with lots of fun. In addition, the popular activity safari tours of recent times are among the activities you can do in North Cyprus.

Aquapark Casino experience Safari Tours Different alcohol tasting Experiencing English pubs

Historical Places of Northern Cyprus

You can visit the Buyuk Han Nicosia, which is seen as an important Turkish architecture starting from St. Sophia Cathedral, also known as Selimiye Mosque in Nicosia. Nicosia Walls and Kyrenia Gate are also places to visit in Nicosia. In Famagusta, you must see the Salamis Ruins and Othello Castle. In Kyrenia, it is mostly possible to encounter pre-Ottoman works. Buffavento Castle and the Icon Museum can be shown as important works. In Lefke, the Soli Ruins and the Vuni Palace and in Morphou St. Mamas monastery worth to visit. In addition, the closed Maras region in Famagusta attracts tourists.

Northern Cyprus Holidays

Cyprus, the third largest island in the Mediterranean, has world-famous beaches for a magnificent North Cyprus holiday. At the head of these beaches; Altinkum Beach on the Karpaz Peninsula. Yavuz Çıkarma Beach in Kyrenia is quite famous and Glapsides Beach in Famagusta is seen as one of the favorite beaches of Cyprus. Alagadi Beach in Kyrenia and Yeşilırmak Beach in Nicosia are among the world's most famous beaches. It is also important to remember the cultural trips when Cyprus Holidays come to mind. You can have a pleasant holiday by visiting the historical areas of Northern Cyprus.

What to Eat in Cyprus?

The first food that comes to mind in North Cyprus is Hellim Cheese, so it is unfortunate to return from North Cyprus without eating a good Hellim Cheese. Due to the Mediterranean island, fish and herb appetizers also occupy a large place in North Cyprus cuisine. You can also taste the best part of Olives – Chakistas. Sheftali kebab is one of the most popular tastes of Cyprus. You can also taste different Cyprus sausages as appetizers and different alcohols.

Sheftali Kebab Cyprus herb appetizers Pierogi Mulukhiyah Hellim pie Cyprus meatballs Kolokas

Places to Visit in Northern Cyprus

With its natural beauties and historical texture, Northern Cyprus is gaining great admiration from local and foreign tourists. There are many destinations to visit in Northern Cyprus, one of the largest islands in the Mediterranean. You can enjoy many natural landscapes in the regions close to Northern Cyprus hotels, and you can also visit the historical places in Northern Cyprus.

Kyrenia Castle, St. Sophia Cathedral, Buyukhan, Barbarism Museum, Walled City, St. Hilarion Castle, Morphou nature and archeology museum, Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, Namık Kemal Square, Salamis Ruins, Closed Marash, Victory Point, Apostolos Andreas Monastery, Kyrenia Marina, Beaches in Famagusta.

What to Buy in Northern Cyprus?

Northern Cyprus is a very rich region in terms of shopping. You can make a list from food and drinks to souvenirs. The first thing when Cyprus comes to mind is hellim cheese. Hellim cheese in Northern Cyprus is cheap as well as quite tasty. Tobacco products and alcoholic beverages can be bought at more affordable prices than in many other countries. If you like to buy magnets from the regions you visit, there are also various types of magnets in Northern Cyprus. The most popular magnets by tourists are North Cyprus magnets with wild donkeys.

Festivals in Northern Cyprus

In Northern Cyprus, beautiful and colorful festivals are held with both cultural and fun. You can participate in any festival that comes when you go on holiday in the destination which hosts a different festival in almost every period. At the head of the most beautiful and colorful festival of Northern Cyprus, the International Bellapais Music Festival is coming. You can enjoy music in this festival where artists from different countries are hosted.

With the Lefke walnut festival and Northern Cyprus Food festival, you can enjoy the food and drinks of the region. In these festivals where the tastes of Mediterranean cuisine are introduced, many cooks are re-interpreted and served to the guests. In Morphou orange festival displays domestic oranges grown in the region. Many entertainments are also partners in the festival.

The International Cyprus Workers' Film Festival hosts many artists from Turkey and around the world every year. You can also add color to your holiday with cultural activities by participating in this festival where many films are screened.

You can choose Northern Cyprus hotels to enjoy cultural activities while spending a pleasant and fun holiday. Don't plan your Northern Cyprus holiday without visiting for Cyprus hotels.

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