Northern Cyprus Famagusta

North Cyprus Famagusta is definitely a city worth seeing. If you preferred Famagusta hotels during your North Cyprus holiday, you should especially explore the historical city.
Each region has a different historical story in Famagusta.
Othello Tower in Famagusta is an ancient fort that was built in the 14th century during the Lusignan and guarded the harbor. It is believed that the members and servants of the royal family, originally called Port Castle, lived in this tower during the Lusignan period. Later, the Venetians took over the tower and turned it into a fortress, and later became a military unit. Generally Shakespeare's governor, Christoforo Moro, whom he believed to be based on his tragic hero Othello, would mostly live in the Provveditore palace.
The castle gave the name of Desdemona to the small garden between the Othello Tower and the sea wall and Petek Patisserie during the English period. You should definitely discover the historic Othello Tower of Northern Cyprus in Famagusta.
The tower is built around a central rectangular courtyard with a tower at each corner. On the ground floor there are kitchens, large hall, cellar and servant neighborhoods, while reception rooms and bedrooms are on the second floor.
The tower has been renamed Othello Tower after Giovanni civil engineer Giovanni San Michele, who is responsible for reshaping most of the city of Famagusta. You can access round towers with gun ports and smoke holes, which are still clearly visible. One of the larger parts of the tower is the Great Hall and its size is located in the Bellapais Monastery near Girne with its refectory. If you are traveling in Famagusta, you should definitely see Othello Tower. Because apart from the architectural wonder of the tower itself, it has a magnificent view from the top of the tower on the city of Famagusta, with an open view of Lala Mustafa.