North Cyprus

We call Cyprus the pearl of the Mediterranean. Cyprus, which is one of the important places of holiday, exploration and history, is an island state in the Eastern Mediterranean. Cyprus is the third largest island of the Mediterranean after Sicily and Sardinia.
If we take a look at the history of Northern Cyprus;
The historic Kyrenia Castle, the symbol of Kyrenia, was built to protect the city from pirates. We recommend visiting Kyrenia Castle which is now a museum. Afterwards, you can take a short break in the harbor and dine in the restaurants, then enjoy Turkish coffee.
During your stay in Northern Cyprus hotels, you can plan yourself a tour of Northern Cyprus and explore Northern Cyprus. Northern Cyprus is a special place with numerous stops. You should visit the following stops between the sights of Northern Cyprus which is a fascinating route with its history.
Bellapais Monastery, the historical monastery of Cyprus, Bellapais is home to many different cultures and religions. Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, St Nicholas Cathedral and the name of the history of the conquest of Cyprus with the Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque, this structure is the symbol of Famagusta. The Museum of Barbarism, the Museum of Barbarism in Nicosia, where you can see the saddest story of the events of the 1960s in Cyprus, tells us about recent history. St. The Church of Hilarion is a must-see church with a magnificent view of Kyrenia. City walls, the walls of Nicosia somewhat reminiscent of Istanbul, is a structure from the Venetians. Salamis ruins, Salamis ruins, which we strongly recommend you to visit in Northern Cyprus, is one of the oldest settlements built in the Bronze Age. Here you can see many parts such as the ancient theater and the temple of Zeus. Büyükhan, Büyükhan Located in Nicosia, Büyükhan is one of the most important stops in the city. Buyukhan is the right place to shop. The Blue Pavilion, also known as the smuggler's house, was built in 1957 by Paulo Paolides, a Greek of Italian descent. Only when you visit the house can you realize that the house has admirable details in terms of its architectural features.

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