Kyrenia Castle

Kyrenia Castle is especially recommended for your holiday in Northern Cyprus.
It is part of the history of Cyprus and you can explore Kyrenia Castle in Northern Cyprus. Kyrenia Castle is located at the entrance of the city's famous harbor. This fortress worth seeing is taken under protection years ago and has survived until today. Offering a glimpse of Cyprus history and spectacular views to its visitors, Kyrenia Castle is also home to the wreck museum of Northern Cyprus, one of the world's most important and well-preserved marine historical fragments.
Girne Castle has been under protection on the important and strategic Northern Cyprus port of Kyrenia since the 1500s. The town of Kyrenia has been in existence since the 10th century BC The first ruins of Kyrenia Castle belong to the Roman period and were later renovated by the Byzantines. The four towers connected by walls were later strengthened by Byzantium and enlarged by the Lusignas. The present appearance of Kyrenia Castle has been redesigned mostly under the rule of Venice since the 1489s.
Venetians were worried about the possibility of the invasion of the island by the rapidly expanding Ottoman Empire. The mainland of Venice was only miles away, but the Venetians knew that Cyprus was a strategic place, so they recruited soldiers. The walls of Kyrenia Castle were enlarged, thickened and strengthened to defeat artillery attacks and resist siege. The Venetians replaced the original suspension bridge at the entrance to the fortress with a protected gateway that still exists today. In addition, the 12th-century Byzantine church St George Castle safely hid in the walls. As fate says, when the Ottoman occupation finally took place in 1571, the Venetians seem to have abandoned the war!
Today you walk through a long ramp through the entrance in the north-west corner of the castle and then you go to the central gate area of ​​the castle. On this road you pass a tomb, the last resting place of an Ottoman admiral. The central area is covered with firewalls, living areas and stables. In the castle you can climb the steps leading to the royal apartments of Lusignan and the small chapel. In the depths of the castle, you will discover very important areas where dungeons, warehouses and gunpowder are kept clean and dry and ready for use.
Kyrenia Castle is also home to one of the world's most important maritime archeology. In 1965, divers on the shores of Northern Cyprus discovered the oldest recorded shipwreck. The ship, dating back to 300 years before Jesus, was a merchant ship carrying cargo, including amphora filled with almonds and wine, as well as other items. The debris was removed to the surface and stored.