Holidays in Cyprus 2020

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A holiday in Northern Cyprus is waiting for you. Cyprus is one of the special holiday regions of the Mediterranean. If you want a unique travel, tourism, history and adventure experience during your 2020 summer vacation, Cyprus is the place you are looking for. The natural beauty of the island is not affected by modern developments, but it is in full harmony with the comfort brought by the technology to the island and enhances the natural beauty of the island. Every day is like a holiday in Cyprus with its unique sky, rising mountains surrounding the coastline. Cyprus is a great place to spend your time and is one of the best holiday options for your summer and winter holidays.
You will feel that Cyprus' untouched geography, colorful history and simple lifestyle comfort you. There are many places on the island waiting to be discovered.
The Five Finger Mountains are ideal for hikers, horseback riders and mountain bikers in Kyrenia. In this environment, you can walk in the forests and enjoy an unforgettable picnic experience with excellent views. The region is also rich in wildlife and vegetation. In spring, the dazzling variety of flowers follows sunlight, including many varieties of orchids. The island also attracts more than 250 species of birds to the island.
Those who want to stay out of sight completely should explore the Karpaz Peninsula to the east of the island. Here you will find yourself in the vast sandy beaches as you stroll through the small villages, churches, monasteries and the once important Roman city of Karpasia. In this peninsula, as in the beaches around Kyrenia and the Gulf of Famagusta, Cypriot travelers can see the colonies of rare rare turtles and green turtles and their turtle spawning sites.
Cyprus is also an ideal place for sport lovers. Many of the area's hotels offer different sports activities, beach activities as well as hiking. It also offers an exciting variety of water sports, including canoeing and water slides. Northern Cyprus is one of the most ideal diving spots in the Mediterranean Sea. In many regions scuba divers start in the spring and continue until the end of autumn.
Those who want to explore historical sites and ancient sites will not be disappointed. The ancient history of the island has left countless archaeological sites and history in the Kyrenia castle from museums with 7000 years of artifacts, roughly knitted by the first cave inhabitants of the island, to the 2300 year old shipwreck. In Famagusta, Salamis has an amazing view, including the ancient Roman ruins, the medieval city walls, the 14th century Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque and the city's elegant Ottoman houses.
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