Have Your Northern Cyprus Honeymoon at Elexus Hotel

Have Your Northern Cyprus Honeymoon at Elexus Hotel

Wedding preparations are speeding up while the summer is on the way and honeymoon bookers have already started to look for a suit. It is easy to understand that every couple has a honeymoon dream as the first and the most special holiday of a life to be spent together. 
Our advice for spring and summer newlyweds is to start looking for a reservation at Mediterranean instead Aegean since Aegean Sea warms up later. While 2019 Northern Cyprus early reservation discounts are at the highest rates, it is in your best interest to book your room now…
There are great options to choose from among Kyrenia Hotels that are both affordable yet with great entertainment and service to have your first holiday with your spouse. We strongly suggest you to take a look the premium services of Elexus Hotel which is on top of the list among honeymoon hotels in Kyrenia. Here’s why:

Northern Cyprus Honeymoon Packages
You’ll be looking forward to relax with the end of wedding preparations and hustle. This is why you should be organized in such a way that you would only take your luggage and head to the airport after your wedding without dealing with any detail. For that, airport-hotel transfer and quick reservation services of Booking2Cyprus will save you from a lot of trouble. With your Cyprus plane ticket booked months ago, you can land at Larnaca or Nicosia and then, with either regular or VIP transfer services, you can settle in your room with ease and start your unforgettable honeymoon…

Spa Leisure at Northern Cyprus for Newlyweds
How does it sound to start your holiday by getting rest and rejevunating? Elexus’ 4500 m2 broad spa facility, Zoya Spa, presents personal and couple massages, personal sauna and Turkish bath, even personal detox programs. Getting a long and relaxing massage and revitalizing your body with detox cures with your spouse will allow you to enjoy unlimited entertainment in the rest of your holiday.

Romantic Dinner Options
Elexus all inclusive plus concept has far wider options than other Cyprus hotels do. You can have unlimited beverage (soft or alcoholic) of your choice at breakfasts, lunches and dinners. You can have your dinner with your companies or privately at one of hotel’s a-la-carte restaurants that suits best to your palate so you can have add more delight to your holiday. Our pick is Italian restaurant Marentelli…

Crazy Fun and Beach Parties
After this summer, entertainment would mean Elexus to you. What wins the hotel the title “unlimited entertainment” will be “The Code”. Famous DJs, your favorite singers and amazing dancing shows will blow the minds of Elexus guests this summer, and to be frank, we are definitely not talking about regular animations or “rowing contests” by the swimming pool. In short, there is no need to look for alternatives to have the most unforgettable holiday of your life. Besides, it’s visa-free!

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