Eastern Mediterranean University

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) is located in Famagusta, North Cyprus. Since its establishment in 1979, Eastern Mediterranean University has been offering English-based programs. There are a total of 100 associate and undergraduate, 81 graduate and doctorate programs in 11 Faculties and 5 Colleges at Eastern Mediterranean University. It is a rare campus university with educational buildings and laboratories spread over 3000 decares of land, indoor and outdoor gyms and cultural activities. With its English language education programs, the opportunity to learn a second and third foreign language, student exchange programs, international accreditations with rich sports, social and cultural activities, an international teaching environment and a diploma valid all over the world, Eastern Mediterranean University provides its students with a creative, entrepreneurial, global level. educates as ready to compete youth and trains them for an international career. The university has various campus facilities. Campus life provides all necessary facilities that students need. The university also has various social and cultural programs for students from different countries. Eastern Mediterranean University provides safe transportation to residents in different parts of the city, and campus and university transportation services are offered free of charge for our students and are committed to providing transportation, professional, timely service and safe and reliable vehicles. University transportation services are committed to providing their students with a professional, timely and reliable transportation service. In addition, North Cyprus CyprusBooking.com provides transfer services from the airport to the region where they are located with its experienced staff. Concerts, conferences, travel and camping activities, various sports tournaments, exhibitions and festivals are organized throughout the year for students studying at Eastern Mediterranean University. Spring Festivals, Sand Sculpture Festival, Orientation Days, International Tournaments, Artist Panels / Interviews, Rock Festival, EMU festival with Türküler are examples. In Cyprus Eastern Mediterranean University, which is a university that provides healthy living opportunities for students with its indoor and outdoor sports fields, students are not only trained in the branches they choose. At the same time, a healthy and principled life is provided with an ideal perspective. In the university, which is a city-campus property, considerable importance was given to transportation, considering that more than half of the students live in different parts of the city. Both on-campus and off-campus transportation services are provided to students free of charge. The developed transportation fleet provides service to different parts of the city on 7 different route lines, integrated at busy points. In addition, there are on-campus ring services within the campus, between dormitories and units, which are continuously navigating in accordance with the class hours. Transportation services are provided for students' academic activities as well as for their trips within the framework of publicity and social responsibility. For students living in campus dormitories, they were provided with the opportunity to meet all their needs without leaving the campus. On the campus campus of Eastern Mediterranean University, there is a bank branch and ATMs of 7 different banks. In addition, there are 16 Cafeterias, 10 Canteens, 11 Tea Houses and 9 Wooden Buffets for students' food and beverage needs. There is also a post office on campus.
The library, which has a large collection available for students, is also located within the campus boundaries.
Dormitories are built according to technological cultural and sports equipment that can meet all kinds of students' demands. The library, sports facilities, cultural facilities, computer labs and all other facilities you may need on the campus constantly meet the demands of the dormitory students. There are also student clubs within the university that are established according to the demands of the students. In the student clubs established to encourage students to spend their free time, to gain new interests, to have a habit of resting and having fun together, to watch activities related to fine arts, to participate in cultural and artistic activities, there are continuous activities. Since these activities are offered not only to students but also to the people of the region, they also serve as a communication bridge. Student clubs, Musical Community, Psychology Students Club, Psi. Consult. And Reh. Club, Robotics and Automation Club, Health, Sports and Art Club, Cinema Club, Surfing and Sailing Club, Student World Assembly
Underwater Sports Club, Design Club, Theater Club, Social Services Club, Trabzonsporlular Club, Tourism Club, ultraslan EMU, International Relations Club, Software Club, Swimming Club, Literature Club, EESTEC LC Famagusta, Economy and Finance Club, Industrial Engineering Club, Fenerbahce Club, Idea and Debate Club, ACM Student Community, AEGEE (European Students Form), AIESEC, American Football Club, Beşiktaşlılar Club, Science and Philosophy Club, Environmental Club, Children's Rights Club, Multicultural Art Students Club, Mountaineering and Nature Sports Club , Dance Club, EMU Search and Rescue Club, EMU Game Platform, Photography Club, Genetics Club, Graphic Design and New Media Club, Fine Arts Club, Folk Dance Club, Animal Aid Club, Law Club, IEEE Student Club, Communication Club, Cartoon and Humor Club ü, Career Club, Skateboard Club, Cricket Club, Culture-History Club, Culture and Life Club
Intercultural Communication and Translation Club, Math Club, Model United Nations Club, Music Club. The institution, which offers every field that it wishes to try and undertakes a mission far beyond the university, goes far beyond education.
As CyprusBooking.com, we offer convenient, reliable, quality transportation services to university students, staff, relatives, academic staff. For a detail information, please contact with us.

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