Beaches of Northern Cyprus

Best Beaches in Northern Cyprus

The beaches of Northern Cyprus are distinguished by the crystal-clear sea! Not for nothing to the shores of this island come in the summer season, sea turtles for laying eggs.

Choose a place to relax by the sea easily. It can be a public, private beach, with sand or pebbles and so on-it's up to you! A great advantage of the beaches of North Cyprus to each of them is easy to reach on the minibus "dolmush" (public transport), which costs 2-4 Turkish lira depending on the destination. Find the chosen beach is simple-all are along the main road and have pointers.

Most paid beaches offer food, water sports, ice cream and soft drinks.

Each beach is equipped with changing cabins, a shower with fresh water and toilets. The cost varies from 5 to 20 lira per person.

Western part of Northern Cyprus

Kervansaray Beach is 5 km away from Kyrenia. It is a sandy beach, which is quite popular with locals and tourists.

The beach is very easy to find, driving along the main road through Karaolanolu, you can see the sign for turning on the right hand. Entrance is free, but sun beds are provided for a fee. A restaurant with a bar offering a wide range of drinks and dishes is located close to the hotel.

Beach Escape - the beach "Five Mile" (Five Mile), this is how much it will take to get to it from Kyrenia. It is also called Sunset Beach. Here is a well-groomed green area with grass and flowers. There is a shelter for lovers to relax in the shade, but sun loungers and umbrellas are paid. The restaurant is opened with an amazing view of the sea. There is a small stone island, which is connected to the shore by a sand shoal.

There is a wide range of water sports - canoes, water skiing, catamarans. Fans of diving can apply to a diving school, but in the summer season it is better to agree on lessons in advance. Escape is known among young people because of the parties held there with the participation of DJs from Europe. 

Deniz Kizi beach or Golden Bay is a private beach belonging to the hotel of the same name. In summer there may not be any vacant places on the beach, as the hotel is full. Visitors can take advantage of the freshwater pool at the hotel, choose any of the water sports, including windsurfing, water skiing and rafting, including for children.

Mosquito Beach or Green Coast belongs to a complex of villas that are rented. The owners decided to refine the existing beach and brought the sand, but when they went into the sea, the sand quickly ends and large enough stones begin (special footwear is required here). On the beach there is a restaurant, showers. The complex offers visitors a large car parking.

The municipal beach of Alsancak was opened a while ago. Previously, the land belonged to the Turkish military bases, which is reminiscent of the remaining signs, which, nevertheless, can not be ignored. There is a restaurant on the beach. The sandy beach is open to all comers.

The beach of Mare Monte is located about 9 km to the west of Kyrenia and is a fairly long stretch of sand.

The beach belongs to the hotel Mare Monte. Here there are all the traditional amenities: a bar, showers, sun beds and stuff.

The beach is very popular among the local residents of North Cyprus, which is why it can be quite difficult to find a free place here on weekends. To get to the beach you need to overcome the ladder, so Mare Monte is not the best choice for the elderly.

The beach of LA belongs to the hotel LA in Lapte. The beach is clean and well-groomed, has everything you need for relaxation.

Camelot Beach is a small sandy beach can be found, heading west from the city of Kyrenia. It is a good choice for recreation with children - the water for a long time remains shallow on the shore. A bar, a restaurant, free toilets, sun loungers are available at an additional cost.

The beach of Guzelyali is located about 10 miles from Kyrenia in Lapte. The beach is sandy, but at the shore the sand turns into small pebbles

Eastern part of Northern Cyprus

The municipal beach of Catalkoy is about 7 km away from Kyrenia. It is easy to find by the pointer set on the main road. The beach can not be called great, but it is very secluded. Nearby is the office of the riding school, where you can take riding lessons from the instructor, as well as go on horseback on your own. There is a small pontoon for diving.

Lara Beach is known among the locals as the beach of Vakiflar. There is a beach 3 km to the east of the town of Vyrsi, which is quite popular among the British. Despite the fact that the sand on the beach is a dark shade (because of what it seems dirty), this is a very cozy place with everything you need for relaxation.

Diana Beach is located in Karakum - 2 km east of Kyrenia. On the main road there is a pointer to the beach. The sand was brought here by truck, so the seabed turns into shingle pretty close to the shore.

Acapulco Beach is the longest beach in Northern Cyprus (1 km of coast). This place will satisfy even a prejudiced tourist. Ideal sandy beach with a convenient location (located 20 minutes drive east of Kyrenia). On the territory of the hotel of the same name there is a water park, there are several cafes, one a la carte restaurant and a restaurant with a buffet. On the beach there are all kinds of water sports for an additional fee. 

The Vogue Beach Club is very popular with young people thanks to a restaurant, a cafe with ice cream, and a disco club. The beach is a short drive from Acapulco Beach. Visitors to the club can exchange an entrance ticket for free ice cream.

Beach Alagadi - a public sandy beach, which is popularly called "turtle", as it is here that sea turtles come. The beach is located 20 km from Kyrenia. The bottom of the coast for a long time remains shallow, so the beach is suitable for recreation with children. From June to October (during the egg laying season by turtles) the beach is protected, but for visitors it does not close.

Karaagac beach is a real historical value. Previously, this place was a small harbor for ships sailing to the island. It is difficult to get to the beach, because from the parking you will have to walk down to the sea on a stony road, respectively, back will have to go uphill. But the species that open from here, they surely are!

Further to the Karpas peninsula east of Kyrenia there are many places where you can relax on the sand. These are wild, unconfined beaches, where you need to come with your umbrella, sunbed or bedding.  

Beaches in the Famagusta area

Municipal Beach Glapsides is one of the best beaches in Northern Cyprus. Glapsides is located in front of the city of Salamis and is ideal for relaxing with children. The sea here is very clean and calm. Locals like to arrange a camping on the beach, installing small tents. Here you can stay even at night. The youth of Northern Cyprus love parties that take place in the summer season on this beach almost every day.

Silver beach is located behind the ancient city of Salamis and offers not only to swim in the clear waters of the Mediterranean, but also to get acquainted with history. Very close to the beach you can see ancient ruins.

Bafra Beach is becoming increasingly popular due to the newly built road and large hotels built close by. The beach is easy to find, following the signs in the direction of the north from Famagusta to the village of Cayirova. It's a clean sandy beach where you can really relax and relax.

The beach of Bediz is located on the east coast of Cyprus, a few minutes drive from Famagusta. In the city and on the roads, there are road signs - it is very easy to find this beach.

The beach of Nagomi is one of the best beaches in Northern Cyprus. Located on the peninsula of Karpas. The beach in the form of a sand crescent is divided into 2 parts, in the middle there are sand dunes.

Long Beach - popular with tourists and locals. The turtles come to the beach, so he is always under supervision. Places here enough for everyone. Near the beach there are hotel complex bungalows, where you can spend a vacation or just stay overnight.

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