Teenage Friendly Hotels

Teenage Friendly Hotels

Teenage friendly North Cyprus hotels; for all age groups, the quality of the hotel where they will stay on holiday is of course different. Especially young people from these age groups want something aimed at their interests on vacation. A young friendly hotel is the location where we can encounter the most concrete examples of this. Because it is a very specialized holiday zone at the point of providing alternatives that will appeal to all ages. A new generation of young people also now want to holiday without their families, and they are starting to research hotels that can easily stay for this. Of course, when we say vacation, the most important keyword for young people is entertainment. Then what are the Cyprus hotels where young people can stay with peace of mind and have services that can meet all their wishes? Come, let's take a look.

Cratos Premium Hotel & Port & Spa 
Cratos Premium hotel is located in Cyprus, 5 km from Kyrenia. Ercan airport is 32 km away. The hotel is located on the seafront. First, 3 meals are available in the hotel's food services. It is also offered as a buffet in the form of breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, there is no extra charge for what you drink with alcohol or non-alcoholic food. That's a feature of young people that makes them laugh. But an extra fee is charged for drinking something other than mealtimes. Inside the facility, there are many places that can appeal to young people. And everything's been thought out to the fullest. 2 pools where young people can swim outside the sea during the day and a bar where they can have fun at night are located inside the property. Although young holidaymakers want to swim in the sea, the hotel also has its own beach. A hotel with a lot of equipment and facilities for beach activities. They can Jetski, canoe, catamaran, sailboat and surf or just enjoy the sea. Alternatives that they can spend as much time as they want are not limited to them. There are also areas for billiards and bowling. In addition to all these things, we can say that this is the only facility with an amusement park within the borders of Cyprus. At night, young people will have an unforgettable holiday thanks to disco and live entertainment from their activities that hit the bottom of the fun.

Noah's Ark Deluxe Hotel & Spa
Nuhun Gemini Hotel is also located in the Bafra region. Approximately 65 km from the airport. The most important thing for young people is to have fun during their holidays. Unlimited internet in every hotel room has ceased to be the most important feature sought for young people. Aware of this, young friendly hotels also add entertainment to the entertainment of young people with various activities and sports activities they organize. Nuhun Gemi Hotel has many bars inside its facilities. Besides, not except for the disco. Football, tennis and billiards are also suitable for young people. Mini golf, cinema and water slides are also places that provide endless entertainment on site. It is very difficult for young people who enjoy the fun here to leave the facility. Another service offered is the car rental point. Yes, this is exactly on site and provides a comfortable trip for those who want to dust off Cyprus. 

Elexus Hotel & Resort & Spa
Elexus Hotel is a hotel located in Kyrenia, Cyprus with huge sea views. Located in a fairly large area, this hotel has more than 800 rooms. Therefore, the capacity to accommodate guests is quite large. This facility with advanced equipment is very advantageous for young people who say that I do my sport, even though it is a holiday. The Fitness center is located here during the day between 08.00 in the morning and 20.00 in the evening. In addition, there are suitable areas for those who want to do pilates and aerobics. It is completely free to take advantage of these opportunities that we consider. In total, there are 5 pools and a Aquapark that we can call the core of entertainment. One of these pools is also semi-Olympic. The events that take place here at Mia Beach are completely prepared for young people. They will be full of dance and music with professional DJ performance. In addition to dance shows, live music and more can be seen here. Mia Beach welcomes guests from outside as well as hotel customers. In this way it becomes a very active entertainment center. It is also necessary to add that the open buffet food service prepared in the morning, lunch and evening is free of charge. In addition to lunch and dinner, there is also no extra charge for alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages.

Kaya Palazzo Resort 
Kaya Palazzo Cyprus is another young friendly hotel in Kyrenia with a wide range of room options. Whether you stay in rooms with sea views or land views, comfort is guaranteed in every room at this hotel. Apart from that, this resort, which offers a separate visual feast with every view, is also quite ideal for entertainment. It is an entertainment center with 3 separate bar services. There is also a beauty salon and hairdresser for our young girls. There is also a game room for game lovers inside the property. Young people who like to start their day with sports can go to the fitness room in the morning. Then, at breakfast, they can immerse themselves in great Mediterranean tastes. There is also an area where they can play table tennis during the day if they wish. For those who want to use a water slide, Oscar Hotel, located next to the hotel, provides this opportunity for free.

Concorde Luxury Resort & Convention & Spa
Concorde Hotel is another hotel in the Bafra District of Cyprus. As of the area where it was established, it has a large area of 125,000 square meters. The advantage of this width is that it has quite a lot of alternative entertainment centers. It is located on the seafront and has its own private beach. The length of the beach is 300 meters. It has 11 bars, more than young people want. We can say that it has 2 kinds of pools, including outdoor and indoor. This hotel also has a water slide. It also has a very rich content in terms of free sports activities. If we count these events; Basketball, beach Volleyball, Table Tennis and mini football. In addition, our young guests can play darts, surf in the sea or kayak. It is possible to participate in many other activities at the facility by paying extra fees. At the beginning of these, we can consider the diving school. And then bowling and pool are just a few of the things we can count.

Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel
Limak hotel is 65 km from Ercan airport. So, when you get off the plane, you will travel a distance of 65 km. At the same time, the hotel is located 40 km from Magosa, 80 km from Nicosia and 85 km from Kyrenia. It is a hotel that can literally meet the entertainment-oriented pursuits of young people. In its 4 outdoor pools, 5 bars and 7 water slides, young people can capture the opportunity to experience the holiday they want with Limak Hotel. In addition, there is a Fitness room that will make the face of those who do not call the holiday and strive to stay fit. Among the paid activities that can be done, billiards and bowling retain their place in the capital. Discos are also among these activities.

Kaya Artemis Resort Hotel
This hotel, which also occupies a large space in terms of the area in which it was established, reflects the understanding of entertainment of young people among Cyprus hotels. It serves 3 meals in the morning, lunch and evening, as well as a night meal. This service, called night buffet, takes place between 00.00-02.00 hours. The night is longer, the young people who say let's have fun are feeding their bellies thanks to this buffet. It has 2 indoor pools and 3 outdoor pools. With 6 bars, the choice remains for young people. It is possible to find the breadth of opportunities in this hotel that can choose the places that appeal to them the most. At the same time, the pool becomes even more enjoyable with 7 water slides. There is also a theatre for young people who care about cultural activities. By participating in tennis, football and basketball activities for free, young people will be able to enjoy every moment of their holidays. 

Merit Royal Hotel 
Merit Royal Hotel is located in Alsancak, Kyrenia, 45 km from the airport. It is located on the seafront and has its own pier. Activities for young people are also at your service with a wide range of content. A total of 12 different events are available, including paid and free. Among them are sports activities such as basketball, football, as well as a game room and internet cafe. Ideal for a choice where they will stay healthy and fit by moving while having fun. In addition, the internet cafe comes among the services that can be accessed for free.