Resort Hotels

Resort Hotels

Northern Cyprus Resort Hotels; Holiday destinations located in a large area far from the city center are called resort hotels. No resorts in big cities. It is established in small residential centers or outside settlements. Service quality must be at least 4 stars and above. Gyms, Shopping Mall, Children's playgrounds, nurseries, spa centers. there are international cuisine restaurants, hairdressers, beauty salons, event areas and departments to meet all kinds of needs. You are now closer to the highest quality and affordable resort hotels with high quality service on your Cyprus holiday through Booking2Cyprus.

The terms used next to the hotel names in the hotel selection also give us information about the services and nature of the hotel. Among them, before ranking resort hotels in Cyprus, let's look at what is a Resort hotel and what advantages it has. First of all, we can say that there are very equipped hotels that take up quite a large space in terms of space. So they're a complete center of life. Facilities that provide very high quality services in terms of Service understanding usually have 4 and above stars. In other words, 4-star hotels certainly have the qualities they have. Of course, they can also have higher equipment. Activity centers, pool alternatives and services are also very diverse. In this case, let's examine the resort hotels in Cyprus in detail.

Cyprus Resort Hotels
Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel
Limak Hotel is located in Magosa, Cyprus, on an area of 120,000 square meters in the Bafra region. Ercan airport is 65 km away and the capital Nicosia is 80 km away. With its seaside location and luxury services, you have the opportunity to experience an excellent holiday. Among the various facilities offered by the hotel, you can cool off in the pool or on its own beach. We can't call it just cooling off. Because there are 7 water slides in the pool and a lot of options in the name of entertainment on the beach. There are also 4 outdoor pools. The hotel has 3 a la carte restaurants, 1 Outdoor and 1 indoor restaurant. In addition, when you want to have a drink, you can also choose one of the 5 bars located on the property. Animation shows, fitness room, sauna and bath are among the free facilities available here. Bowling, billiards, internet cafe, SPA and massage salon are also among the paid activities. If you are young, it is possible for your child to have fun with his or her peers in a reliable environment. Among the services offered at this point, the children's playground, pool and club are among the highlights. In addition, if you have a tiny baby, the facility also provided paid babysitting services, considering this.

Concorde Luxury Resort 
Concorde Luxury resort Cyprus, with a capacity of 569 rooms and a large area of 125,000 square meters, is the ideal hotel for the opportunity to spend a comfortable holiday with your family. Every detail is designed with every detail in mind. There is also an outdoor, indoor and children's pool, as well as a water slide. Eating and drinking points are also very diverse, the hotel also has a doctor who can immediately intervene for emergencies. Rooms with panoramic sea, garden and pool views are completely comfort-oriented. Parking, unlimited internet, many areas suitable for water and land sports are available within the facility. Considering those who love diving in water sports, there is also a diving school. You can get diving training accompanied by expert staff in this field. In addition to the Fitness center, beach volleyball, basketball, table tennis and volleyball courts are available. Sports activity pitches are not limited to this either. In addition to those located on the property, there are many fun activities that you can do on its private beach.

Elexus Hotel & Resort 
Elexus Hotel is located in Kyrenia Çatalköy in Cyprus hotels. It is located 12 km from Kyrenia city centre. Sea view, land view and more these rooms also offer quality service with different options in themselves. It is almost a living center with its 277,000 square meters of space. It has a beachfront location and a private beach. It provides a quality service with its staff who are experienced in the field and have undergone a wide range of trainings. It also has a capacity of 822 rooms. Besides 5 a la carte restaurants that dominate every corner of the world, there are 2 standard restaurants open and closed. In each restaurant in the facility, experienced cooks cook dishes that are a monument of taste. We can say that the heart of entertainment beats with 24 water slides. Having all the facilities for a peaceful and pleasant holiday for the family, the property has rooms suitable for family accommodation and separate activities for children.

Merit Park Hotel 
Merit Hotel was established in a smaller area of 50,000 square meters than other resort hotels. But there are a lot of alternatives and qualified room capacities that you can do in it. Located in Kyrenia, one of the favorite cities of Cyprus, is also a plus feature for your stay. In various restaurants, indoor/outdoor pools and bars, you find yourself in the entertainment exactly in the direction you want. Next to the seaside location, there is a pier and a private beach. The pleasure of eating in its restaurants, which dominate Mediterranean and international cuisine, is another. You can swim in 2 outdoor pools or sunbathe on sun loungers by the pool. Apart from swimming at its private beach, you can participate in a wide range of activities. These include jetski, canoeing, banana and surfing. You can also enjoy opportunities during your stay, such as training from a school designed for parachuting and diving.

Arkin Palm Beach Hotel
Located in the Magosa District of Cyprus, Arkın Palm Beach Hotel has thought of every detail needed to have a completely perfect holiday. Accordingly, it has a service understanding that can never compromise on quality with its concept and designs. It is 45 km from Ercan airport and 5 km from Magosa Center. Among the services it provides are restaurants of different qualities where you can eat, pools that are open and closed against any situation. In addition to having fun, there are massage centers where you can relax and relax. If you didn't come here with your own car, Arkin Palm Beach Hotel brings a solution to your car search problem so that you can easily travel around the city. At the car rental point in the facility, you can easily meet your car needs. Rooms have a Tv, air conditioning, wireless internet and telephone as standard.

Vuni Palace Hotel
Cyprus hotels, it is normal to think of more than one alternative. The fact that there are so many options can make it difficult for you to decide. Here you can find all the qualities that will resolve the question marks in your mind at the point of making a decision. It has services that can appeal to all ages and especially consider the comfort of families with children. It provides baby care for families with children at an additional cost. In addition, when entrusting your baby, expert carers in the field do not leave your eyes behind. In indoor and outdoor swimming pools, you end your days in bronze and with a little smile on your face. Because around here, you don't get a chance to think about anything but fun all day. 2 indoor restaurants are available. Of course, according to the weather conditions, you can also make your choice in favor of the outdoor restaurant located on the property. Room service and rooms have air conditioning, TV, wireless internet and a safe to ensure the ideal temperature.

Kaya Palazzo Resort 
Kaya Palazzo Cyprus is located in Kyrenia with an area of 65,000 square meters and a wide range of 261 rooms. The Resort gives the right to be a hotel more than thanks to the services it offers. It is located on the seafront and provides its guests with a wonderful stay with its 60 m long coast. It also has its own pier. During your stay here, you will have both fun and the opportunity to relax and relax. Thanks to SPA and massage services, you will not know what Fatigue Is during the holiday. In order to immortalize all your moments, the facility has a photographer and a doctor for immediate intervention in an urgent health problem. In addition, beauty salon, hairdresser and market are also perfect service points.

Acapulco Resort & Spa
Acapulco hotel is located in Çatalköy, Kyrenia, Cyprus, a holiday paradise. It is established on an area of 100,000 square meters and is an expert in making its guests comfortable from every angle. A la carte, where you can easily reach Mediterranean tastes without leaving the facility, has 3 restaurants open and closed. At its own beach, you can enter the sea, as well as take advantage of canoe and sea bike facilities. Equipped to meet all your needs, Acapulco Hotel is always ready in case of emergencies. As an example, a doctor is always in the facility. Don't worry about whether we'll just be stuck in a hotel while we're on vacation. Because the services and activities contained here will not force you to search for a place outside the facility. Everything from his food, accommodation and entertainment to his recreation is expertly prepared. It is possible to say that the facility was built as a separate city within the city. Everything you need for your stay here is specially designed for you.