Infant Friendly Hotels

Infant Friendly Hotels

Baby Friendly North Cyprus Hotels; There are certain criteria that everyone is looking for in hotels where they will stay before they have a holiday. Families, especially those with small babies, think a lot before taking a vacation. Because a holiday that they are not comfortable with and cannot enjoy means spending in vain and returning tired. At this point, families are starting to look for hotels with apps that consider families with babies among the services it offers. Among the many alternative Cyprus hotels, we have compiled Baby-Friendly Ones for you. If you want a separate, on-site comfort in the room, let's look at hotels that offer a variety of opportunities. Thanks to their separate alternatives, your holiday will go exactly as you want.

Grand Pasha Kyrenia Hotel & Spa
Grand Pasha Hotel is located in the center of Kyrenia, 44 km from Ercan airport. It offers a lot of advantages for families with children to stay comfortably.  There is an outdoor pool and 3 bars on site. And, of course, there is an area that allows for many more activities. In order for parents to take advantage of such activities on site, the hotel has a paid babysitter service. Thanks to the babysitter, both parents are comfortable and the babies are safe. The indoor restaurants in the hotel are also a more comfortable choice for babies.

The Savoy Ottoman Palace 
The Savoy Ottoman Palace, which uses figures specific to the Ottoman period, welcomes its guests in all its splendor in Kyrenia hotels. The services offered by the facility are quite varied and quality. There are a lot of activities that parents can do without a child with them. There is a fitness room for guests who think about their health and take care to be fit without saying holiday. In addition, the sauna and hammam are also a complete relaxation point after sports. Live entertainment organized by the hotel will also make you feel really alive. Here, in order for families with children to be comfortable while doing all these activities, the hotel provides baby care for a fee. There is also a children's club and a children's pool, which can be used for free. The hotel's rooms are also comfortable for adult and child guests. 

Mermaid Royal Hotel
Mermaid Royal Hotel is located in Alsancak ,Kyrenia. The number of rooms in the property is 56. It offers service with its location on the seafront and its own beach. Another taste of spending time on the beach during the day or in the pool in the hotel, and at night in bars and entertainment centers. For families with children, it has rooms that are quite comfortable to use. In general areas of Use, families with babies have equipment that does not need to go out to their rooms. Trained carers at the facility babysit babies for extra fees. Parents will not be left behind in favor of the care of these people who are experts in their field. The children's pool and children's Park, where they can spend family time with their child, are also among the alternative activities. 

Arkin Palm Beach Hotel 
Arkin Palm Beach is located in the Magosa district in Cyprus. It is located on the seafront and also has its own private beach. It is an ideal accommodation for both those who want to hit the bottom of the fun and those who want to stress and relax. Families with young children need to choose the hotel where they are staying in order to see the word holiday and rest side by side. At this point, the services offered by the hotel come to the fore for those who want to relax in favor of children while vacationing in Cyprus. Arkin Palm Beach Hotel offers a family-specific babysitter service at an additional cost. Of course, he cares very much about the psychological and physical health of children. Considering this situation, the hotel pays attention to the recruitment of specialized personnel in its field. He's more attentive, especially to childcare. In addition, thanks to the baby care service located in public areas within the facility, there is no need to constantly go to the room to care for the babies. In case guests of the hotel face any health problems, there is also a doctor on site. 

Acapulco Resort hotel & Convention & SPA
Acapulco Resort Hotel is one of the baby-friendly hotels in Kyrenia, Cyprus. There are activity areas in the property that can appeal to all ages. Located in a central location, the hotel is very close to many attractions. It is a hotel that has a lot of opportunities and comfort, especially for families with small children to be comfortable on vacation. Among the services it offers, the most important for families is to have a space that belongs only to children. For this purpose, the children's club, which has expert staff in its field, is an application that will make families fully comfortable. In addition, there is a children's pool, paid babysitting and a children's Park. For baby care, services are provided for the comfort and protection of babies accompanied by specialist carers in the field. As a result of the service approach, which always puts customer satisfaction at the forefront, its rooms are also ideal criteria for families with a small child. 

Caesar Resort & SPA
Famagusta hotels in Cyprus offers many services with a structure suitable for family accommodation. In order to have fun as a family, there are parents ' pools as well as a children's pool. In the children's pool, families with babies have a pleasant time with peace of mind. Children's slides and a playground are also among the essential services that make families with children comfortable. There are staff who can meet the needs of babies in all kinds and understand their language. More often than not, their minders in the mini club make parents comfortable with their children's safety. It also offers comfortable and spacious accommodation with large rooms measuring 52 square meters.

Kaya Artemis Resort 
Kaya Artemis Resort Hotel is one of the baby friendly hotels in the Bafra region of Northern Cyprus. This resort in the Bafra Tourism Region is located 32 km from Magosa center and 65 km from Ercan airport. Besides its dazzling modern appearance, it will be the right choice for a comfortable and fun holiday. Children have activities suitable for entertainment and comfort. Inside the televisions in the rooms are channels that constantly broadcast cartoons. In addition, the facility also has ideal areas for walking around with a baby with peace of mind. And animation shows are also activities that can be attended by the family. 

Elexus Hotel & Resort & SPA
Located in Kyrenia, Cyprus, Eluxus Hotel is an ideal resort for family holidays with its full equipment. This fully equipped hotel offers services for families with children, including mini clubs and play centres. In addition, parents can hire a carer for an extra fee if they want. Which, we can say, is the most important among the facilities offered by the facility. Families who receive a service in this way get the opportunity to spend a fun holiday by relaxing. It's a very good service, especially for parents who want to be alone. Families with babies never know what they'll need. For this reason, always being close to the market or shopping point is an advantage. Eluxus hotel also has spots where guests can shop and meet their needs. It should be added that there is also a Aquapark inside the property. In this hotel, families with babies sometimes have their holidays by resting and sometimes having fun with their babies thanks to the babysitter.