Honeymoon Hotels

Honeymoon Hotels

Northern Cyprus Honeymoon Hotels; Cyprus hotels offer their customers a unique honeymoon holiday. If you inform us at the booking stage, you can use the honeymoon concept facilities. 
Booking2cyprus has thought of every detail to make your honeymoon perfect. For a good start to your honeymoon, the hotel will welcome you when you enter the room. Some facilities have wine and fruit baskets, some have champagne and dessert plates.
Honeymoon in Northern Cyprus; our facilities in Northern Cyprus offer many different services and applications for honeymoon couples. From the special decoration to your room, you can choose many more details in the room, from dressing gown, slippers, executive bouquet and bed decoration with fresh flower leaves. 
Suggestions to spice up your honeymoon; our facilities offer many different services and applications special to honeymoon couples. You can choose many more details, from the special decoration to the free newspaper every morning. 
Booking2cyprus assurance, Booking2cyprus quality; Booking2Cyprus will be with you on your honeymoon to find answers to every question you have. Experienced contract guides will meet you at the entrance and make your entrance to the room for you. If the facility is available, they will ensure that your room is definitely on the sea side. We wish you a happy married life, starting with a pleasant honeymoon.
Have the first breakfast alone in your room; many of the facilities allow honeymoon couples to have their first breakfast alone in their rooms. If you want, you can also scroll to another day by contacting the Booking2Cyprus guide.
A romantic dinner is a romantic dinner that is indispensable for a honeymoon holiday. In many facilities, our honeymoon couples are given the priority of a romantic dinner in a private place or in a la carte restaurants offering attentive service. In order to make the right choice, we recommend that you examine in detail the facilities offered by our facilities.
Your first massage with your partner; the first massage together, which will make your honeymoon even more romantic, is waiting for you and your partner. Honeymoon holiday specialist facilities give you different special facilities. There are many alternatives at our facilities, from certain discounts to a one-time free massage. It's up to you to choose the facility that suits you the most.

Going on honeymoon holidays has become a post-wedding tradition for newly married couples. Couples who want to relax and relax after the wedding and spend time alone are looking for a hotel with a honeymoon concept. What features should honeymoon hotels have so that couples can have a special holiday? What should be considered when choosing this issue? First, you must choose the place where you will stay. How you want to make a holiday, you should choose a suitable location for it. Then, after you have determined your budget, you can stay in a hotel with those who appeal to you among the services provided within the concept. Whether your honeymoon coincides with summer or winter, Cyprus, where you can easily stay in all seasons, is in front of you with a wide range of alternatives. Cyprus hotels provide an unforgettable holiday to couples with their private rooms prepared within the framework of the honeymoon concept and the services offered throughout the resort. However, there are certain conditions for you to be involved in the honeymoon concept throughout these hotels. These are conditions such as a minimum stay of 3 or 4 days and showing a marriage certificate at check-in upon arrival at the hotel. Of course, these conditions may vary from hotel to hotel.

Cyprus Honeymoon Hotels
Noah's Ark Deluxe Hotel & Spa 
Located in the Bafra region of Cyprus, Noah's Ark Deluxe Hotel offers 616 rooms on an area of 165,000 square meters. Each corner is designed with great care, and the facilities offered by the hotel are also great. Let's look at the equipment of their private rooms, which are within the honeymoon concept. First, you are staying in a specially designed room. From the moment you enter the hotel, you start to feel special. And when you enter the room, the atmosphere of the room prepared for you surrounds you. In addition to special room decoration, special Boucle materials, fruit basket and wine are among the services offered. In addition, during your stay, a morning breakfast is served in your room. Before we forget, Noah's Ark Cyprus honeymoon stay is valid for 3 months after the date of marriage. And don't forget to keep your marriage certificate with you so that there are no problems at the hotel check-in. Apart from the qualifications in the honeymoon concept rooms, the services offered by the hotel also indicate that you will hit the bottom of the fun.

Elexus Hotel Resort & SPA
Elexus Hotel is centrally located in Kyrenia, with rooms designed specifically for honeymooners in Cyprus hotels. If you're newlyweds and coming here for a honeymoon vacation, the privileged service starts when you're just checking in. Because you are given a priority in booking. Then your room is served with fragrant fresh flowers, a fruit plate and sparkling wine. Chocolate and cake catering also takes on the task of sweetening the environment, starting a series of celebrations that will not end. In addition, you can have a free foot massage at the SPA center, and other massages can also benefit from special discounted prices. You receive a free dinner service at the on-site a la carte restaurant, and you have priority when making reservations here. A comfortable sleeping environment awaits you with turn down service every evening. Elexus Hotel will be a very right choice for what we consider and an even more advantageous honeymoon holiday.

Acapulco Resort & Spa
Acapulco Hotel is located in Kyrenia, Cyprus. In addition to being an entertainment center as a seaside aquapark hotel, it also includes a special honeymoon concept for newlyweds. Rooms belonging to honeymoon couples have a special decoration, a fruit basket, wine and chocolate in the room. Also, breakfast comes to your room any day you want, provided you book in advance. Bath and sauna services are available free of charge. In addition, other services provide you with specially discounted prices. These discounts include purchases from stores located inside the hotel. A dinner service at the A la carte restaurant and the opportunity to check out late will also await you. In addition to all this, at the end of your stay, a gift of honeymoon memories is presented to you by this facility.

Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel 
It is a facility with a capacity of 598 rooms on a large area of 120,000 square meters. Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel, which has the property of being a living area, has everything you are looking for. In other words, during your stay here, you have the opportunity to meet all your needs without leaving the facility. This is a resort that takes extra care for the honeymoon holiday. Your holiday begins with a privileged and priority service at the entrance and booking process. In a romantic room concept, red wine, dessert and fruit platters are served in your room. Special discounts on many services also allow you to experience a honeymoon stay in the deals. You can enjoy the entertainment in the large aquapark and disco with 7 water slides. In a la carte restaurants that dominate cuisine from all corners of the world ,you will be able to experience different tastes that will suit your taste buds. In addition, the hotel's sports area is also quite spacious.

Les Ambessadeurs Hotel 
If you want a quiet, peaceful and fun honeymoon holiday in Cyprus hotels, Les Ambessadeurs is for you. Located in Kyrenia, the hotel is 42 km from Ercan airport and 23 km from the capital Nicosia. Among the special facilities for honeymoon couples, breakfast service comes to your room on the first morning of your stay. Depending on the availability of early entry and hotel availability, you may also have the opportunity to leave late. A dinner at the A la carte restaurant is served during your stay. It also has an outdoor pool, lobby bar, SPA centre and bath. Its , which offers a different experience for those who love fortune games, also serves as a non-stop entertainment center on site.

Cratos Premium Hotel & Port & Spa
Cratos hotel is a fully equipped hotel located on the seafront in Kyrenia, Cyprus. Its highlights include the honeymoon hotel, its private bay and beach, and the sea is a hotel that gradually deepens. Services within the honeymoon concept begin with a special treat in the VIP Lounge alongside special champagne. A priority is provided at the entrance, while a top category room upgrade option is offered depending on the availability of the hotel. Romantic rooms equipped with special decorative materials and VIP treats in the room are among the facilities offered. The first massage, which will be performed in the on-site massage room, is also discounted by 20%, especially for you. Again, booking priority is also provided at the SPA center and a la carte restaurant, which dominates international cuisine. At the end of a fun day, there is also a turn down service that prepares your room for a comfortable sleep. In this way, thanks to an understanding of service, you just look to enjoy the holiday. Your hotel has already thought of the rest down to the smallest detail for you.

Merit Crystal Cove Hotel & SPA
Are you dreaming of a honeymoon holiday where you can accumulate enormous memories? Then Merit Crystal Cove allows you to have a holiday just like you dreamed of in terms of price performance. You just got married and came to Cyprus to spend a romantic holiday with your wife. Merit Crystal Cove Hotel offers special amenities within the honeymoon concept. You are staying in a standard sea view room with special red suit decoration. And your room is filled with special red hearts for you. A VIP setup accompanied by champagne and a service to your room for breakfast on the first day of your stay. 20% discount on dry cleaning, ironing and laundry service. Dinner is served in both of the 2 a la carte restaurants located on the property.

Concorde Luxury Resort & Convention & SPA
Imagine a hotel so that special services for you will not be interrupted from the first day of your stay to the last day. Concorde Hotel provides a lot of facilities specifically for honeymooners. Considering the services you will receive within the honeymoon concept: VIP welcome and entry procedures are given priority. Then a fruit plate for 2 people, Heart Cake, handmade chocolate and 1 bottle of sparkling wine are served in your room. Room and bed decorations are also specially made for you. A private honeymoon breakfast in your room on the first morning of your stay, and a romantic candlelit dinner in the A la carte restaurant in the evening are served to you by the hotel.