5 Star Hotels

5 Star Hotels

Northern Cyprus 5 Star Hotels
The goal of almost all hotel operators today is that their hotel has 5 stars. So, what are the features of a 5-star hotel that many people are struggling to get? There are certain criteria that 5-star hotels mentioned so far have and should have. First of all, these hotels should look at the people staying at the property through the eyes of guests, not customers. It should be exactly how someone welcomes a guest who comes to their house and thinks about their comfort. We can say that 5-star hotels offer services that will win these stars after they have a vision in this way. In all respects, the hotel must have services that can meet every need. At this point, they must also be fully equipped. The variety and quality of the services it offers is also very important. As an example, the swimming pool is available in 2 different varieties, both indoor and outdoor. In other words, there must be qualities that can meet all kinds of needs and requests. We have compiled for you some of the 5-star hotels in Cyprus, where there are many alternatives.

Acapulco Resort hotel & Convention & SPA
This resort, which has a lot of options and equipment, where you can make all kinds of qualifications, provides a 5-star service among Kyrenia hotels. First of all, the hotel is located 30 km from Ercan airport and 8 km from Kyrenia Center. Among the facilities of this hotel, which deserves to receive 5 stars, we can first say that its guests can even choose the view that the room they will stay in will look at. Among the types of rooms located here, we can count villa room, land view and sea view rooms. Guests can also choose a room with a view of the sea or a view of the land if they want. If we look at the common areas, there are also options for outdoor and indoor pools. Again, in this way, 2 alternatives are offered in open and closed restaurants. In this way, hotel guests can choose the pool and restaurant that appeal to them exactly. Other services available can also be listed as follows: Doctor, photographer, beauty salon and hairdresser. Of course, there is an understanding of service that is not limited to them. He created a car rental point, thinking that his guests who do not have a private car may have a need or preference. There is also a theater with unlimited internet suitable for use in all areas and a water slide in the name of entertainment. And, of course, Acapulco hotel creates a full holiday opportunity for its guests with its sports events and many more fun activities.

Lord's Palace Hotel & Spa
For any purposes which is a reasonable place to travel hotel, hotels in Cyprus a hotel that offers quality services. Lord's Palace Hotel offers all kinds of services, whether for family stays, business trips or individual holidays. A facility that has been tested, approved and is eligible for 5 stars. The hotel offers free parking, unlimited internet and many other advantages. Pool service includes indoor, outdoor, heated and rooftop pool. It has its own beach and an on-site fitness room. It also organizes activities for children, thinking about the comfort of families with children. In addition, children's club and baby care services are also among the alternatives. Meeting rooms and conference hall, which prepare the most beautiful environment for business meetings, are also in service with technical equipment. In order to relieve the fatigue of the day, there is a spa, foot massage, head massage, full body massage and freight care center. In addition, butler service, dry cleaning and Laundry Service are also practical services. Add this, it also has a great game place for those who love luck games.

Merit Royal Hotel & SPA
Merit Royal Hotel is an ideal hotel that welcomes those who want to spend a great holiday with its romantic and luxurious style. The room types in it differ according to everyone's needs. A facility with separate smoking/ non-smoking rooms, separate spacious and suite rooms dedicated to family accommodation, as well as multiple accommodation. It is located in the Kyrenia region of Cyprus, a popular holiday island. In addition to being among the priority preferences with its central location, it is also a very attentive business in terms of access to quality services. The standard features in the rooms are entirely based on the comfortable accommodation of the guests. At this hotel, the day begins with an organic and varied Mediterranean breakfast. In this way, the day when guests will disappear within a fairly wide range of activities of the resort begins energetically. The hotel has 2 indoor and outdoor pools, a gym, a Jacuzzi and a restaurant where delicious food is cooked. A living room and bar in the common areas are also ideal areas to spend a pleasant time.

Golden Tulip Nicosia Hotel 
When you say Cyprus hotels that have received 5 stars, there will be a lot of hotels. But among them, the Golden Tulip Hotel, a hotel that offers many extra advantages in addition to having standard qualities, makes you feel comfort at every point. As the name suggests, this hotel is located in the capital Nicosia. It is a carefully studied facility that makes its guests feel as if they are at home. Besides the pool with a view, there are also indoor and outdoor pools for swimming. In addition, the heated pool is a complete relaxation point and comfortable to use. The game centre, which is equipped with the latest technology, also serves those who are curious and interested in gambling, can have fun until the morning. The hotel's cooks prepare special diet menus, demonstrating skills that show that they are very expert in their field. Light and healthy meals make guests comfortable and offer different tastes.. There are also a wide range of activities for children and a buffet with special menus for them. Also available for business meetings, the property has stylish meeting rooms and a large conference room. Besides these, the hotel is waiting for its guests with many more features.

Salamis Bay Conti
Located in Famagusta, Salamis Bay Conti offers 5-star hotel accommodation. The magnificent view of the hotel also creates a magnificent visual feast for those staying here. That's how the holiday started. Along with the services it offers, the day begins with a huge breakfast, and the food Moroccan is closed with its restaurant, where delicious dishes of Mediterranean cuisine are cooked from each other. There is also no additional charge for breakfast. For the rest of the day, hotel guests can immerse themselves in the waters of the sea on the resort's own beach if they wish. If they want, they can also enter whatever they want from the pools in the facility according to their preferences. Again, fun activities that can be done during the day include a water park, table tennis and children's events. Let's also say that the hotel organizes night entertainment as well as day entertainment. Bar, nightclub and DJ services are also available at this point.

Vuni Palace Hotel
Located 35 km from the airport and 1 km from the center of Kyrenia, Vuni Palace has a seaside location. It has advantageous locations and services both for those who want to take a family vacation and for those who go on business trips. The hotel, which has separate activities during the day and at night, is a 5-star performance with its equipment and features. Car parking is available for guests arriving by private car, while car rental is available for those who do not have a car. It has 2 indoor and 1 outdoor restaurants. In addition, it also creates an entertainment area with various pools in daytime activities. There are also 5 bars inside the property, and you don't have to go outside to have a drink or have fun. Free services include animation shows, table tennis, mini golf and a TV lounge as an extra. For an additional fee, families with babies can receive child care services from specialist carers in their field. As areas where children can have fun with their peers, there is also a children's club, a children's Park and a private pool. The hotel also has a game centre, which you can't see the end of the fun in this way. 

Arkin Palm Beach Hotel
Located in magosa, Cyprus, Arkin Palm Beach Hotel offers 5-star service with different and comfortable rooms. Starting from the Standard Room option, sea view room, junior Suite and family room continue. Guests can stay in any room according to their wishes and needs. Located on the seafront, this hotel also has its own private beach. It has equipped staff in all respects. In addition, the concept of Hygiene, which is always a priority for floor attendants, makes itself felt from the moment they enter the room. The hotel has 2 types of pools, both indoor and outdoor, as well as every 5-star hotel. There is also a car rental point and an airport shuttle, as well as a doctor. In this way, when an emergency occurs, the event can be intervened without delay. Free activities include fitness room use, darts, table tennis and sauna. A massage service that will be received with an additional fee is also a very important opportunity to relax and relieve the fatigue of the day.

Rocks Hotel
Rocks Hotel is located in the center of Kyrenia, Cyprus, one of the 5-star hotels. Sea view, land view and many other types of guests with the right to choose in their rooms. The window of each room opens to a separate beauty, and each of them Waters the same comfort. Ercan airport is 40 km away. In addition, Kyrenia has enormous views with its location on the seafront in the center. If we look at the services in the facility, there are 2 bars and restaurants with outdoor/indoor varieties and a pool. With the presence of a doctor, hairdresser and beauty salon, it is not necessary to go outside the facility to meet the needs in both beauty and health. The conference hall also provides a suitable environment for business meetings and professionally important conferences. Unlimited internet and free parking are also standard services. There is also an internet cafe, massage salon and spa centre for extra charge.

Elexus Hotel Resort
Elexus Hotel is located in Kyrenia. It is a hotel where you can enjoy swimming indefinitely with its beachfront location and private beach. All the necessary details have been thought out so that you can enjoy your time at the hotel. The hotel has a fitness room, a spa center and a hammam, where you can relax all year round. There are also suitable facilities for outdoor sports in the hotel. In order for your children not to get bored, different activities are organized in the mini club.

The hotel brings you unique tastes of international cuisine. There is also a children's buffet so that children can meet their favorite delicacies. Babysitting service is provided at the hotel on a paid basis.

Concorde Luxury Resort & Convention & SPA
To stay in a hotel with extremely spacious facilities, you can make your choice in favor of Concorde Luxury Resort. The hotel has different types of rooms with different landscape options and offering different amenities. Everything you may need is available in the rooms. The hotel has unlimited activities, restaurants where you can find all kinds of delicacies; it has all the features you are looking for for a pleasant holiday. A mini club and a carer's privilege are also available at this hotel.

Merit Crystal Cove Hotel
Another hotel that you can choose for Cyprus holidays is Merit Crystal Cove Hotel Casino. Located in Kyrenia, the hotel offers a pleasant holiday with its impressive architecture and amenities. You can choose suite rooms for a comfortable stay with your family. If you want a more economical option, then standard rooms are ideal for you. You can turn the pleasure of dining in impressively decorated restaurants into a separate feast.

Places to Visit in Cyprus
Although the facilities of the hotel where you will be staying in Cyprus are many, you should not leave the country without exploring the most beautiful points of Cyprus. You can start your exploration from Kyrenia Castle. This castle dates from the Roman era. There are ruins of churches, tombs and dungeons in the castle.

If you want to explore the depths of history, you can visit the Kyrenia Icon Museum and the Sunken Ship Museum located in Kyrenia.

In Nicosia, the capital of the country, you can also explore points that shed light on the recent history of Cyprus. The Museum of Barbarism is one of them. This museum is the house where the family of Major Nihat Ilhan was martyred. This house has been protected as a museum so that the events that happened will not be forgotten. The Venetian Column, the Dervish Pasha Mansion and the Walls of Nicosia are some of the places you should visit.

Beaches of Cyprus
During your holiday in Cyprus, you can explore the untouched beaches. Palm Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Cyprus. Palm Beach is located right next to the Maras district. Another beach, the Golden Beach, is under protection because it is the spawning ground of the caretta carettas. For those who like water sports, Glapsides has the ideal characteristics for a unique diving experience. There are also suitable areas for camping in the area of the beach.