Elder Friendly Hotels

Elder Friendly Hotels

Cyprus Elder Friendly Hotels; The average age in the world is increasing. Prolongation of human life requires the elderly to participate in active life in safety, without isolation from society. The presence of physical disabilities in the elderly, a decrease in social and cultural activities reduces their quality of life. Based on this point, accommodation facilities that take into account the Social, Psychological, sporting and health status of the elderly operate. In a study conducted on older people, older people want to be in a quiet and quiet environment away from the center. 
These hotels accept individuals over a certain age. These hotels have more medical staff and treatment facilities. Exercise equipment suitable for the elderly is available. Exercises and short walks are performed with and without tools under the control of a medical staff. Diet dishes are removed according to the need. The number of elevators is higher than usual. The beds in the rooms are orthopedic. The entrance to the shower cabin is low. 
In Cyprus hotels, they are hotels that create opportunities for our customers over the age of 60 to have a better time. As Booking2Cyprus, we have selected the best elderly friendly hotels in Cyprus for you.

Old-Friendly Cyprus Hotels
The qualities of the hotel that individuals in the group that we call the advanced age group will choose when staying in the hotel are very important. At this stage, elderly-friendly hotels have to make special arrangements, starting from the products they use to the service they offer. Because guests over 50 years of age need to stay in a facility equipped in all respects. Although the services offered by the facilities vary, the applications are more or less similar. Especially 50.we see chronic ailments appear after age. As a result, the need for doctor supervision at any time should be taken into account. The facilities that pay attention to this also employ a doctor in-house. Thus, during any emergency, intervention is not delayed. In addition, many other cases can be considered. From a wide range of hotels in Cyprus, we will look at each of them in detail as we look at hotels with services for the elderly.

Bellapais Gardens Hotel
In Kyrenia hotels, we can say that it is a facility that offers a peaceful holiday with its rooms that refresh the interior. Ercan airport is located 45 km away. First of all, the resort begins the holiday with the service it provides for transportation from the airport to the hotel. The hotel has 17 rooms with luxurious and different contents. It is possible to stay in the room with city views or mountain views. In other words, the windows of their rooms also open where their guests wish. It also has services that will make its guests comfortable, especially in the older age group. One of them is a doctor who is always present in the facility. Considering the health problems that increase with age, it is very important to have a doctor during the stay so that the holiday is not poison. Especially if you are vacationing in a place you do not know, it is one of the first things to consider that this service is at hand. In addition, non-smoking rooms are also very important for health. Bellapais hotel completely keeps the comfort of its guests in focus. There are 2 restaurants in the facility, both open and closed. The chefs of both restaurants are experts in their field and make healthy choices when creating menus. Guests should be in no doubt about the quality and health of the materials they use.

Golden Tulip Nicosia Hotel 
Golden Tulip Hotel is located in Nicosia. As of its location, it is also close to places to visit and see. The most important of these is approximately 2 km from Selimiye Mosque. The advantage of staying at this hotel is to be close to the most famous architecture of the region. Of course, it is located close to a structure of such historical importance. If we look at the services it offers, it provides the opportunity to meet the needs of its guests without interruption with its 24-hour reception. In addition, room service quickly addresses all kinds of needs. An elevator in a noble position with 10 floors is a must, of course. In this way, it is a facility where guests in the advanced age group can stay with peace of mind on the floor they want. The fact that there are free newspapers in the lobby also makes older guests who follow the newspaper laugh. Also, the presence of a health club is also a plus feature. Because health is paramount.

Premiun Inn Boutique Hotel
Located in the Magosa District of Cyprus, Premium Inn Hotel is a stylish hotel. Breakfast is free of charge and restaurants are available for dinner. Dishes in restaurants with two separate options, open and closed, are cooked using quality and healthy ingredients. Especially for older guests who need to be careful to eat and drink, this is a fairly correct choice at this point. The hotel also has an elevator. Elderly guests can also stay in any room they want without having to search the ground floor. Dry cleaning and laundry services are also a convenience. Guests can have breakfast in their rooms for an extra fee if they wish.

Citrus Tree Gardens Hotel
Cyprus Kyrenia Central Hotels is a dazzling beautiful hotel with its colorful image. It offers a lot of advantages both in favor of its central location and in favor of the services it offers. Especially for elderly guests to spend a comfortable holiday in favor of the understanding of quality service. One of the most important services in the facility is the presence of a doctor. Health care, which is of great importance for every guest, is one of the qualities that guests over the age of 50 are especially looking for. We say that it is important for those with chronic conditions or those with a disease that may require emergency intervention to take a holiday with peace of mind. Because most of those staying here are foreign to the region and there may be situations where they need to urgently access medical services. That's why a doctor has to be present at the hotel at all times. Aware of this, the Citrus Tree Gardens Hotel has a doctor on site. In addition, each room has air conditioning to bring the air to the most ideal level according to the season. A very accurate address for those who dream of a quiet holiday intertwined with nature.

Lord's Palace Hotel
It is a hotel that offers a great stay in Old Age-Friendly Kyrenia hotels with both a huge view and services. 10 of the hotel, which has a capacity of 250 rooms.the floor has a sky roof pool. Of course, the fact that it is multi-storey does not intimidate advanced age group guests. Because there's an elevator inside the hotel. However, a doctor who is included in his system, thinking about emergencies, also works in the facility. For the relaxation of its guests, there is a hammam on site. Lord's Palace hotel rooms, which are very advantageous especially for older guests, are also equipped with comfort.

The Savoy Ottoman Palace
The Savoy Ottoman Palace, which resembles Ottoman palaces in its appearance, was built with everything in mind. Located in the center of Kyrenia, this hotel has a doctor as the most important service for elderly guests. In this way, in case of need, the hospital has a chance to intervene without stress. In addition, the massage room and bath inside the property are also in a style that will be good for guests of all ages. Free live activities are also a very good service for guests aged 50 and over, but who feel much younger. We can say that it is an advanced age-friendly hotel that feels as special as the Ottoman dynasties.

Merit Nicosia Hotel & SPA
Merit Nicosia Hotel is located in Kyrenia city centre, 25 km from Ercan airport. Located in a central location, we can say that it is a complete advanced age-friendly hotel with fully equipped rooms and Resort Services. The most important of the services in the facility is that there is always a ready doctor. A service designed for both accommodation of guests who are foreign to Cyprus and the possibility of a situation requiring emergency intervention. The hotel's Barber and Laundry Service are also provided by equipped staff, as they are much needed. In order for guests of all ages to have fun, there is 1 Outdoor and 1 indoor pool. In addition, guests who want to relax and relax can receive Bali and Thai massage services on site. It promises a beautiful holiday for its guests aged 50 and over, providing an environment where they can have fun by relaxing.

Kaya Artemis Resort Hotel
In addition to being the Kaya Artemis honeymoon hotel in Magosa with its magnificent view and view in Cyprus hotels, it has the quality to accommodate guests of all ages. It is approximately 32 km from Magosa city center and 65 km from the airport. Built on a land of 165000 square meters on the seafront, we can even say that it is a miniature city. Because the hotel has more than anything its guests can ask for. An elevator was made in mind of advanced age group guests who will stay in the building, which has more than one floor. In addition, health care is provided by a doctor at the facility, as there may be people with a chronic condition or who may need a doctor at any time. There is also a massage, SPA and sauna. For all age groups who love to play sports, sports activities are also quite a lot. Comfortable hotel rooms are an important feature for relaxing.