Disabled Friendly

Disabled Friendly

Disabled friendly Cyprus hotels; Cyprus disabled friendly hotels are waiting for you to provide the best service with expert staff. Disabled hotels in Northern Cyprus are found in many places on the island. Hotels in Kyrenia, Nicosia, Famagosa and Bafra, which are the most popular holiday destinations in Cyprus, have many opportunities for disabled guests. In hotels with private accommodation rooms, privileges are available for visually impaired, hearing impaired and hearing impaired guests. In hotels with wheelchair services, there are private passageways, private bathrooms, disabled WC services and private parking areas. Disabled guests coming to Cyprus can have a different holiday experience with peace of mind. On our page, you can review the disabled-friendly hotels that we have prepared for you and make your holiday plan immediately.

Acapulco Resort Convention SPA Hotel
Acapulco Resort Convention SPa Hotel is located in Kyrenia, with an immaculate and fairly beautiful beach. The hotel opens the doors to a fun holiday for its guests. The facility serves over an area of 100,000 m2. It has comfortable rooms with a different style of architecture and design. Private rooms for disabled guests are available on site and in many privileged areas. Guests who want to experience an extremely high-quality holiday experience can gladly leave Acapulco Resort hotel.

Concorde Luxury Resort  & Convention & SPA
Concorde Luxury Resort & Convention & SPA is a comfortable and modern hotel located in Bafra, one of the most popular holiday areas of Cyprus. Located on its own immaculate and quiet beach, the hotel always provides a friendly, hospitable service. Guests who want to experience a different holiday can choose this hotel without thinking about choosing it. Original designs attract attention in extremely comfortable rooms. At the same time, the specially equipped rooms in this disabled-friendly facility have been meticulously designed. Privileges offered for disabled guests eliminate all obstacles. Guests who care about privacy can rent pavilions that serve on the beach. Children's and adult pools are available for families with children staying at the hotel to have a good time.

Elexus Hotel & Resort & Spa
Elexus Hotel & Resort & Spa has a magnificent design and luxurious amenities. The facility serves an extremely large area of 277.000 M2. Guests can benefit from the hotel in the concept of full board plus. 822 rooms with sea views of the hotel with a different design, where modern decoration touches are seen, win the appreciation of the hotel guests. Elexus hotel is located between disabled-friendly Cyprus hotels, where both luxury and comfort are at the forefront. All the needs of accommodation in rooms specially designed for disabled guests are considered. Elexus Hotel & Resort & Spa Hotel awaits you with all its privileges.

Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel 
Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel , located in Bafra, the most popular tourist area of Northern Cyprus, started serving its esteemed guests in 2017.Located on an area of 120,000 m2, it takes its place among the 5-Star ultra all-inclusive hotels of Cyprus. Serving this concept, Limak Cyprus is 69 kilometers from Ercan airport, 80 kilometers from Nicosia, 85 kilometers from Kyrenia and 40 kilometers from Famagusta. Due to the mild weather conditions of Cyprus almost all season, you can have the opportunity to have a holiday in all seasons. Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel is also among the most preferred hotels in the areas of business meetings tourism and Game Club tourism. Highly technological and comfortable deluxe rooms, different dishes of Turkish and world cuisine are served in a restaurant, where traditional massage rituals, therapies and treatments of the spa area allows guests to enjoy a memorable holiday experience. It is a very privileged hotel due to its indoor pools, equipped children's mini Club, junior club facilities and especially a disabled-friendly hotel. You can come to Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel to leave the fatigue and stress of the whole year behind and revive.                                                                                                                                
Lord's Palace Hotel & Spa 
Lord's Palace Hotel & Spa, which started serving in 2016, attracts attention with its location on the seafront. Located in Kyrenia, one of the exclusive holiday centers of Northern Cyprus, the 5-star hotel is preferred not only in terms of holiday tourism but also in terms of business tourism. Just 38 kilometers from Ercan airport, Lord's Palace Hotel has considered every detail with great finesse for its guests. Always keeping the comfort and technology of its guests at the forefront, the hotel has 1 Royal apartment,19 suite rooms, 250 standard rooms and is located within walking distance of Kyrenia city center. All facilities are provided in the rooms for a comfortable holiday experience. With the Lord's Palace Kyrenia spa center, you can regain the energy you have lost all year round. You can return to your normal life with a fit body, gaining both a more energetic and more vibrant look than before. You can relax and feel refreshed with the traditional baths and massage treatments in the Spa area. You can use the spa center with peace of mind, which is open every day from 08.00 in the morning to 20.00 in the evening. The Lord's Palace Hotel, where you can find all the privileges, is especially noted for its services to disabled guests. At the hotel, where everyone can have a great holiday, you can immediately book your place.