Child Friendly Hotels

Child Friendly Hotels

Child Friendly North Cyprus Hotels; Cyprus hotels offer you the opportunity to holiday in different alternatives. Among these alternatives for families with children, the most important is that there are activities and areas where their children can spend time with pleasure. If the hotel is not considered for children, the holiday will become boring both from the point of view of the family and from the point of view of the child. In this article, we will include hotels in Cyprus where your child can spend time without getting bored.

Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel
Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel is located in the Bafra district. The distance to Ercan airport is 65 km. There are 598 rooms with different concepts. Specially organized animation shows are held for children. There is a mini club with toys where children aged 4-8 can spend time with pleasure. For children aged 8-12, the junior club serves in the summer. With the teenage club, which caters to children aged 12-16 who have just stepped into puberty, your children of all ages can stay in the hotel without getting bored. Aqua park and children's pools will also allow your children to have a great holiday. 

Salamis Bay Conti Resort Hotel
The hotel is located close to the city of Magosa. It is also 45 km from the airport. It has 517 rooms. One double bed or two separate single beds are used in the rooms. In addition, one folding bed can be used. The width of the rooms is 27 m2. In order for children to spend their holidays without burdening their parents, the hotel has a babysitter service. In addition, the children's pool and playground are also a very fun alternative for children. 

Acapulco Resort hotel & Convention & SPA
Located close to the airport among Cyprus hotels, this hotel offers both a holiday and business meetings, as well as a Spa. While you are enjoying the hotel, the hotel is designed in all detail for your children to have fun. If you have a baby and are worried about going on vacation, you can take advantage of the babysitter service that ends these worries. Your baby will be in good hands while you enjoy the hotel. Mini Club offers various activities for your children to have fun. Here, your children will learn easy-to-make dishes such as pizza, cakes, as well as socialize with various activities and develop their skills. The amusement park at the hotel offers you and your children a different alternative for entertainment. You can have a perfect holiday experience with Aqua park and indoor and outdoor pools for children. 

Elexus Hotel & Resort & Spa
One of the most preferred among Cyprus Family Hotels is Elexus Hotel. It is 12 km from Kyrenia and 32 km from the airport. There is a mini-game club activity for children. In addition, sports activities are also included in the hotel to support the physical development of your children. 

Noah's Ark Deluxe Hotel, SPA
Nuhun Gemi Hotel is located in Bafra District, 65 km from Ercan airport. Hotel rooms are divided into standard and deluxe. All rooms at the hotel have a balcony and terrace. With Mini club and junior club, your children are provided to have a pleasant time. Besides activities like face painting, game parks are also quite fun. If you want, you can get a carer's service by paying an additional fee for your child. 

Kaya Artemis Resort 
It is located in the Bafra district. The distance to the airport is 65 km. Its distance to the nearest settlement, Iskele, is 12 km. There are 739 rooms in different concepts. Some of them are located in the main building of the hotel and others are located in the resort. Kaya Artemis Resort has areas where children can spend time with pleasure. Numerous cartoon channels are featured on TV. Environmental conditions are arranged in such a way that they are suitable for children.