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North Cyprus Game Club
Game Club has a large share in Northern Cyprus economy. The number of North Cyprus Hotel Game Club is over 30. Some hotels that have a game club offer their guests free of charge accommodation in exchange for playing a certain amount. Northern Cyprus Game Clubs in different currencies are valid. In the game club there are various types of machines and games. Game Club employees inform customers with required information at the game club. In some private rooms, high amount games are played.

Game Club rules are universal. At Game Club entrance identity check is done. Customers who have not completed the age of 24 cannot enter the game club. The customer can enter hotel's game club for free, but if he is not a hotel customer, he may pay a small fee upon arrival at the game club, in some game clubs this is free. Game Clubs are rigorous about clothes. Dress Code is obligatory.

Cyprus Game Club are well known with their quality and popular. Many countries are only visiting the country for Cyprus game club tourism. First class service is offered in Cyprus game club and serves customers from all walks of world. As a booking2cyprus, we offer you The Best Cyprus Game Club Hotels at the most affordable prices for our valued game club lovers.