Business Hotels

Business Hotels

Cyprus business hotels; meetings, travel and business training are increasing day by day in the rapidly growing business world today. Hotel stays for business also become more frequent, whether you want to or not. At this point, individuals start looking for business hotels with certain features. The first criteria sought is that the hotel to be accommodated is located in a central location. Especially in Cyprus, transportation to the airport and distance to the city center are of great importance. In other words, the conditions sought are more close to the city center, we can say that it is necessary for the hotel guest to do their work without wasting too much time. In particular, there should be event and meeting rooms in the facility to be accommodated so that things can be handled more comfortably. In addition to all this, the facilities offered by the hotel should also be taken into account. Especially dry cleaning, ironing services, unlimited internet connection in rooms and parking services can also be considered as important services for business travel accommodation. Cyprus, on the other hand, is capable of hosting the most beautiful business organizations and has many alternatives in terms of hotels.

Merit Park Hotel
It is one of the Most Preferred Hotels among Cyprus meeting hotels. Kyrenia is located about 6 km from the center, we can say that it is in a central location. The staff working in the hotel have all kinds of technical equipment. It has services to provide the most appropriate environment in terms of business organizations. First of all, the hotel has its own parking lot to make its guests feel comfortable and safe. Wireless internet is available at every point in the hotel. This is a must for business travel stays. Because developing technology now creates an obligation to do everything over the internet. In other words, it has now taken its place in our lives as a necessity rather than a need. The conference room in the facility is also designed to meet every need. Since Care is also very important for the ladies attending the meetings, it is possible to benefit from the hairdresser and beauty salon service offered by the hotel. 

The Landmark Nicosia Hotel
Offering a wide range of rooms, the Landmark Nicosia is a four-by-four business organization and accommodation point. His presence in the capital Nicosia is one of the biggest advantages. It is one of the most ideal hotels to relax and relax after business meetings with the services it offers. A 24-hour reception at the entrance to the hotel welcomes guests. Friendly staff who speak more than one language are also rushing to help in all respects. After job interviews in the meeting room at the hotel, there are many activities that can be done in the name of relaxation and entertainment. Let's look at the services offered by the facility, which is equipped with the qualifications required for business hotels in this sense: in addition to the meeting room, there is a conference room, laundry and dry cleaning services, free parking. In addition to what we consider, there is an ATM, a hair salon for ladies and a shopping point to meet urgent needs. Free internet service is also available. A space has been created where guests who finish their business meetings can throw all the intensity in the spa and therapy rooms. 
Asty Hotel Nicosia
The first feature that we should look for when it comes to Cyprus business hotels is that the hotel is located in the center. It is located in Nicosia, approximately 40 kilometres from Larnaca International Airport. Asty Hotel is located right in the heart of the attractions. Of course, in addition to this, it means that they can reach where they want very comfortably in terms of those who stay here for business organization. The 5-storey hotel has 53 rooms. In addition, there are many alternatives in these rooms. The meeting room and conference area are equipped with all kinds of facilities. In addition to these areas, which are ideal for business organizations, the services it provides are the kind that will facilitate the work of its guests. Laundry and dry cleaning are among the services provided in case of any setbacks. The iron and ironing board in the rooms also do not need to pay special attention to the fact that the clothes do not crumple during the trip. Unlimited internet throughout the hotel is also a plus feature in order to get things done without a hitch. In addition, in the on-site restaurants, expert chefs cook healthy and delicious dishes. 

Hotel Allegra GSP Sport Center
It is a hotel that can meet all kinds of needs with the services it offers among Nicosia hotels. Centrally located in the capital Nicosia, the hotel offers 32 rooms within a stylish concept. In the hotel's meeting rooms, the rooms are equipped with special equipment so that guests who talk business all day can relax. The TV and seating group in the comfortable rooms are completely placed for the comfort of the guests. In addition, for those who want to be involved in their affairs at any time, there is unlimited internet in the facility. The otelbar, which serves all day without interruption, provides the most beautiful environment for a drink after the meeting. Of course, this facility is not equipped with a meeting-only environment. It also has many areas that serve to have fun times. It offers the opportunity to relax in its comfortable rooms and have fun with its activities to those who come for business organization. Also compatible with the latest technology meeting rooms as a place that we face.

Vuni Palace Hotel
Located 1 km from Kyrenia Center in Cyprus and 35 km from the airport, Vuni Palace serves as a well-equipped facility among business hotels. The hotel is of great importance for business trips. Both its location and the services it offers are important for a successful business organization. In addition, the rooms should be comfortable for a nice rest outside the business meeting. In terms of all these features, we can say that Vuni Palace Hotel is an ideal resort. It has a conference room created using the highest level of technology. He also has a parking lot where he thinks of guests who came here in his own car.  The hairdresser service available for every guest staying at the hotel is also lifesaving for businesswomen. An ideal service for ladies who want to carefully prepare for a meeting or, for example, professional training. 

Cratos Premium Hotel 
Cratos Premium Hotel, which has a large capacity of 410 rooms, is located 5 km from the center of Kyrenia and 32 km from Ercan airport. It is possible to see all the qualities that should be found in business hotels in Cyprus in this facility. There is one conference room, which is primarily necessary for business organizations. The facility has an unlimited internet network to carry out the work easily throughout the stay. It offers parking for hotel guests who have their own car. For those who do not have a car, it also provides the opportunity to rent a car so that they can easily do their work in the city. The restaurant inside the property also has delicious and hearty menus, where it is impossible to stay hungry. A little fun is essential to relieve work fatigue and stress. All the necessary activities and environments can be found at the hotel. Of course, in addition, the comfort of the room is also extremely good. 

Hotel Pia Bella 
Hotel Pia Bella is a facility that can meet all needs in terms of family accommodation and business organizations. Centrally located in Kyrenia, this hotel's meeting rooms provide a comfortable environment for business meetings within a stylish concept. For guests who come here for business travel, there are also services that he gives by thinking about every detail. The first is the availability of free parking. It provides a safe parking environment for guests who come by car. Besides, perhaps the most important issue of business meetings is clothing. It is very important that the clothes are clean and ironed. At this point, it also provides laundry service, dry cleaning and Ironing service. In this way, no separate attention is required to ensure that the clothes do not crumple during the journey. Or, in case of accidental contamination of the dress, it can be taken care of immediately. After all, business meetings are held with immaculate, fragrant and ironed clothes.

Kaya Palazzo Resort 
Kaya Palazzo Hotel is located in the category of Kyrenia hotels in Cyprus. It has a lot of opportunities, especially in terms of accommodation on business trips. A large conference room is well equipped for events to be held. In addition, the hall was established by taking advantage of all the blessings of technology. Guests who connect to the unlimited internet that attracts in every region within the resort have the opportunity to instantly handle their work from anywhere. Private parking is also available for vehicles to make guests comfortable. Besides all this, we can't say anything about the comfort of the rooms. Because those who are at the bottom of the fun during the holiday and those who stay at the hotel for work also take a good rest and start each day energetically as a mission. For this reason, everything is based on comfort and comfort in common areas, both inside and outside the room. No matter what purpose it comes to, this place embodies all kinds of qualities and allows you to spend a pleasant time.