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Pier-Bosphorus (Bosphorus) is a charming coastal town at the junction of the Magosa-Karpaz highway and the Ercan-Karpaz Highway. The town with 24,596 inhabitants is 18 km from Magosa and 58 km from Nicosia Ercan airport. From Nicosia Ercan airport to Famagusta, there is an airport shuttle service, from Famagusta to the pier by taxi or transfer vehicles.

The area where the town is located is called Boğaz (Bosporus). It is a coastline where Yesil and mavini are integrated. Many tourist facilities in the Bosphorus region offer quality service at an affordable price. Enjoy many fishing restaurants and taverns in the area. Because fishing is the livelihood of the local people, seafood is fresh and cheap.

Pier Hotels
Iskele is one of the 5 districts of Northern Cyprus. The pier, which has an area of 774 km2, was connected to Famagusta district until 1998, and it gained the title of being a district in 2000. The pier is one of the important points for tourism, where the azure sea and lush natural beauties meet. When we learn about Cyprus Pier, we see that its old name was knitwear and it was changed to Pier after the arrival of the Turkish Cypriots in the region. Due to its location, Iskele district is an area where development is open and tourist facilities are located. Pier Strait is one of the beaches that attracts many visitors to Cyprus. With its Long Beach, public beach and lush forest land, you can enjoy your time in Iskele district, which is a magnificent holiday Center.

Exotic hotel SPA
Exotic hotel SPA is a family-run hotel that opened in 1999 and is managed in a boutique hotel concept. The hotel in Iskele offers facilities that appeal to guests of all ages with its rooms with the most beautiful views, pool with slides, rhetoric with different tastes and spa center where the most relaxing massages are performed. It is also very close to the areas of the city where you can make tourist trips. The facility, which wants to give its customers unique experiences, is also very preferred with its reasonable price policy. A place known for its unique weather, you can also have a beautiful holiday experience. It has 18 standard and 4 suite rooms. It also has 3 pools with water slides to give its guests fun moments. It features a children's swimming pool and a playground, where families with children are not forgotten. There is also a lobby bar with a fireplace that looks quite romantic. It has a charming and clean beach where sunbeds and umbrellas are provided by the property. Iskele hotels are of great importance in TRNC tourism.

Exotic hotel SPA benefits; the hotel is located very close to the historical sites and popular beaches in the area. The restaurant, which is located on the beach, has a capacity of 130 people, and the open part has a capacity of 300 people. The coastal restaurant is a very comfortable and charming place and serves an impressive meal with great tastes. The restaurant offers extremely delicious Cypriot tastes to your esteemed guests. The restaurant has an extensive menu. So much so that it appeals to the taste of people from all walks of life. Fish-loving guests can taste a variety of appetizers at Exotic hotel with a fish menu featuring fresh Mediterranean fish. After completing your tour of Cyprus Pier attractions, you can spend time with pleasure accompanied by delicious dishes in your hotel. You can also try cold and hot appetizers prepared with local products and beautiful kebab varieties. The Exotic restaurant, which has an indoor seating capacity of 250 people and an outdoor seating area of 350 people, especially demands wedding owners, companies that conduct various organizations and those who organize private parties. Outdoor activities take place in the garden section by the pool. It offers standard rooms with sea views and twin beds. You can relax comfortably in the rooms and experience a beautiful atmosphere with sea views. From the suites located on both the first and second floors of the hotel, you can view the magnificent sea view of the Mediterranean from a wide angle. Paying particular attention to the comfort of its guests, the hotel offers a fairly large king-size bed and a comfortable sofa.

Long Beach Rental Apartments
Long Beach Pier houses, which collect all the facilities you expect under one roof and offer a beautiful holiday together with Entertainment, are waiting to give their guests an unforgettable pleasure. Long Beach, the coastline, is a magnificent beautiful beach located on the eastern coast of Cyprus, between Famagusta and Pier Bosphorus. You can enjoy your holiday as you like in a very quiet and quiet environment. In addition, you are 15 minutes away from the city's lively points and entertainment places, many historical places of Northern Cyprus. Long Beach Holiday Homes are located in the pier area, very close to Ercan airport. Its distance from Larnaca airport is 45 km. If you want, you can rent a car or use the transportation services offered by the airport to The Long Beach Pier houses.

The area, whose natural beauty is unspoiled, has shopping centers, banks, pharmacies where it can meet its needs, although it is calm. 4 km north of Iskele is the village of Bosporus (Monarga), which is named after the region. It is a small seaside village that will be preferred by those who want to make a peaceful holiday.
As you can go on yacht tours in the Bosphorus, you can fish, enjoy the sun on the clear sea and beaches.
The Church of Panagia Thedoku (Pier icon Museum) and the chapel of Ayios Yakavos can be visited on the pier.

Panagia Thedoku Church;
It is the main church of the village of Pier. 12.y.y. the church, also built, was repaired in 1804. It was repaired again in 1966. The paintings and icons in the church, which is a museum today, are worth seeing.

Ayios Yakavos Chapel (Church Of St. James);
Chapels are small places of worship. A small church, you might say. Chapel in the center of the Pier 14.y.y. it was built at the end. Although it is small, it has an interesting architecture. The restored chapel is used as a Tourist Information Office.

Many accommodation facilities such as Caesar Resort, Club Malibu Beach Hotel, Asut Guest House are located in the pier area.