Trikomo – Bosphorus; With Famagusta-Karpas, Ercan-Karpas road is a charming seaside town where the highway meets. The town with a population of 24.596 is 18 km from Famagusta and 58 km from Ercan Airport. From Nicosia Ercan Airport to Famagusta with airport shuttle, from Famagusta to Trikomo by taxi or transfer service.

The area where the town is located is called the Bosphorus. It is a coastal strip where green and blue are integrated. Many tourist facilities in the Bosphorus region offer quality services at an affordable price. Tourists can enjoy with many fishing restaurants and taverns in the area. Since fishing is a source of livelihood for local people, seafood is fresh and cheap.

Natural beauty is unspoiled regions; beside peaceful area, there are shopping centers, banks, pharmacies where it can meet the needs.          

4 km north of Trikomo has the village of Bosphorus (Monarga) which is named after the region. It is a small seaside village which will be preferred by those who want a peaceful holiday.

You can go on yacht tours in the Bosphorus, fish can be caught, the clear sea and sandy beaches can be enjoyed in the sun.

On Trikomo you can visit the Panagia Theodokou Church and the Ayios Yakovos Chapel.

Panagia Thedoku Church; 
It is the main church of the village of Trikomo. The church, which was built in 12th century, was repaired in 1804. It was repaired again in 1966. The pictures and icons in the church, which is a museum today, are worth seeing.

Ayios Yakovos Chapel (St. James Church); 
The chapels are small places of worship. It could be called a small church. The chapel is in the center of the Trikomo was built at the end of 14th century. Although small, it has an interesting architecture. Restored chapel is used as the Tourist Information Office.

In Trikomo region there are Caesar Resort, Club Malibu Beach Hotel, Asut Konuk Evi accommodation facilities.