The eastern Mediterranean is a temperate sea close to tropical conditions. Due to the small continental shelf of the island, it is not suitable for large-scale fishing. The waters of Cyprus are the poorest area of the Mediterranean in terms of Fisheries. In recent years, the living species of the Mediterranean have come under pressure from exotic species entering through the Suez Canal. 
Northern Cyprus has a coastal area of 396 km. There are 170 fish species and coastal fishing is carried out. Trawling and fishing are prohibited. 30 species of fish are hunted commercially. May June march August is the most productive hunting season, followed by the month of June and August. K.There are bream and sea bass farms in Cyprus (Kumyalı and Bosporus). Aquaculture is of great importance for the nutrition and tourism sector. 
North Cyprus has a wealth of diversity not only in terms of holidays and entertainment, but also in terms of its nature and historical monuments. There are accommodation facilities for all types of budgets. 
Northern Cyprus, which has been home to various civilizations, has been influenced by the cultures of these civilizations. Therefore it has a very rich cuisine. In Northern Cyprus, there are hellim cheese, walnut paste, magarina bulli, peach kebab, lagangi, thief (Cube kebab), molekiya, kolakas, pirohu, gullirikya dishes and many other types of dishes. Olive oil is used in dishes and is the main element of food culture. 
Nicosia is the capital of Northern Cyprus. It is also the capital of Southern Cyprus. It is divided into two parts by the border called the Yesil line. The north of the city belongs to the Turks and the south to the Greeks. Decomm Yesil (Green Line) is a United Nations peacekeepers located in the intermediate zone. March to October in Nicosia is suitable for travel. 

St. Sophia (Hagia Sophia) Cathedral-Selimiye Mosque; the Cathedral, which was built in 1209 by the Lusignans (the French dynasty that ruled Cyprus between 1192-1489), is the largest place of worship in Cyprus. In 1570, two minarets were added and converted into a mosque and called Selimiye Mosque. Built in Gothic style, this magnificent building is one of the most beautiful examples of medieval French architecture.

Venetian column; a 6-meter-long column, estimated to have been brought from the Temple of Salamis, was erected by the Venetians in 1550. It has the coat of arms of six Italian families on it. It was erected by the British in its present place (Atatürk Square). 

The Great Khan was built of stone by the Ottomans in 1572. It is the most beautiful historical building in Nicosia. It was used as a prison during the British colonial period. This place, which remains intact to this day, has shops selling souvenirs, restaurants and cafes.

Bedesten-St. Nicolas Church; 12 instead of the Basilica destroyed in the earthquakes. y.y. also during the Byzantine period, St. Nicolas Church built. During the Lusignan period (14. y.y da) was expanded. During the Ottoman period, it was turned into a bedesten (Bazaar where valuable goods were sold). It is one of the most beautiful works reflecting the stonework of Gothic architecture to the present day. It has been restored with the financial contributions of the EU and is used in cultural and artistic activities.

Museum of medieval stone artifacts (Lapidary); 15. it was built by the Venetians in the century. It was used as a guest house for those who came from outside the city. Important stones in the Lusignan Palace, which was destroyed by the British, were moved to this building, which is used as a museum today. It is a museum worth visiting. 

Although the Arap Ahmet quarter has lost its historical features, its winding narrow streets take you back to the past. Single or two-storey bay windows and Bayless houses, flattened arched entrance doors, decorated and wooden Eaves houses are worth seeing.

Mevlevi Tekke Museum is located in the Kyrenia Gate area to the north of the Nicosia walls. It was built in 1583. 17. y.y was also rebuilt and renamed tekke. His income was provided from the Mevlevi farm inden (Cira-Hanım) belonging to the foundation allocated to him. The lodge has been frequented by those who go on pilgrimage by ship. It catered to the housing, food and dressing needs of the poor. Mevlevism is an Islamic sect. In general, it is a sect that embraces people indiscriminately and has a faith in honesty, goodness and Justice. It has its own unique Sufi education and rites.

In Nicosia, Northern Cyprus, you can both witness the history and spend time in decent hotels in Northern Cyprus. In particular as we recommend our hotels: City Royal Hotel, Merit Lefkosa Hotel, Golden Tulip Lefkosa Hotel, Djumba Hotel, Gul Hanım House, Aksaray Hotel. All of our hotels have transfer services from Ercan and Larnaca airports.

Cyprus Nicosia Hotels
Nicosia is the capital of the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Nicosia, one of the most important cities of Cyprus, is divided into two parts by a border called the Yesil line; Turkish citizens in one part and Greek citizens in the other. Nicosia was the capital of Cyprus during the Ottoman Empire, but became a sanjak in the following years. The Republic of Cyprus was established in 1960. The Yesil line was drawn by establishing Turkish and Greek municipalities. Cyprus is a city that has always maintained its power and managed to regenerate despite the radical changes it has experienced in the past. Having two different cultures, the city is one of the most important places on earth. On our page, you can review the Cyprus Nicosia accommodation preferences and make your reservations.

Merit Nicosia Hotel Casino & Spa
Centrally located, Merit Nicosia Hotel Casino & Spa is one of the best hotels in Nicosia. The hotel, which is also very convenient in terms of Transportation, is only 25 kilometers away from Ercan airport. The property has a total of 116 extremely luxurious and modern rooms. Different design touches are seen in both decoration and hotel architecture. It has clean and tidy rooms that allow its guests to stay comfortably. You can stay at this property without hesitation on both holiday and business trips. It offers a service capable of meeting all the needs of guests.

Merit Nicosia Hotel Delights
Merit Nicosia hotel restaurant section is a beautiful place with traces of Ottoman architecture. Original tastes of Ottoman cuisine are presented in the concept of a la Carte. Breakfast is free at the property and all other food received during the day is charged. In addition, tea, filter coffee, water and orange juice taken next to breakfast in the morning are free, and all drinks taken outside of this are charged. The hotel has two a la Carte restaurants, Ottoman Kebap House and Sultan. Booking condition you can use this service by paying the fee.

Merit Nicosia Hotel Spa Facilities
You can also use the swimming pool and Snow Fountain from the facilities offered by the Spa area. To pamper yourself, you can have one of the different types of massage practiced by experienced experts. Effective skin care sessions are also available for guests who want to refresh their skin. Guests who want to relax in the traditional Turkish bath can also use the sauna and steam room. The property has a children's pool where guests with children experience unforgettable, fun moments. If you want, the hotel offers a babysitter for an additional fee.

Grand Pasha Nicosia Hotel & Casino & Spa
Grand Pasha Nicosia Hotel & Casino & Spa is one of the most popular hotels in Northern Cyprus. It is located on Dereboyu, Nicosia's most important Street. Located in the center due to its location, it is within walking distance of many places. The hotel has a total of 134 units.There are 1 King Suite, 6 private suites, 4 junior suites, 5 single bed suites, 7 corner suites, 4 corner rooms and 107 standard rooms. The facility is located 25 kilometers from Ercan airport. In the facility, where meeting rooms are also located, Yilmaz Balci Ballroom is 300 m2 and has a capacity of 300 people. In this area, it is possible to hold meetings, conferences and private business dinners. Bellapais meeting room is 51m2, Büyük Han meeting room is 52m2 and Selimiye meeting room is 63m2. In these halls, which are fully equipped in all respects, you can easily perform your activities.

City Royal & Casino Hotel
City Royal Hotel welcomes its guests in modern and comfortable rooms in Nicosia with many years of experience. It always shows the friendly and hospitality of Northern Cyprus. It displays the hospitality of Cyprus. Bed and breakfast and half board are available at the property. In the bed and breakfast concept, all food and drinks except breakfast are provided for a fee, and in the half board concept, breakfast and dinner are provided for free. All drinks at dinner are also charged. City Royal Casino Nicosia Hotel has 1 restaurant and 2 cafes. You can eat at the terrace restaurant and enjoy your desired drinks at the Vitamin Bar and Lobby Bar. In addition, you can use a la Carte restaurant with reservation and fee, experience special tastes. Guests who wish can evaluate the Turkish bath, sauna and massage facilities in the Spa section and enjoy the indoor pool. Sports fans can take advantage of the fitness center as they like.