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Kyrenia Hotels
The city of Kyrenia is located in Cyprus, the 3rd largest island in the Mediterranean Sea. The beautiful beaches of Kyrenia are waiting to be explored with many different concept hotels, warm island people and entertainment places. The most hotels in Northern Cyprus are Kyrenia. It offers a wide range of alternatives from all-inclusive 5 * hotels to luxury boutique hotels in Kyrenia. You can explore Kyrenia hotels by using Booking2Cyprus's advanced and user-friendly booking system to enjoy the sea, sand and sun at the best quality hotels and entertaining the island life; you can book your hotel in a very short time. With Booking2Cyprus, you can stay up-to-date with the hotel's advantageous campaigns by querying hotels.
Kyrenia, one of the most beautiful cities in Cyprus, offers hotels in Kyrenia which offer different alternatives for all kinds of tourists. Kyrenia hotels, service and customer-oriented approach to the city and the island is trying to leave guests happy. When choosing the first hotel to stay, we recommend that you review the customer reviews on Booking2Cyprus to ensure the reliability and comfort of the property.
Kyrenia hotels offer a wide range of facilities from room only to ultra all inclusive hotels. You can use Booking2Cyprus’s advanced hotel inquiry screen to select the hotel that best fits your criteria and expectations, and you can easily access all details and photos of hotels. We help you in every aspect of the hotel reservation in Kyrenia.

The Best Hotels in Kyrenia
Kyrenia is one of the most beautiful cities in Cyprus. Kyrenia, which causes different views due to its being a port city, is also one of the most visited regions by tourists. Kyrenia attracts the attention of tourists with its historical and tourist attractions, as well as with its hotels. Kyrenia, which is home to luxury hotels from each other, is one of the best places to stay in Cyprus. Cyprus Kyrenia hotels offer you quality and luxury at the same time in terms of accommodation. You can enjoy your Cyprus holiday by staying in hotels located on the seafront or in the city center.

Acapulco Resort Hotel
Acapulco Hotel Cyprus, one of the most luxurious hotels in Kyrenia, is a 5-star beachfront hotel. Acapulco Hotel, which stands out from other hotels in many respects and carries itself to the top, attracts attention as one of the most popular hotels in Kyrenia. after the restoration works carried out in 2010, the hotel has 857 rooms of different types, which continue to serve with an extremely modern look. Cyprus Acapulco Hotel offers you the opportunity to have a luxury holiday in a quality hotel. You can enjoy your stay at this hotel, which is very diverse in terms of service, whether in summer or in winter.

Cratos Premium
Kyrenia, the port city of Cyprus, is a very rich city in terms of hotels. The number of 5-star hotels in the region, where you can find all kinds of services, is also quite large. Cratos Hotel is one of the leading Luxury hotels in Kyrenia, Cyprus. The hotel is notable for its beachfront location and has a private beach with a length of meters. In addition to this, Kıbrıs Cratos Hotel, which provides its guests with pleasant moments with its spa center and casino, continues to entertain its guests with its different programs on special occasions such as New Year, Valentine's Day and Eid. If you want to have a holiday experience where you can feel special at every step you take and get rid of the fatigue of the whole year, you can choose luxury hotels located in the Kyrenia region.

Elexus Hotel
Cyprus Elexus Hotel, one of the beachfront hotels in Kyrenia, has all the dec for both adult and child guests to have a pleasant holiday. The hotel has been designed with all the needs of its guests in mind, both in the rooms and throughout the hotel, and offers holiday facilities in different concepts. The hotel also has meeting rooms where you can spend time with your family, as well as hold business meetings and organize congresses. In addition to this, the hotel also has special facilities for honeymoon couples, and also attracts attention with the fact that it has one of the largest aquaparks in the region. If you prefer Kyrenia for your holidays, you can book your place after a short hotel and price research. Cyprus Kyrenia hotel prices vary depending on factors such as the size of the hotel, the variety of services it offers, and the things included in the service. You can have a fun holiday and relieve stress in Kyrenia, where you can find hotels suitable for every budget.

One of the dec that stands out among the hotels of Cyprus with its quality is the Elexus Hotel. The hotel has a total of 822 rooms with 10 different concepts. You can choose standard, deluxe and family rooms, as well as suites that attract attention with their luxurious structure for accommodation. The suite rooms, which are in a spacious structure, give you the privilege of waking up every morning with the enchanting beauty of the Mediterranean Sea with its magnificent sea views. Organized activities for children and young people at the hotel provide a pleasant family holiday. In the hotel's spa center, you can find different massage options to relieve your fatigue.

Kaya Palazzo Resort
Kaya Palazzo Cyprus offers you a privileged stay with a large selection of rooms. The deluxe, suite and superior rooms at the hotel have different characteristics. You can enjoy a more privileged stay with the magnificent design and luxurious furniture of the rooms. The hotel's restaurants and bars also provide you with the most delicious dishes and drinks. The hotel's main restaurant, Palazzo Buffet, serves breakfast, late breakfast, lunch and dinner, as well as a buffet. In the restaurant, which brings together tastes from different countries of the world, you can meet a new taste every day.

Welcoming you with its attractive lobby, Kaya Palazzo Hotel also makes you experience luxury to the fullest with its unique design in its rooms. Although each of the suite, deluxe and superior room options is special from each other, it is the Royal Spa Suite Swim Up rooms that attract attention with its splendor. You can enter the pool directly from these rooms and enjoy the sunset on the spacious terrace. You can enjoy a relaxing spa with a steam room, a massage room and a hammam in your room. in the Royal Spa Suite Swim Up rooms with 3 bedrooms and 2 jacuzzis, it is possible to enjoy a holiday worthy of kings

MC Palace Hotel
DEC Palace Hotel, which stands out among the central hotels of Kyrenia, Cyprus with its quality of service, is one of the most correct addresses for a pleasant holiday. Spacious meeting rooms with the latest technological equipment are ideal for you to successfully complete all kinds of organizations.
The rooms have many details that november to your needs, such as a private balcony, mini bar, digital safe. The stylish design of the rooms also offers a pleasant stay. You can easily get rid of the fatigue of the whole year with the services such as massage, hammam, sauna offered in the SPA-Wellness Center located at the hotel.

Lords Palace
Lords Palace, one of the most fashionable hotels in Kyrenia, stands out with the rich figures it uses to decorate rooms. All kinds of details are available for your comfort in the suites and rooms classified as standard. Bella Marin, the entertainment venue of Kyrenia people and tourists, is located right next to the hotel. Friendly staff is waiting for you at every point of the hotel. Thanks to the staff who come to your aid at the slightest problem, you can enjoy the privilege of having a holiday in a warm atmosphere.
Lord Palace, which also fills the eyes with its dishes, offers you unique tastes at every meal of the day at Spice Restaurant. You can also take a break at Le Petit Croissant cafe for a snack and pleasant conversations.

The Denizkizi Hotel
For those who are looking for budget options among Cyprus hotels, Denizkiz Dec Hotel is an ideal option. The hotel is located in the village of Alsancak in Kyrenia, next to the sea, and has a total of 56 rooms. Mermaid Royal Hotel, another hotel establishment, has 6 suites, 42 standard and 6 connect rooms. You can spend a comfortable holiday in the rooms that are suitable for your own taste. When you review the reviews of Denizkizi Hotel Cyprus, you can leave Cyprus with the most beautiful memories by choosing this hotel, which has a high level of appreciation.

Merit Park Hotel
Merit Park Hotel, located in all its glory and glory in the Merit hotels chain, has a design that takes its inspiration from Kyrenia Castle. With a distance of 8 km from the center of Kyrenia, the hotel offers the opportunity to shape your holiday the way you want. You can spice up your holiday by participating in numerous activities organized at the hotel or by going on a tour to get to know the sights of Kyrenia. If you wish, you can explore the untouched bays with a boat trip. The total number of rooms in Merit Park Hotel is 286. It is possible to choose dec ideal choice for your comfort from standard, connection and suite rooms. Offering an all-inclusive concept, the hotel also has various alternatives for the landscape. You can choose between the decency of the Beşparmak Mountains and the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea to determine the room you will stay in.

The Arkin Colony Hotel
The Arkin Colony Hotel awaits you in the center of Kyrenia with its magnificent architecture. Ideally located in the vicinity of Kyrenia Castle and the historical port, the hotel has an appearance that combines the history of Cyprus and the Ottoman Empire. Located in the heart of the city and one of the only hotels that promises calm, The Arkin Colony is an ideal option for holidays with your family. Each of the club rooms, junior suite, residence suite and premier suite room options opens dec doors to a comfortable stay for you. The eye-catching decoration of the rooms and the furnishing of the rooms according to your needs make your stay even more privileged. You can enjoy the comfort of the hotel's spa center with soul-relaxing massages, while at the casino you can push the limits of your chances.

Merit Crystal Cove Hotel
Merit Crystal Cove Hotel, one of the most outstanding options among the hotels of Cyprus, is located in Zephy Dec Bay. Due to the unique architecture of the hotel, Yesilmaz, which combines a unique view of the bay, allows you to saturate both blue and green. The hotel has a total of 349 rooms. All rooms have a balcony for you to fully enjoy the view. As the creator of the all inclusive plus concept, the hotel brings a different dimension to the stay with the privileges it offers. Merit Crystal Cove Hotel, where you can find sports facilities, spacious conference rooms and great delicacies, also offers special services for you in the winter season. You can enjoy the most special tastes of international cuisine with live music in the hotel's restaurant; You can cheer up your palates with the taste of the most delicious drinks in the bars.

Kyrenia, one of the most beautiful cities in Northern Cyprus, offers you a large number of hotel options for a pleasant holiday. In order to decide which of the Kyrenia hotels dec prefer, you can consider a large number of variables such as activity options, price. If you are planning a holiday with your children, you should turn to options that offer babysitting and play activities.

All Inclusive Hotels Kyrenia
Kyrenia offers many different alternative holiday options and offers a rich choice of accommodation to its visitors. There are many hotels in Kyrenia that offer an all-inclusive concept. All-inclusive Kyrenia hotels offer guests a rich concept of food and drink and different facilities. All-inclusive Kyrenia hotels offer a wide range of activities throughout the day, and private shows and shows are organized in the evenings. The most famous places of Cyprus are also close to Kyrenia hotels in Kyrenia where entertainment is the most intense. If you want to spend a pleasant holiday this year, you can reserve your place early in Kyrenia hotels and pay less for your holiday. In addition, booking2cyprus can be canceled and non-cancelable payment options with the option to stay as we are able to. Kyrenia offers all-inclusive hotels as well as a wide range of apartments, pensions, motels and boutique hotels. Kyrenia apart hotels, Kyrenia hostels, Kyrenia motels and Kyrenia boutique hotels offer different alternatives for those looking for an economical holiday. Some of the boutique hotels can compete with luxury 5 * hotels.

Cheap Kyrenia Hotels
Kyrenia hotel prices are sold on site with different prices. Therefore, it is not possible to talk about a standard Kyrenia hotel price. Prices will be slightly higher if you want your hotel to be a seaside, 5-star and all-inclusive concept. If you want to stay in pensions or boutique hotels you can reach more affordable prices. This is the reason why you should choose your budget and budget before choosing Kyrenia hotels. If the price of the hotel you selected suits you exceeds your budget, we have over 80 hotels in Girne to list for you to make a little stretch in your criteria.
When booking a hotel in Booking2Cyprus, you must take into account the advantages and disadvantages of the accommodation type and hostel type you choose. If you choose a hotel that offers only room or bed and breakfast concept to be affordable, you will need to spend 3 meals a day outside the hotel. Or, if you plan to go on a different tour of the city every day when choosing a resort with a lot of social facilities, it is a good idea to consider that you cannot use the hotel's activities and food. So you can choose your criteria or get help from us when making the best Kyrenia hotels list.

5 Star Hotels in Kyrenia
Cyprus Girne welcomes tourists from many countries of the world throughout the year and there are also 5-star hotels for customers who demand more luxury hotels. Because of the high quality service and customer satisfaction given to the 5 star hotels in Kyrenia, the experienced staff they provide, the world cuisine and social facilities they offer, help guests to have a good holiday experience. Kyrenia has a wide variety of hotels by the sea. Trying to provide the best service, Cyprus hotels are close to Booking2Cyprus.
With Booking2Cyprus detaylıs detailed hotel inquiry system, you don't have to stay at 5-star hotels only by paying high rates. With the Booking2Cyprus you can easily find hotels that are slightly less advantageous in terms of location or facilities but still 5 star in terms of service, you can find both a budget and a luxury holiday.

Honeymoon Hotels Kyrenia
Girne is one of the ideal cities for honeymoon couples who want to relieve all the fatigue of the wedding, get away from stress and spend the first days of marriage in a pleasant way. You can make your dream honeymoon holiday in Kyrenia. Honeymoon hotels in Kyrenia usually consist of large facilities with many facilities. After booking these hotels for honeymoon couples holidays, they can access all kinds of facilities without having to move away from the hotel during their holidays.
If you want to choose a comprehensive facility as a honeymoon hotel, you are in the right place. Many hotels offer different treats for honeymooners. If you provide us with these details as a note during the booking process, you can contact the hotel and make sure that we will do our best for your honeymoon holiday. Booking2Cyprus also offers a wide range of hotels and hostel types for honeymooners. In order not to be late in booking the hotel for the summer season, book your reservation via Booking2Cyprus. You can also make a flexible purchase with our cancellation booking possibilities. If your wedding date is clear, do not wait longer for your honeymoon hotel reservation.

Hotels in Kyrenia
Inquiry for Booking2cyprus Kyrenia hotels, we offer a wide variety of hotels that you can enjoy during your holiday in Cyprus, whether for business or pleasure. After entering the check-in and check-out date of the Booking2Cyprus inquiry screen, you can filter your hotel according to your expectations and you will find many different hotel facilities. You can find the most suitable one for you by examining the evaluation points, facility location, room features, hostel types and facilities. When you enter the hotel details, all the information and photos about the hotel are in their current state.
If you are coming to Kyrenia for business, it is more convenient to stay in hotels close to you for ease of transportation. So you don't have to pay too much for city transport if you need to travel from city to city. For this, you should examine the location of the hotels in detail. If your Kyrenia trip is for a summer holiday, you should definitely choose hotels near the sea with extensive facilities. Would you like to spend your holiday this year in Cyprus?

Kyrenia Boutique Hotels
Kyrenia has a wide range of boutique hotels. If you are planning to stay in a boutique hotel in Kyrenia, Cyprus, there are many boutique hotels with affordable and high quality. You can have a luxury holiday in a boutique hotel with different facilities or a budget-friendly holiday in a boutique hotel with limited facilities. Some of the boutique hotels in Kyrenia offer breakfast only, while some offer full board or half board. You will see all these details in detail if you make a reservation.
When searching for hotels in Booking2Cyprus’, you can filter the type of accommodation and property properties to find both budget hotels that match your budget and those like your dreams. At Booking2Cyprus you can quickly access a variety of information of the boutique hotels you are interested in, such as location, photos, facilities and customer reviews. You can reach many details and make a reservation in a short time before your trip to Kyrenia. Sometimes some dates are more popular, so room rates on those dates may be higher. If you are flexible in your accommodation date, you can get accommodation within the dates that are convenient for you.

Kyrenia Hotel Early Booking Deals
The best way to make an unforgettable holiday at discounted prices in Kyrenia's most popular hotels is through booking2cyprus. We offer you the possibility to make reservations for all kinds of budget with over 80 alternative Kyrenia Hotel. To make your holiday in Kyrenia with early booking discounts, which make your holiday cheap, just book your place early. With Booking2Cyprus, early booking cancellation insurance or cancellation room categories, which offer attractive discounts and payment terms at Kyrenia hotels, we offer our guests the right to unconditional cancellation and refund until short stay. Early booking deals for all-inclusive Kyrenia hotels start in November and rebate rates fall from spring to early summer. If you want to have an affordable holiday in Kyrenia, Northern Cyprus this year, you should definitely take advantage of the early booking opportunities and you can enjoy the guarantee of Booking2Cyprus at discounted prices in Northern Cyprus.
Famous for its wonderful climate and friendly Mediterranean host, Kyrenia is the most popular holiday resort in Northern Cyprus and is located on the northern coast of the island. It still maintains its sparkling beaches and stunning naturalness. Cyprus, known as the pearl of the Mediterranean, deserves this promise.
The city is home to more than 100 holiday hotels, numerous restaurants and cafés and shopping. Kyrenia geces nightlife is lively. Offering a variety of holiday activities, the town is the island's favorite attraction.
There are countless historical places to visit during your holiday in Kyrenia. Some of the most famous places to explore in Kyrenia are the Kyrenia Castle and the Shipwreck Museum. The harbor of Kyrenia houses more than 150 yachts and fishing boats. The port is the busiest place in the city both day and night, so there are plenty of restaurants and cafes to visit. While on holiday in Northern Cyprus, you should definitely drink a Turkish coffee.

When to Go to Kyrenia Holiday?
In Cyprus, where the Mediterranean climate is intense, the summer season is quite long. On the island where the weather is warming towards the end of March, the summer weather continues until the end of October. In winter, many hotels are open in Kyrenia, hotels serve its visitors for four seasons. You can come to Cyprus in spring if you want to have a holiday in warm weather except for sea sand, sea and sun. In winter, many game club lovers prefer Kyrenia. If you want to explore the rich history of Cyprus as well as a holiday full of fun, you can visit Kyrenia every month of the year and experience the comfort of accommodation in Kyrenia hotels.

Kyrenia Vacation Rentals
There are many special hotel alternatives in Northern Cyprus Girne. For this reason, when planning a holiday in Cyprus Kyrenia budget and expectations are appropriate to make choices. Booking2Cyprus offers you the hotel category in different categories. If you are going to have a holiday with your family, you can choose all-inclusive beachfront Kyrenia hotels. For a romantic holiday or honeymoon stay, you can take a look at Kyrenia's luxury resort hotels, which offer their guests a unique and pleasant honeymoon treat. If you're dreaming of fun with your friends, you can choose hotels near Kyrenia Castle. If you need a luxurious holiday away from the crowds, you can especially choose Bellapais.

Transportation to Kyrenia
As it is an island country, the easiest way to get to Kyrenia is by plane. Although Mersin and Alanya are accessible by sea, this road is not preferred much because it is long and laborious. There is only one airport in Northern Cyprus and all cities of Cyprus are accessible through this airport. Ercan Airport, which is approximately 45 km from the center of Kyrenia, can be reached by transfer vehicles, Kibhaş shuttles and taxi. Apart from these facilities, Booking2Cyprus is also able to transfer to hotels. If you want to come out of Turkey in Cyprus Ercan Airport, you need to come out of an indirect flight. Apart from this, there is a paid transfer to Larnaca Airport to Kyrenia and North Cyprus. When planning your holiday in Kyrenia you can organize your ticket and hotel separately. In addition to all these services, you can also benefit from the BookingCyprus transfer service to provide transportation from Ercan Airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport at reasonable prices.

Transportation in Kyrenia
Kyrenia is a small island city and has not developed much in terms of transportation. However, many points of the city can be reached on foot. In Kyrenia, local transportation usually uses taxis. Taxi prices in Cyprus are also quite affordable. Transportation on the island is also cycling. As the traffic is quiet, you can use the bike anywhere in Northern Cyprus. You can reach many parts of Kyrenia by bicycle and explore Cyprus more closely. Intercity buses are used for transportation from Kyrenia to other Cyprus cities.

Popular Beaches in Kyrenia
Cyprus has many natural beauties and there are many beaches to swim with its long beaches and magnificent waters. Most hotels have a private beach and you can spend a few days exploring the most beautiful beaches of Kyrenia. In some of the beaches that attract attention with their magnificent views, you can witness the passage and nesting areas of the caretta carettas. The private beaches of Kyrenia can be listed as follows; Alagadi Beach, Yavuz Landing Beach, Catalkoy Beach, Camelot Beach

Places to Visit in Kyrenia
Cyprus has been the home of many civilizations in history and therefore there are many historical sites. Kyrenia offers visitors many historical sites and natural beauty to visit. One of the most important places to visit in Kyrenia is Kyrenia Castle, the symbol of Kyrenia. The castle, thought to have been built by the Byzantines in the 7th century AD; architecture, eye-catching scenery and long-standing history. It has undergone a major change by the Venetians. Afterwards, the castle came under Ottoman rule in 1570. The castle, which was also used as a police school and prison during the British period, should be seen during your visit to Kyrenia with its traces of many civilizations.
One of the historical symbols of Kyrenia is located in the north of the Beşparmak Mountains. Hilarion Castle. 10 km from the city center. The castle is at an altitude of 700 m and you have to climb 480 stairs to reach the castle. With this feature, the castle attracts attention with its magnificent view as well as its history, and can be visited between 09.00-16.00 in summer and 09.00-16.30 in winter.
The Bellapais Monastery, located in Beylerbeyi Village, surrounded by lemon groves, is also located in Kyrenia. The monastery, built between 1158-1205, welcomes its visitors with its gothic style architecture. From this monastery you can watch the whole of Kyrenia.
Agha Cafer Pasha Mosque is located just outside the Kyrenia Castle. Located on the street next to the castle, the mosque is the oldest mosque in Kyrenia. It was built in 1589 and has survived to the present day with its rectangular architecture and single minaret.
Another place to visit when visiting Kyrenia is the Folk Art Museum. Located in the harbor of Kyrenia, you can see Cypriot handicrafts. The house, which includes olive oil vices, handmade workbenches and threshing machine, serves as a museum, but has been an important cultural house since the 18th century.

Things to do in Kyrenia
Historical Kyrenia, natural beauty and magnificent sea, as well as countless activities to provide customers with the opportunity to have a pleasant time. If you are interested in the underwater world, there are scuba and non-scuba diving activities in the area. There are many underwater diving centers in Kyrenia.
There are over 30 hiking trails in Cyprus. Especially European travelers prefer these walking paths. If you can't give up on holiday, you can walk among the citrus orchards or take part in cycling activities.
Paragliding is also performed in 17 different points in Northern Cyprus Kyrenia. If you are in search of a different excitement during this holiday, you should definitely explore these regions.
With its rich sports facilities, Kyrenia offers sports lovers and a golf course as well as water sports facilities. Korenium Golf Cyprus also offers you the opportunity to play golf during your holiday. Participate in amateur golf tournaments and experience golf in a different region.

Nightlife in Kyrenia
There are many different alternatives for those who want to have fun in Cyprus. The entertainment starts in the morning on the beach and in the aquapark and continues until late at night. You can discover Cypriot cuisine in the restaurants and cafes around the harbor of Kyrenia and you can have a different opportunity for your nightly entertainment with live music. The night clubs of Kyrenia, which is considered the heart of Cyprus, are also famous. Entertainment continues in these clubs until the first hours of the morning.
Passport and Visa Information for Kyrenia Holidays
Northern Cyprus does not require a visa from any country except Nigeria and Armenia. If you do not want any stamp on your passport, you can enter the country with a special paper document if you inform the officer.

Kyrenia is a historical port city in Northern Cyprus that bears traces of various civilizations. The city with 62,000 inhabitants is the most beautiful resort city in Cyprus. It is one of the most beautiful tourist centers of the Mediterranean with its old Venetian houses, restaurants, bars. Kyrenia was a stop and holiday destination for soldiers and their families during the British colonial period. Kyrenia, which carries the same character today, is a city worth a holiday with its historical structures, restaurants and bars surrounding the port. Kyrenia Castle (Lusignon), located north-east of the city of Kyrenia m.S. 7. y.y. it was also made by the Byzantines. Located in a solid state, the castle bears traces of Byzantine, French (Lusignan dynasty), Venetian, Ottoman and British civilizations. Castle in St. St. George's Church, Venetian Tower, water cisterns and dungeons are found.
The Shipwreck Museum inside the castle is worth a visit. Kyrenia icon Museum, also known as Archengelos Church, is located in the Old Port area. The church also has icons of the church, as well as other icons. Hz. Jesus and most of the icons of Saints considered holy by Middle-Eastern Christians are 19th century.y.y. it belongs to the end.

St. Hilarion Castle, 10 km from Kyrenia. references It was built at an altitude of 700 meters on the north side of the Beşparmak Mountains. Castle 12. y.y was also converted into a monastery. Rumor has it it was built by a cruel queen named Regaena. Access to the castle is difficult and is reached by 480 steps. Hotels arrange tours to the castle. You can sit in the cafe in the castle and enjoy a charming view of the surrounding area. 

Kyrenia Folk Arts Museum; 18.y.y is also located in the Port of Kyrenia in the building built. 1. Production tools used in past period 2. on the floor, household items are displayed.

Bellapais Monastery; the monastery, built between 1158-1205, is a perfect art example of the Gothic style. The church at the end of the courtyard has survived intact to the present day. Besides being historical and magnificent, the monastery displays the landscape covering the city of Kyrenia. Concerts are held in the summer at the monastery. There are cafes around. The monastery is 9 km from Kyrenia. references

Hotels In Kyrenia
Located in the popular holiday areas of Northern Cyprus, Kyrenia is a charming port city. In the city, whose local population continues to increase every year, the population density becomes quite high, especially in the summer months.  Kyrenia, which is one of the most important tourism regions of the Mediterranean, shows that it deserves it with its restaurants, bars, Venetian-style houses sorted in Half-Moon style. When we get information about Kyrenia, we see that the name of the city is mentioned in the sources as ‘Corineum’. Also in the history of Kyrenia m.He. 10. it is known to date back to the century and was the first settlement of migrants from the Aegean region. By coming to Kyrenia, where Modern and luxury hotels are located, you can witness the history and have a pleasant holiday. 

Merit Crystal Cove Hotel 
Merit Crystal Cove Hotel is located on the seafront, at the confluence of the azure sea and lush nature. Consisting of 349 rooms, the hotel has 284 standard rooms, 53 suites, 4 Junior suites, 3 Vip suites and 5 Royal Apartments. All rooms at the five-star hotel have a balcony and sea views. All-inclusive Plus concept is applied at the property, guests can benefit from a la Carte restaurants with reservation and fee. Merit Crystal Cove Hotel with both sea and mountain views; Golden Beach serves its guests with its tennis, basketball and . In the on-site zoo, you can see ponies, peacocks, parrots, ducks and many types of birds together. Merit Crystal Cove Hotel SPA and wellness Centre offers an indoor pool, Turkish bath, sauna, steam room, shock Jacuzzi and various massage packages, pouch, skin and body care facilities. Located in Alsancak, the facility is 10 km from Kyrenia city center and 45 km from Ercan airport.

Cratos Premium Hotel Port Spa
Cratos Premium Hotel Port Spa is built on a total area of 105,000 M2. It has 410 comfortable and stylishly designed rooms. It offers open buffet concept for morning, lunch and dinner. Guests who want to take advantage of a la Carte restaurants can use this service with a reservation and fee. Mey fish, Golden Cage, early January and Chinese A la Carte restaurants are open at certain times on certain days of the week. Cratos Premium SPA is located on an area of 3,000 m2, which offers exclusive service during certain hours during the season. It has various services such as hammam, sauna, steam room, one-on-one applications with private teachers, fitness room, indoor and outdoor swimming pool, massage, skin and body care. Coco Bongo VIP Island has cabanas that hotel guests can rent on a daily basis, which looks like an exotic island above the sea. Guests who want to get rid of their fatigue can use the massage service of experienced Far Eastern massage specialists between certain hours each day. Kyrenia Cratos Hotel is located in Çatalköy, 5 kilometers from Kyrenia city center and 32 kilometers from Ercan airport.

Lord's Palace Hotel & Spa 
Opened in May 2016, Lord's Palace Hotel & Spa is established on a total area of 25.000 m2 and is a facility in which many details are considered gracefully and comfort is kept in the forefront. It has a total capacity of 250 rooms consisting of 1 Royal apartment,19 suites and 500 beds. Kyrenia city center is within walking distance. The hotel also has an immaculate beach with an area of 470 M2. At the property, morning, lunch and dinner are served in the concept of open buffet. In the main restaurant, guests are offered all drinks free of charge for lunch and dinner. Customers can use the charcoal Steak & January and Khephal fish a la Carte restaurants with a reservation requirement for a certain fee. Friday and Saturday live DJ performances are available at the Sky Lounge & Bar, which offers stunning views of the Kyrenia sea. Lord'S SPA & Wellness offers indoor pool, Turkish bath, therapy room, fitness center, male-female hairdresser, pouch foam and massage services on a total area of 1.000 M2. In addition, different applications, therapies, face and body treatments and relaxing massage services are also offered to the guests. The Fitness and SPA section is available on certain days and times of the week. In addition, Shiatsu Spa has 4 massage rooms and 1 Vip massage room located above the sea. Customers who book and pay for it can benefit from this relaxing service. The hotel is 37 kilometers away from Ercan airport and only 1 kilometer away from the city center.

Elexus Hotel Resort 
Elexus Hotel Resort offers you a quality and modern accommodation service with the natural beauties of Cyprus. You can find many features that you desire during the holiday under one roof. Built on a huge area of 277,000 m2 and themed full board plus, the property has 822 rooms designed in 10 different types, the vast majority of which have sea views. It is a highly equipped and luxurious hotel that thinks of the comfort of its guests. Visitors who want to taste different tastes in a different environment can make use of the licorice January, Kaluga Fish and Myoga Far East restaurants, which serve as a la Carte, with a reservation and fee at certain times on certain days of the week. At Elexus Hotel Resort , Zoya SPA & Wellness, which attracts great attention with its impressive design consisting of a total area of 4,500 M2, massages, skin treatments, detox treatments, special cure packages from experienced experts are among the services that are carefully applied to the guests. The property offers guests flavors suitable for the detox programs applied at the hotel. You can watch the sea view from the SPA center and make use of the Turkish bath, jacuzzi on the terrace in this equipped area and a total of 12 massage rooms, 4 therapy rooms, 2 baths, 2 saunas, steam room and fitness room, 4 of which are Vip. Cyprus Kyrenia Elexus Hotel is located in Çatalköy, 12 kilometers from Kyrenia city center and 32 kilometers from Ercan airport.