Kyrenia is a historical port city that carries the traces of various civilizations to the north of Northern Cyprus. The city with a population of 62,000 is the most beautiful holiday city of Cyprus. It is one of the most beautiful tourist centers of the Mediterranean with its old Venetian houses, restaurants, bars, casinos. Kyrenia has been a station and holiday destination for soldiers and their families during the British colonial period. Kyrenia, which carries the same character today, is a city that is worth a holiday with its historical buildings, restaurants and bars surrounding the harbor.
Kyrenia Castle (Lusignan) in the north east of the city of Kyrenia A.D. 7th century was also made by the Byzantines. The castle, which is in a strong state, has traces of Byzantine, French (Lusignan dynasty), Venetian, Ottoman and British civilizations. At the castle there are the St. George Church, the Venetian Tower, the water cisterns and the dungeons.

The Shipwreck Museum within the castle is worth to be seeing. The Kyrenia Icon Museum, also known as the Archangelos Church, is located in the old port area. In the Church besides church’s icons there are other icons also. Most of the icons of saints regarded as sacred by Jesus and Orthodox Christians belong to the late 19th century.

St. Hilarion Castle is 10 km from Kyrenia. It was built at a height of 700 meters on the north side of the Five Finger Mountains. The castle was converted into a monastery in the 12th century. According rumor it have been made by a cruel queen named Regaena. Access to the castle is difficult and is reached by 480 steps. The hotels organize tours to the castle. You can sit in the castle café and enjoy the enchanting view of the surroundings.

Kyrenia Folk Arts Museum; The building was built in 18th century in Kyrenia harbor. At the 1st floor production tools used in the past period, at the 2nd floor household items are exhibited.

Bellapais Monastery; The monastery built between 1158-1205 is an excellent example of gothic style. The church at the end of the courtyard has survived to the present day. The monastery is historical and splendid, and reveals the landscape of the city of Kyrenia. There are concerts in the monastery in summer seasons. There are cafes around. The monastery is 9 km from Kyrenia.

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