Karpaz Peninsula:
It lies to the north-east of Northern Cyprus. It is 10-15 km wide and 80 km long. It narrows towards the northeast. It is one of the rare places of untouched natural beauty of the Mediterranean basin.

The Karpaz peninsula hosts the richest habitats of Cyprus. In the National Park area, the flora and fauna of the region are protected. There are many wild donkeys in the region.

The best way to visit the area is to rent a car. We also have transfer service to the property as a booking2cyprus. Nature and sea can be tasted on the most beautiful beaches of the Mediterranean Sea with golden yellow sand. In Karpaz, you feel yourself a part of history as you explore archaeological sites, ancient cities, basilica and churches.

Turks and Greeks live together in some villages in the region, which is calm and peaceful. There are around 50 villages in the region. Notable settlements are Dipkarpaz and Yeni Erenköy.

The central population is 2,500, with the environment around 5,500. It is 172 km to Nicosia. There are many historical places to visit and to stay along the way. A journey without a hurry turns into a pleasant cultural journey.

Kyrenia is 122 km away and the road passes near the coast and the beach. The journey from Kyrenia to Dipkarpaz is a pleasure in itself. The center of Dipkarpaz is 3 km away from both the northern coast and the southern coast.

There are accommodation facilities in the center and on the beach. In front of the bungolavs on the southern shore, the turquoise sea and the sandy beaches and behind the sea can be called green. It is worth to go to the Altinkum beach within the National Park, 25 km from the center of Dipkarpaz.

Apostolos Andreas Monastery, which is 29 km away from the center of Dipkarpaz, is considered sacred.

Yeni Erenkoy: 
The beach of town with population of 2000 is the place to be seen. There are accommodation facilities on the coast.

You can obtain the following accommodation facilities and more from booking2cyprus.com. Most of the facilities in the Karpas area are small as bungalow or boutique-style.

Castle Karpasia Guest House
Celebi Garden Hotel
Elausa Hotel & Restaurant
Exotic Hotel & SPA
Galifes Guest House
Glaro Garden Hotel
Karpasia Stone Houses & Gardens
Karpaz Farm House
Revaklı Ev Guest House
Sea Bird Motel
Theresa Hotel at Karpaz Peninsula
Villa Carparis
Villa Lembos Hotel Karpas

The Karpaz region is a region of North Cyprus to be explored.