Famagusta is a very valuable city in the eastern part of the island in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Thanks to the University of the eastern Mediterranean and its golden sandy beaches, it is recognized and known not only by our country, but also by the citizens of many countries. Famagusta port is the only city in Cyprus with the distinction of being a deep water port. Especially in summer, it attracts attention with tourism traffic. For this reason, the International Famagusta culture, art and Tourism Festival takes place every year in July. In Famagusa, where the Mediterranean climate is observed, the summers are long and quite hot, and the winter months are short and rainy. Due to the short winter months, it has a long tourism period. When we get information about Famagusta, m.He. 3. in the century, we see that it was founded by Philadelphus, one of the Kings of Ptolemus, and named it after his own sister. Famagusta or Famagusta, known as Famagusta, is a very visited city with its historical riches and immaculate beaches. You can make your holiday plans with peace of mind in this city, which is remarkable for its luxurious and comfortable hotels. It is called Famagusta, Famagusta and Famagusta.

Is a town in southeastern Northern Cyprus with 59,536 inhabitants. It has the only deep water port in Cyprus. Nicosia Ercan airport is 51 km away. From the airport, Famagusta can be reached by shuttle, taxi or transfer vehicles. 
Famagusta, a historical city, is also a free port, tourism and University City. It is a holiday paradise with its sun, sea, beaches and historical sites.
In Famagusta, where the typical Mediterranean climate is, the average July temperature is 40 C, and the sea water temperature is 21.5 C. The coldest month is January,with an average temperature of 9 degrees C. May to October holidays can be made. 
Famagusta has hotels, resorts, boutique and apart hotels, bungalows, hostels and spa facilities and accommodation facilities to respond to all kinds of holiday requests. In addition to accommodation facilities, a lively nightlife can be experienced with a casino, entertainment, food and drink culture. 
Famagusta, which is rich in historical monuments, has many places to visit.

Salamis Ancient City; 6 km from Famagusta. this city is far from M.He.11.y.y. it was also established in the Bronze Age. Phoenicians, Assyrians, Persians, Egypt, Rome and Byzantines ruled. M.S. Salamis was abandoned due to the destruction caused by Arab raids and earthquakes that began in 647. Most of the ruins in the ruins belong to the Roman period. Gymnasium, forum, agora can be seen. The Basilica of Aya Epiphanios, built during the Byzantine period, is the largest Basilica in Cyprus. The people of this city are fascinated by many historical events that have been excavated since 1952.

Famagusta Walls; 12. y.y. it was built by the da Lusignans (French dynasty). It was strengthened and restored during the time of the Venetians. It covers a large area. Most of the historical structures are within these walls.

Othello Castle; 14. y.y. the tower, built by the Lusignans, is called the tower because of its size. It takes its name from the famous Othello tradition. Some scenes of the Othello game are set here. In the courtyard of the castle, there are balls and cannonballs belonging to the Ottomans and Spaniards. A hall within the castle is used for artistic and cultural activities. 

Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque - St. Nicholas Cathedral; built between 1298-1312 during the Lusignans period. Inspired by the Reims Cathedral in France, this Gothic-style building is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the Eastern Mediterranean. The Lusignan Kings were crowned here, first as King of Cyprus, and then as King of Jerusalem. In 1571, the cathedral was converted into a mosque by adding a minaret without any changes. 16.y.y. The Venetian Gallery, also built in the courtyard of the cathedral, is now used as a fountain. The tropical fig tree in front of the cathedral is said to have been planted when construction began. The tree fruits seven times a year.

St. Barnabas Monastery (Museum of icon and Archaeology); Barnabas was born in Salamis. He converted to Christianity in Jerusalem, where he went to receive religious education (ad 33). He came to Cyprus and distributed the inheritance left by his family in Salamis to the poor and the Saints in Jerusalem. St. He worked with Paul to spread Christianity. Barnabas, captured by Cypriot Jews, was first imprisoned and then burned. Barnebas ' followers took the body and placed it in an ancient tomb along with the Gospel of St. Mathews, which he wrote himself. In 432, Bishop Anthemios found the Tomb. The Eastern Roman Emperor Zeos donated the necessary money and the monastery was built. As a result, the Church of the Middle East of Cyprus gained autonomy. The rooms where the priests lived in the monastery were restored and turned into a museum. Historical artifacts from the Neolithic period and the Roman period are exhibited in the museum. The museum also has 18.y.y. there are many icons belonging to la. The city centre is 10 km away. When you go to the ancient city of Salamis, you can also go to the monastery.

Venetian palace; 13 as Lusian royal palace. y.y. it was also made in the Gothic style. From 1489 it was the residence of the Governors of Venice. Damaged by the earthquake, the palace was renovated by Venetians in the Renaissance style. 16. y.y. An example of Venetian architecture can be shown. Today, only the surface wall to the East and the walls of the backyard remain. In the garden there are period balls and cannonballs.

Twin churches (Church of the Templars and Hospitaller); 14. y.y. the larger of the two churches also built belongs to the Knights Templar. Templars (Knights Templar) is one of the Christian military sects. They only reigned for a year in Cyprus. The knighthood was abolished by the pope. The large church was left to the Knights Hospitaller (Order of St. John), who owned the church next to it. Today, the restored Church began to be used as a Cyprus Art Association.  

Namik Kemal Museum is a two-storey building located in the courtyard of The Venetian palace. The poet, who was deported to Cyprus in 1873, first slept in the dungeon downstairs. After a while, he was taken upstairs. 5 in 1976. He was pardoned by Murat. The restored building is now a museum.

13 with materials brought from the ancient ruins of Salamis.y.y. da built Latin (St. George) Church can be visited.

How To Get To Famagusta?
Famagusta has no airport. In order to reach the city, you must first come to Northern Cyprus. You can reach Cyprus by air and sea. You can come to Famagusta by coming to Cyprus Ercan airport, which has direct flights from many places, and by renting buses, transfer vehicles or vehicles.

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Famagusta Hotels:
Arkin Palm Beach Hotel
Arkın Palm Beach Hotel, located in Famagusta, North Cyprus, aims to offer its guests an extremely peaceful holiday with its lush nature and beaches covered with white sand. It has very magnificent and comfortable rooms decorated in different concepts, with magnificent views. Designed at a level that can respond to guests ' requests, it gives you an unforgettable experience. At the Cascata restaurant, which offers Cyprus-specific tastes, you can eat delicious dishes from carefully prepared menus in the area with magnificent sea views. At the Beach club, you can experience pleasant moments while trying your refreshing cocktail drinks prepared by bartenders. You can taste specially prepared snack mixes and fresh drinks in this place. You can also try delicious desserts along with aromatic coffees at The Lobby Bar. You can renew both your soul and body in the SPA center located at Arkin Palm Beach Hotel. You can start by choosing any of the pleasant massages and treatments that will be good for you in a comfortable environment away from stress and chaos. In addition, a relaxing sauna, an effective steam room, a fitness center specially equipped for sports enthusiasts and a swimming pool provide you with many different amenities.

Salamis Bay Conti 
Located in Famagusta, a port city in Cyprus, Salamis Bay Conti is located on the seafront. It has a long beach covered with yellow and thin sand. Located in the coastal part of Salamis beach, this beautiful hotel offers you a very pleasant holiday. The hotel offers buffet meals in the morning, lunch and evening hours. It features two a la carte restaurants. The turquoise a la Carte Restaurant and the Chinese a la carte restaurant are available with a reservation for a certain fee. We recommend the hotel's refreshing outdoor ice cream options and a lot of sparkling Turkish coffee. The facility is spread over an area of 65,000 acres in total. The hotel has 664 rooms, which are quite comfortable and stylishly designed. Designed with decoration dominated by Modern breezes, the spaces are perfect for you to experience pleasant moments. Salamis Bay Contide honeymoon couples and families with children have also not been forgotten. There is a safe indoor pool for children, babysitting service and a very fun playground. For fun-loving guests, you can attend live music performances, karaoke and cinema hours on site. In addition, the club, which is a very elite entertainment venue where you can spend a good time at night, is very happy to welcome you. Guests who aim to relax and regenerate can enjoy the hotel's equipped SPA area. The SPA center has a sauna, hammam, indoor pool and packages covering different types of massages. For visitors who like to play sports, there is a fairly extensive fitness center.

Merit Cyprus Gardens Resort & Casino 
Merit Cyprus Garden Resort & Casino has a clean beach and sea in Famagusta and you can be ready to experience a different holiday experience. Merit Cyprus Garden Resort & Casino is known as the address of unlimited among Cyprus Famagusta hotels. The casino section is open for guests to use on certain days of the week and at certain times of the week. It features a botanical garden that houses 400 different types of plants. Meals prepared in the morning, lunch and evening buffet concept are offered to guests. The Beach Fish Restaurant is open between certain dates and can be booked for a fee. Live music performances are also performed at certain times. It features a private swimming pool and a fun playground for families with children. Located zero to the clear sea of Northern Cyprus, it has an extremely clean beach with an approximate length of 1.5 kilometers. In addition, the hotel has 1 Pier. Quite comfortable sun beds on the beach and umbrellas that cut through the scorching heat take their place for guests. With an area of 400 acres, the property has 4 Villas, 1 King Suite, 9 bungalow suites, 18 Garden standard rooms and 53 bungalow standard rooms. You can be quite comfortable staying in rooms designed with a focused approach to the comfort of customers. In addition, items that add a difference to the decoration with stylish pieces are an element that guests quite like.