Bafra is a small village with a population of 1,100 people in southeastern part of Cyprus, is a growing tourism region. The village is connected to Trikomo district of Famagusta city.

Nicosia Ercan airport is 67 km away. If you want to see Bafra and Famagusta on your journey: First you can visit Famagusta, then you can reach Bafra if you go 40 km north east. The total length of this road is 92 km. Famagusta-Bafra road passes close to the beach and there are many accommodation facilities along the road. You can get a taxi or rent a car to go to property where you will stay. But a lot of hotels operate shuttle services to their customers.

In North Cyprus, tourists generally prefer Kyrenia and Famagusta, and in this region the population is intense during the summer months. Since the beginning of the 2000s, the Bafra region has been less touristy. Those who want to spend their holiday in the historical and natural beauties away from the crowd, noise, can prefer Bafra. 9 km of beautiful beaches welcomes guests with new touristic facilities. There are hotels & spas, resorts, hotels & casinos and honeymoon hotels.

Aya Yorgi (Agios Georgios) church in the village was built in 1913. You can visit the Apostolos Andreas Monastery, Kantara Castle, Ayios Trias Basilica and the Ionian Icon Museum by rent a car or by taxi.

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