My North Cyprus Holidays

In Northern Cyprus, you have to decide on the city or cities you will go to for entertainment first. In this sense, coastal cities always stand out on

Luxury Hotels in North Cyprus Kyrenia

Luxury Hotels in North Cyprus KyreniaOne of the most comfortable and magnificent options for spending the summer holiday is Northern Cyprus. It is an

Honeymoon Holidays in Cyprus

Honeymoon Holidays in CyprusEach term is a paradise for honeymoon holidays in North Cyprus, is one of the places that comes to mind when it comes to t

Cyprus Cities

Paphos (Pafos), a city rich in history & culture, is a gem of western Cyprus. There is archaeological evidence supporting the city's existence fro

It's all about Cyprus

It's all about Cyprus.Cyprus is located east of Greece (Kastellorizo), south of Turkey, west of Syria and north of Egypt. Cyprus is the third largest

5 must-see places in Northern Cyprus

5 must-see places in Northern CyprusThis summer, on the one hand, you will find traces on the other hand, and on the other hand, what would you do if

Ercan International Airport

Ercan Airport is the only airport in Northern Cyprus that is open to civilian passengers. Flights are scheduled as indirect Turkey.As Booking2Cyprus,

Eastern Mediterranean University

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) is located in Famagusta, North Cyprus. Since its establishment in 1979, Eastern Mediterranean University has be

Northern Cyprus Famagusta

North Cyprus Famagusta is definitely a city worth seeing. If you preferred Famagusta hotels during your North Cyprus holiday, you should especially ex

Holidays in Cyprus 2020

If you have not yet planned your 2020 summer holiday this year and your research is continuing, if you found yourself searching for a hotel in Norther

Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel

As Booking2Cyprus, we share some details about Limak Cyprus Deluxe Hotel which is the new link of Northern Cyprus Hotels. When you say cheap Cyprus ho

Cheap Holidays to Cyprus

One of the first online agencies that comes to mind when booking cheap holidays to Cyprus is If you want to plan your holiday in N

North Cyprus Holidays

The 2020 Cyprus Holiday is scheduled through Booking2Cyprus. Cyprus may be a small island country but it is a rising country of tourism with its hotel

Salamis Bay Conti

Salamis Bay Conti is located in the famous Salamis area of ​​Northern Cyprus. Set on 65 acres of land, the hotel is surrounded by unspoilt Cyprus

Golden Tulip

Golden Tulip Nicosia Hotel is the only international chain hotel in Northern Cyprus. Nicosia is 7 km away, while Kyrenia is 25 km away. The nearest ai

Kyrenia Cyprus

Kyrenia is a port city in Northern Cyprus. One of the most beautiful cities of both the island and the Mediterranean, the population of Kyrenia has in

Concorde Luxury Resort

Concorde Luxury Resort is waiting for you for a dream holiday in İskele, a charming seaside town in Northern Cyprus. In this article we welcome you w

Famagusta Hotels and Holidays

Famagusta, a port city on the island of Cyprus, is home to the magnificent Lala Mustafa Pasha Mosque and countless valuable historical treasures. You

Northern Cyprus Cycling Routes

The climate in Cyprus is favorable, making it a very suitable area for cycling. Mountain paths are always available for hikers as well as cyclists. Cy

Kyrenia Castle

Kyrenia Castle is especially recommended for your holiday in Northern Cyprus.It is part of the history of Cyprus and you can explore Kyrenia Castle in

North Cyprus

We call Cyprus the pearl of the Mediterranean. Cyprus, which is one of the important places of holiday, exploration and history, is an island state in


Lefke is located in the northwest of Northern Cyprus. Nicosia is 78 km from Ercan airport, 62 km from Nicosia and 68 km from Kyrenia. An airport shutt


Lapta is located on the main road of Kyrenia-Guzelyurt, 14 km west of Kyrenia, north of Northern Cyprus. The distance to the airport of Nicosia Ercan

5 star hotels in Northern Cyprus

5 star hotels in Northern CyprusNorth Cyprus, which is one of the most enjoyable and beautiful holiday options of the Mediterranean, offers you the op

Ways to Cheap Holidays in Northern Cyprus

Ways to Cheap Vacation in Northern CyprusThe weather is getting warmer and we are living in March 2019, when holiday plans are being considered. Do yo

Are you ready to breathe Cyprus air at the beaches?

Are you ready to breathe the Cyprus air at the most colorful beaches of the Mediterranean?With its four seasons of sunshine, both luxurious and unspoi

Here are the 10 most luxurious hotels in Cyprus for a dream holiday

10 Best Luxury Hotels in Northern Cyprus“I wish every season of the year was summer and every day of the year was a holiday… belki These lines, wh

Northern Cyprus New Year Events and Event Hotels

You've worked all year and decided to spend New Year's Eve this year, not even celebrating anywhere else, but planning to go abroad. But if you haven'

Northern Cyprus Beaches

Are You Ready To Breathe Cyprus Air In One Of The Most Colorful Beaches Of Mediterranean? Shores of Cyprus harbor incredible beauties with their

Have Your Northern Cyprus Honeymoon at Elexus Hotel

Have Your Northern Cyprus Honeymoon at Elexus HotelWedding preparations are speeding up while the summer is on the way and honeymoon bookers have alre

Kyrenia Hotels

Kyrenia HotelsKyrenia, one of the most visited and preferred cities of Northern Cyprus, will host millions of holiday-goers this year as it does every

Northern Cyprus Holiday Package Deals

Northern Cyprus Holiday Package DealsYou can start planning Northern Cyprus holiday you are dreaming about with Booking2Cyprus right now! You are

Northern Cyprus Family Hotels

Northern Cyprus Family HotelsYou had a long and tiresome year and it is your natural right to have a nice holiday with your family. Having your holida

How to Go On a Cheaper Holiday in Northern Cyprus?

How to Go On a Cheaper Holiday in Northern Cyprus?We are in March of 2019 in which the weather is getting warmer and holiday plans are being talked ab

Northern Cyprus Morphou

Guzelyurt, which means `beautiful country' in Turkish, is aptly named. Situated in the north-west with a population of 12,000; it is a charming little

15 questions about Northern Cyprus

15 questions about Northern Cyprus:Where is Northern Cyprus?Northern Cyprus is located in the Mediterranean, south of Turkey and on the north side of

Hotels in Northern Cyprus

Hotels in Northern CyprusWith our easy to use, reliable and fast booking2cyprus reservation system, you can book your hotel reservation at Kyrenia, Fa

Northern Cyprus Visa

Northern Cyprus VisaNorthern Cyprus is a country located in the northern part of the island of Cyprus. No country other than Turkey does not recognize

Cyprus Recent Histories

The Greek Cypriots and Greek officers on the island undertook a coup d'état under the leadership of Nikos Sampson for the purpose of connecting Cypru

Northern Cyprus Economy

Northern Cyprus EconomyThe currency in circulation is Turkish Lira. Due to the intensive tourism activities, all currencies can be used. Some internat

Northern Cyprus Kyrenia Best Luxury Hotels

Northern Cyprus Kyrenia Best Luxury HotelsNorthern Cyprus is one of the most comfortable and magnificent options to spend the summer 2019 holidays. Es

Northern Cyprus Hotels

Northern Cyprus HotelsNorthern Cyprus, as an alternative to holiday regions in Turkey as a favorite of vacationers always emerges. It is in high deman

General Information About Cyprus

Cyprus took its name from a word meaning "copper" in Latin. This name may be due to the fact that there are rich copper mines. Cyprus is located in th

Discover Northern Cyprus

Discover Northern CyprusNorthern Cyprus is a country located in the northern part of the island of Cyprus. No country other than Turkey does not recog

Northern Cyprus Honeymoon Hotels

Northern Cyprus Honeymoon HotelsYou will enjoy your holiday in honeymoon hotels we have compiled for you.Hotels Complimentary Welcome you Booking

Cuisine of Northern Cyprus

Cuisine of Northern CyprusThe cuisine of North Cyprus is an impressive and attractive mixture for tourists of several styles and even eras of culinary

Beaches of Northern Cyprus

Best Beaches in Northern CyprusThe beaches of Northern Cyprus are distinguished by the crystal-clear sea! Not for nothing to the shores of this island

Cyprus Airport Transfer

Transfers.There are transfers to all regions for our guests landing at the airports Ercan and Larnaca.Our vehicles:Cars: Capacity of 1-3 persons.

Northern Cyprus Airport Transfer

Transfers.There are transfers to all regions for our guests landing at the airports Ercan and Larnaca.Our vehicles:Cars: Capacity of 1-3 persons.

Cyprus Visa

Visa.Citizens of the following countries ARE required to have an entry visa to Cyprus Republic.I. StatesAfghanistan, Albania, Algeria, Angol

Beaches of Cyprus

Beaches of CyprusCyprus boasts incredibly beautiful beaches, clean sea water, many resorts for families with children, as well as for young people and

Why is Cyprus Preferred for Holiday?

Why is Cyprus Preferred for Holiday?1) Safe Country Cyprus.Cyprus, according to the report published in 2015: The World's 5th Safe Country was selecte