About Us

About Us

Who we are? 

After developing ourselves in Antalya - Cyprus tourism for many years, we established Buzmark Turizm Makine Tarım A.Ş (Antalya Corporation Tax No: 1910952734) in June 2018. (Antalya Chamber of Commerce and Industry; Buzmark Turizm Makine Tarım A.Ş. Company Registration number: Antalya 102907; Trade Registry No. 101612).
Our goal is to provide online travel solutions, hotels and agency tourism software to our customers. For this purpose, we serve our customers under www.digitour.com.tr - www.digiyazilim.com.
Digi tour continuously improves itself in order to provide its customers with the most creative and innovative products and services.
Digi software, provide to customers agency - hotel services according to their requests.

Booking2Cyprus; It is an e-commerce website established under the Digi tour to provide online travel services to Cyprus and North Cyprus. We provide our customers with the opportunity to make their reservations quickly and reliably through B2C (Booking2Cyprus). We have a close cooperation with local service providers and hotels in order to get the best prices.

In B2C; Software, graphic design, booking, purchasing, contracting, etc. in all areas of development, updating and the system are carried out by our own staff.

Booking2Cyprus.com currently serves in 4 languages: English, Russian, Turkish, Arabic. Soon, Hebrew, German, Italian and French languages also will be included in the system. In the current situation, the purchase in the currencies of EU, Dollar, Pound and TL is made according to the customer's nationality, but the Central Bank can purchase from different currencies in the exchange rate and calculate according to the appropriate market rate.

As Booking2Cyprus we provide to our customers:

*We provide free guidance in Cyprus Hotels, Cyprus tours and Cyprus airport transfers services.
*We offer the best rates for hotels in Cyprus.
*We leave you the choice of cancellation or non-cancellable room guarantee at the time of purchase of the Cyprus reservation.
*Live support, WhatsApp support, Messenger support, phone support, we provide you to reach us at any time.
*We offer you affordable Cyprus airport transfer and affordable Cyprus tours.
*Our website allows to making the purchase for each country's citizens.
*We offer alternative payment methods to our customers who have booked Cyprus by credit card, bank transfer, debit card payment options.
*Customers can check own reservation from the hotel within 24 hours.